10 Ways on How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You

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The other day, you’ve got the feeling that your crush was different towards you then your thought full of things about what is actually happening or did you do something wrong. And today, he suddenly show up with his new girlfriend. I could imagine how much pain you felt because you are already too in love with him.

Here are How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You

I have to say this clearly to you: that was not your fault and you have to stop wondering why it turned out like that. Instead whining about your crush that already rejected you, let show him how amazing you are!

1. Cheer Up

What is the first thing you have to do? Of course you better let go those painful moments even though we all know it is hard. The more you remember how bad he treats you, the more reason you have to not to be sad over him. Chin up, don’t let your tiara fall, princess!

2. Don’t Be Angry

Show him like you have everything under control and not mad with the fact he is with someone new.

3. Dress Up

You know that you are going to a party where he is also invited. Put your best outfit out and make him not recognize you! Or also you can check this Simple Ways to Look Naturally Beautiful

4. Act Normal

I know it is quite hard despite everything that happened and the love you have, but you need to show him that what he did doesn’t affect your life.

5. Get Closer to His Friends

Hang out more with his friend and let him see how fun you are. You can read this too Good Ways to Get a Guy’s Attention to Get to You

6. Share Happy Moments in Social Media

Go somewhere and share it in your social media. You have to look awesome all the time within the rough time you had, especially in front of your crush.

7. Change Your Profile Picture

Remember that first impression is important (See also: Ways to Make A Good First Impression). You should look cuter than ever in your profile, so change it now or you can take a new good selfie first if it is necessary.

8. Become Friend with Him

This is probably hard to do since you have feeling for him. But, if you to learn how to make your crush regret rejecting you, become friend with him is a good move. You can show him it doesn’t matter for you if he wants to be with anybody because you will still doing fine.

9. Be Cooler

Don’t need an extraordinary one, you can start with getting involved in certain club activities or charities. Not only doing good stuff, it can help you to forget the pain that you felt in many ways. Also check Ways to Say No to Drugs and Still be Cool to Your Friends

10. Make Him Jealous

This one doesn’t guarantee will work because it depends on how deeper your relationship with your crush is. But, a sure thing to do and cost you nothing. Show him you already find someone new after he rejected you. 

Sign Your Crush  Start to Regret What He Did

After learn and do as how to make your crush regret rejecting you, you probably do not want to miss some signs that show your crush really does regret leaving you in pain. Here are the possibilities event that consider as a sign his regret.

1. Say Hi Again

After weeks, he text you again for the first time then asking how is your life. Even though there is possibility he miss you, don’t place your hope too high, maybe his new girl is out or he is bored and need someone to talk to. But, still, this is a prove that you are still in his mind.

2. Ask About You to Your Friend

When you already about to forget him, now your crush try to find you. You probably didn’t reply his text or even blocked his contact because he is trying to reach you by asking how are you doing to your bestfriend now.

3. Like Your Photo on Instagram

Your life is better and you share your prettiest selfie on Instagram. Oh, wait, your crush suddenly like your photo everytime you post one where you didn’t get any since he rejected you last time.

4. Ask to Meet

Your crush keep seeing you get better (and prettier) day after day. Not only constantly texting you, now he always want to meet you and ask you to a movie. If you still love your crush, this is definitely your sweet chance, but if you don’t want to be with him after what he did to you, you better say so. 

More Tips After the Rejection of Your Crush

We all know how painful unrequited love is. However, your happiness is still your number one priority. Here are more tips for you.

1. Remember Your Worth

No one can choose who they fall for, we all  know that very well. But, crying over someone that clearly doesn’t love you or even want you? Meh, you are more than that. Princess, always remember your worth, your actual prince is on his way. You can find it more here Reasons You Should Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else

2. Forget and Forgive

Learn about how to make your crush regret rejecting you is fine, but revenge is bad. Forget what makes you sad, and forgive someone who did that, including your crush. It could give you a peace of mind and set you free from negative vibes.

3. Crush is Not Official

It is not your fault if you love your crush too much. However, you should have known the consequences as well. Moreover, your crush is still a crush not yet your official boyfriend so he could fly wherever he wants; so do you!

4. Reject Him Back

Why would you keep chasing the one that already decided to leave you? Reject him back! You deserve someone better.

5. Focus on Yourself

You need to make yourself better while letting go all the pain. You should enjoying yourself more by doing things you love or you can go on vacation. Because your own happiness is what matter most.

6. Involve Yourself with A New Relationship

How about find a real man to start a new relationship instead keep asking why your crush reject you? Time to move on, babe!