How To Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You (11 Smart Ways)

Last updated on July 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you been in that horrible situation, where you thought your crush had feelings for you, only for him to reject you?

Perhaps you’ve seen him showing off a new girlfriend? 

Maybe this has been too painful for you to handle?

Well, this guide might help. It features 10 ideas to make your crush regret rejecting you. 

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Dealing With Your Feeling For Your Crush

I bet you miss the times as a kid when you did not think it a smart idea to talk to your crush about your feelings. No matter how bad he made your heart jump then, you'd rather not say anything because just having a desire was enough for you at the time. 

However, growing up comes with wanting more from those little butterflies and realizing you can get it. When we go for it, the part we often brush over is getting rejected and how to deal with that rejection

I completely understand the urge to make your crush regret saying no to you, but moving on isn't the same thing as just wanting to get back at him. It's possible to get your crush to like you (if that's what you want), but how long are you willing to wait for that? 

11 Ways To Make Him Regret

We're all grown-ups (your age doesn't matter right now); it's okay for someone not to feel the same way about you. To be honest, it's better now than later, trust me. If you want to, they are ways to make him regret rejecting you that ultimately leads to you moving on. 

Life is too short to pine over one person too long, but no one said you can’t make him regret shunning you while you’re living your best life, did they?

1. Glow Up

Always appear on your A-game and be in your element when you're around him. Dress to impress at all times. This is more about making you feel great in a fancy outfit than making him admire you. If he does, it's a plus. 

Guys always want to be with the most beautiful woman in the room, and if that's you, you have his attention. Dress to impress, even if he doesn't say anything, another person will notice your essence. Plus your confidence just took a hit, dressing up nice would bring it back up. 

2. Focus On Someone Else

focus on someone else

When your attention is focused on another person, you'd have very little time to pine over this lost crush. Plus, it helps you forget about him quickly. People hardly admit this, but they enjoy it when someone has a crush on them. 

Focusing on another person shows you’re over that feeling and it might weirdly make him interested in you. Go on dates with another guy and concentrate on enjoying his company. Putting up a picture of you getting treated nicely can also spark the interest of your crush. 

3. Get Over Him

Get it in your head that it's okay for him not to want to be with you. It's better than him leading you on and taking advantage of your feelings for him. Moving past this is the best solution to the problem of rejection. Don't give him the satisfaction of being bummed about it. Plus, it boosts his ego to know that even after he said no to being with you, you still want to be with him. 

4. Spend Less Time With Him

It's not a smart idea to spend a lot of time with a man who just said he doesn't have feelings for you. Give him space, you especially need it to get over the feeling. 

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If this guy was your best friend, it may be hard keeping your distance, but one day, you’ll thank your stars you did. Spending so much time with him shows that you're trying to get him to like you, but it's always better to be subtle about things like this. Being desperate gives room for more rejection, and that's not what we want, is it? 

5. Belittle Your Crush For Him

If ever he brings it up, laugh about it. Don't make it such a big deal that you had a crush on him and he said no. Act normal around him and be cool about whatever conversations you have with each other. 

These things happen, you're not the first and I doubt you'd be the last person who gets rejected by a crush. Belittling his crush also bruises his ego and might make him want to be with you. 

6.  Hang Out With His Friends

hang out with his friends

Having a good time with his friends is an excellent way to make him feel jealous. Even if he doesn't want to be, he probably doesn't want you to be with anyone else. Sometimes, rejection isn't about not feeling the same way (it mostly is); it could be about him being in a complicated relationship at the time or having other uncertainties in his life. 

Either way, you can't be waiting around for him to make up his mind. Hanging out with his friends might just be the motivation he needs. 

7. Don't Mention The Feeling To Him Again

As I said, it's not necessary to bring up the situation once you're over it. It's safer if you don't talk about it again, except he's talking about wanting to be with you now. There's no need to seek relationship advice from your friends about a guy who isn't willing to be with you. 

Temporarily break up any relationship you have with people who constantly remind you of him. You don’t want to slip up and have one of them telling this guy you’re still pining over him.

8. Stop Showing Interest

Remember, there's a fine line between wanting him to regret shunning you and acting desperate around him. Stop doing the things you did because you like him. And don't do anything for him hoping that it'll make him like you. 

There's so much you can do with your time than spending it to impress someone who's not interested in being with you. Ignoring him might bring him closer to you out of curiosity, and you can change the narrative from there. 

9. Fall In Love

It may be time to start investing your interests elsewhere. This is a win-win situation because you're over him. It’s the best way to show that someone else can love you and you’re worth every affection. You can show off how happy you are to make him jealous (works every time). 

 10. Focus On Other Exciting Things

focus on other exciting things

There are so many things you can do to get your mind off the situation. Take a vacation, volunteer at a charity, learn a skill, or just hang out with close friends. If you both have a similar interest by chance, that might draw him closer to you. Regardless, focus on being happy. 

11. Be Friendly With Him

You don't have to hate him. Put yourself in his shoes; I bet you've had to reject a crush too. It takes guts to do so. Plus you don’t have to stop being friends if that’s what you want. Who knows, the friendship can lead to something beautiful later on. 


What should I do if my crush rejected me? 

Even though you feel horrible in your gut, it's smart to get over the feeling. To do that, start by putting yourself in his shoes. I'm sure you've had to deny someone else an opportunity to be with you because you didn't have feelings for him (that's life).

Don't try to force him to like you; you'd make things worse and creepy. Still keep a friendly relationship with him if you can. Then focus on growing yourself and other associations around you. 

How do you get a guy to like you after rejection? 

Well, the first step is letting it go and not trying so hard to get him to like you. The truth is, you can't turn off your feelings immediately, so there's a chance he may catch up with you. Just being his friend works as well; it helps him get to know you.

Sabotaging his relationship so he can break up and be with you isn't a good idea at all. Sometimes, a person can like you back because you want them. However, it's not smart to wait around for that. 

How do guys feel after rejecting a girl? 

Apart from the initial awkwardness before letting her know how he truly feels, he's fine afterward. It's possible to feel bad for her, but that doesn't last long at all. However, there's an ego boost that comes with saying no to a girl, especially if she's beautiful by his standard. There's a chance he may be hurt by it if there's more to rejecting you than he can say. 

Can someone change their mind after rejecting you? 

Sure! Feelings develop every day. He may not have had feelings for you then, but now he does and wants to be with you. Maybe he was in a relationship at the time, and things didn't work out. They're so many good reasons why a person would change their mind after rejecting you. It's up to you to determine if that reason is valid enough for you to try again.

How long can a crush last? 

It depends on you. I've had a crush that lasted a couple of days until a red flag ruined it. Some crushes last almost a lifetime; irrespective of what he does, you just like him. It's weird. 

To Conclude

I hope this article is just what you need to get over that crush and make him regret saying no to you. In this scenario, you're a priority. I'd love to read your thoughts in the comment section below, and please share this article with your friends. 

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  1. Thanks for the insight Michelle. Personally, I've found that if a person is too subservient or places much more attention on the other, that person will eventually lose respect and interest.
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