What to Do When Your Crush Has a Girlfriend in Middle School

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When you met a perfect guy like basically, he has all things you can fall in love for such as the cuteness, sweetness, even he is so clever, now wonder if you have a crush on him. To make him your boyfriend is already beyond your point, and now you recognize that he also has a girlfriend. What should you do now? Or maybe you can do this How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You.

What to do when your crush has a girlfriend in middle school

It is not a fault if you are falling in love, not everyone fault. But you should know the boundary though. For example, in this case, you've been in when you have a crush but he is already dating with a girl. Moreover, his girlfriend is in middle school which is younger than you. If you happen to want to figure a way out to this situation, here are what to do when your crush has a girlfriend in middle school. Also learn How to Get Your Crush’s Attention to help you.

1. Put Yourself in His Girlfriend's Position

First of all, if you want to know what to do when your crush has a girlfriend in middle school, you should put yourself in his girl's shoes like of course you don't want someone to interfere your relationship, right? Then don't do it.

2. Don't Be Aggressive

And how to not interfere your crush relationship is don't be aggressive. And besides that a boy doesn't like an aggressive girl.

3. Stay Friends

If you have a crush on someone you might want to be him like in an official dating. However, if that boy already has a girl then you shouldn't expect so. But stay friends would be nice!

4. Never Once Imagining They Break Up

And never let yourself think about their break up. You have to keep your mind positive. Learn this too What to Do to Get Closer If Your Crush is 5 Years Older Than You.

5. Don't Be Manipulative

If you get closer to him, he may tell you about his problem and one of them is when he has a fight with his girl. Share your honest opinion and don't be manipulative especially try to ruin their relationship.

6. Respect His Girlfriend

What to do when your crush has a girlfriend in middle school? Even though that girl is younger than you, you should also respect her. After all, he choose that girl over every girls he knows.

7. Avoid Him

By seeing him every day your love would turn bigger. In case you don't want that to happen, you shouldn't meet him for a while or avoid him whenever you see him.

8. Keep Hurting Yourself, Just Not Too Much

Have a crush is fine, however, if you know the fact that he has already a girlfriend it is up to you whether you want to leave or stay the way it is. You will only hurt yourself but if that is what you want then, well, okay though.

9. Don't Be His Other Girl

There is also a possibility when your crush loves you back. Yet remember to respect his girlfriend so don't be his side girl because it might hurt her if she knows about you.

10. Try to Get Over Him

The best option of what to do when your crush has a girlfriend in middle school is you should just get over him. You can still have a crush on another boy that as charming as him, don't you think?


Signs You Should Move On From Your Current Crush

You are not clueless anymore since you already know what to do when your crush has a girlfriend in middle school. Here are signs you really should move on from your current crush especially when you already knew that he has a girlfriend.

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1. You Are Getting Hurt Everyday

Knowing the fact that your crush already has a girlfriend can be hard for you if you choose to stay crushes on him. Instead of getting hurt every day, why don't you just move on?

2. Your Crush Ignore You

When your crush starts to ignore you, then you should stop chasing him. It is obvious he doesn't want you around. Maybe you should know about this What to Do When Your Crush Blocks You on Facebook.

3. Fed by Jealousy

Remember that you don't have the right to feel jealous. This jealousy toward your crush can turn into negative vibes for you.

4. His Girlfriend Know About You

His girlfriend soon enough will learn about you which have a crush on her boyfriend. Time to move on!

5. You Try to Separate Him with His Girlfriend

Don't ever think you can replace his girlfriend. This level of your crushes is already dangerous you better forget about him.

More Tips If Your Crush Has a Girlfriend

It is okay if you choose to stay having crush on him but remember to put your happiness on the top of everything. Here are more useful tips for you if your crush has a girlfriend.

1. Stop Contacting Him

If you want to move on from your crush that already has a girlfriend, you should stop contacting him. Or you can start by deleting his number or even block his WhatsApp.

2. Don't Stalk Their Social Media Account

Of course, you don't want to hurt yourself more, then never stalk their social media again. You would only cut yourself. Also check this How to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram and Other Social Media.

3. Reduce the Intensity of Meeting Him

If you happen to be in the same club as him then you can avoid to meet him. But, outside of that, you better not. It will only grow your feeling.

4. Find a New Crush

Why don't you try to find a new crush? It isn't like you dating him though, right? You deserve better than him. Here you go some useful tips for you to find a new crush How to Start A Conversation with Your Crush for The First Time.

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