10 Ways to Become a Great Friend

Last updated on June 13, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Friendship is one of the most precious bonds you should keep. It is also the time you've shared with your friends that makes every moment on earth more meaningful.

They are the family that we choose for oneself, the ones that will welcome us and remain in our company. It's up to us how we should honor them, and the memories that we share with them.

Through these easy yet heartfelt movements, let them know how lucky you are that you have truly found friendship within them in this path of insecurity.

Here are some ways to become a great friend you can try to keep your friends close for the rest of your life.

1. Always be there for them.

Always be there for your friends through good times and bad ones. If they want to share the beauty of life, be there.

Be around when they feel miserable, who knows it can get pretty serious too.

In case your girl best friend wants to commit suicide, keep in your mind what to say to your best friend when she wants to kill herself.

Also you should comfort and convince her that all will be alright.

2. Be happy for your friend's success.

When good things happen, friends want you to rejoice with them.

Sometimes it's more complicated than it seems, particularly if you're a tad jealous of the achievements of your friend.

Gulp down that feeling, because not only in a crisis does she/he need a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes, she/he is waiting for somebody to celebrate her/his successes. Shared happiness is multiplied with joy.

Yet, if on the other side it is your girl best friend who has always been the jealousy type, learn how to deal with a girl who is trying to make you jealous.

3. Defend your friends when they are not around.

Some people can't resist but talk about other people and we can't stop it from happening but we can definitely stop them.

Let them realize that if they talk behind your friend's back, you won't settle for it.

4. Give thanks.

People need to hear praises, especially from people they cherish, about themselves and your friends are as well.

Sometimes we need to let them realize by words that you love them, so thank them for being such a good friend and having you in their worlds.

5. Grant them a favor.

If your friend asks you for a help, say yes, as long as it is nice. Choosing to ignore them will upset them.

It will make them feel like you don't have the time for them. Go ahead.

Engage in helping them. Even if they don't ask for it, better if you make the first move to help.

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6. Make time for your friends.

The phrase stating "absence makes your heart grow fonder" does not extend to all of your buddies.

Some may survive through the life of the time but others may die.

It can be a call, a text or a chat. Make every effort to meet them and they'll certainly appreciate this.

7. Make small gestures

You don't need to go to absurd lengths to prove that you value your mates, for instance, having a surprise party or sending an expensive dress.

If you're not using social media, find certain ways to reach out. Leave a caring voicemail to your buddy, leave them sweet things to say to your best friend on Valentine's Day.

Or visit with a cup of coffee at their workplace if they had a bad day. It's going to mean the universe.

8. Presents are always a plus.

One of the wonderful ways to become a great friend for your buddies is by telling them how much you appreciate them.

It could be a personal letter, a bouquet of roses, the books she loved reading at the library, sarcastic birthday wishes for best female friend, the dream gown she really likes wearing, a ticket to the movie you've been speaking about.

Or just something you think your friends would greatly appreciate from you.

9. Tell them you are there.

Tell them that you are forever friends by making sure they already know that you're always around.

This means to keep in touch or to be there to make them feel better when they have tough times.

If you've never said this to your friends, make sure you're going to tell your friends when they talk about an issue they're holding on next time.

10. Understand and respect boundaries.

Remember you don't all of the time have to be together. You need to refresh your space, and you cannot always feel like hanging out with others.

That is not to imply you don't like them. Good friends aren't clingy and don't get irritated of occasional "no". But if they do, maybe they fall in the categories of signs you need to let a friend go.

Great friends actually know how to finish what they have started, no matter how long it has been since their last conversation on the phone.

The diamonds you happened to find in the midst of nowhere are your friends, so be sure to value them carefully. Always find ways to become a great friend for them.

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