15 Beautiful Ways to Prove You Don't Hate Someone at All

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It is said that love and hatred are two inseparable things even though they are as different as water and fire. The two things always exist in our life and there is now way we can avoid them. However, love and hatred are very contrast, where one things brings a lot of positiveness while the other are full of negativity.

Many situation may triggered to hate someone, for example when we see the Signs That Your Best Friend is a Frenemy, which is very hard to get through. As you are heart broken by their act, you hate them right away.

Hatred is something that we should avoid. Especially when nobody is having a hard feeling to us, we must not hate them. Of course you can't prove that you don't hate them only by words. So here are the ways to prove you don't hate someone at all.


1. Hang Out with Them

Hang Out with Them

Who wants to be with someone they hate? Surely you won't stand a second with them. But nobody will think that you hate someone if you hang out with them well. So that if you really don't have any hard feeling to someone, ask them to hang out with you. You can get close to them this way, and everyone else know that you rally don't hate them.

2. Treat Them Kindly

There are many Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness. When that people has unfortunately think that you hate them, show them kindness to prove that your are not. There are no people who won't be touched with kindness.

3. Show Your Appreciation

When some people hate other people, they won't show any appreciation for them. Even when that person has helped you, there is no way you would say thank you since it's irritating. So to prove that you don't hate them is the other way around. Do some Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated.

4. Be Happy with Their Success

Would you clap for someone you hate on their success? It's a fat chance, right? Be happy with their success if you don't hate them. When you see the Signs He is Cheating with a Co Worker, you still shake her hands for her success. You don't always have hate for revenge, right?

5. Don't Talk Them in the Back

It's a general agreement from long time a go that you talk bad about someone you hate in their back. So nobody will believe you when you say you don't hate someone, while in fact you talk about them in their back endlessly. Hey, it's also Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You!

6. Spend Time with Them

You must be want to know someone more if you don't hate them. So you don't mind to spend some of your time with them. Who knows you can make best friends after you find out that both you and them have many similarities and interests.

7. Don't Avoid Them

What's the point of avoiding someone unless you hate them? Don't do this cowardly act ever even when you really hate them. If you are supposed to pass each other, then let it be. Why must avoiding? 

8. Listen to What They Say

Listen to What They Say

This is also another kind of appreciation to someone you don't hate. You won't mind giving your time only to listen to what they said. Do you know that someone loves it when they are being heard, without being judged, looked down, and being cut in the middle.

9. Be Their Friend

There is nothing wrong with making new friends, right? Open up yourself and try to be friend with the. You will never know who they really are if you never get close to them. Try to spend more time to know about them more.

10. Ask for Their Help

Out of self pride, you tend to refuse help from someone you hate. It will hurt their heart and they will definitely think so. Don't be hesitate to ask for their help, as you don't hate them at all.

11. And Help Them in Return

After receiving some help, it's natural for you to help them back. Life is all about take and give anyway. Helping someone is an act of kindness that will convinced anyone about your sincerity and the fact that you don't hate them.

12. Share Things with Them

So you don't mind to share with them since you don't hate them. You can share various things, according to what make you comfortable with. You can share stories, in general if you are not sure enough to share about your secrets.

13. Ask Them to Join Your Table

Whether you are working or a student, ask them to join your table for lunch. The fact that you even willing to eat with with them in the same table is good enough as a prove that you don't hate them.

14. Tell Them

Even though people say that telling someone you don't hate them is like shouting your hatred out loud, just try it. Someone knows how to see sincerity in people.

15. Don't Ignore Them

The act of ignorance is the most rude and inappropriate way to treat someone. And no one will ignore other people they don't hate. So make someone feel appreciated by not ignoring them. Just imagine how would you feel if you are the one to be ignored.

So those are the ways to prove you don't hate someone at all. If you are sincerely do't hate anyone, truth will find their own way. It may seems hard to make someone believe that you don't hate them, but once they see your sincerity they will believe it right away. Rather than filling your heart with hatred, returning someone's hate with kindness is always the best choice.

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