What Should I Do If I Think My Neighbors Are Dealing Drugs?

Last updated on February 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In a neighborhood, we are usually dealt with a lot of different personalities. Our neighbor can be someone really friendly, a pain in the ass, or something a lot more sinister like a drug dealer.

Drugs are an easy way to make cash but it can corrupt the minds of all that comes to touch with them. Is it possible that your neighbor who looks friendly in dealing with drugs? Yes, it is. If so, what should I do if I think my neighbors are dealing drugs? Here are our simple tips


Signs That My Neighbors Are Dealing Drugs

You probably haven’t seen many drug dealers so your instinct might be wrong. Check if it is with these signs:

1. They Change Narrative About Their Job

Does Telling Little White Lies Causing Big Problems In Relationships? The answer is yes. One day they are a farmer, the next an office worker. So which is it? The answer is none because they are hiding their true job as a drug dealer.

2. They Go Out At Strange Hours

Ever notice that they regularly come and go at midnight? Drug deals are usually done at an ungodly hour to avoid people’s eyes.

3. They Have Odd People Coming To Their Homes

People who look wary often come to their house. These people look sick from all the drugs, irritated, and generally off.

4. They’re Really Secretive About Their Life

they're really secretive about their life

They don’t talk about trivial things like How to Know If Your Husband is Having a Midlife Crisis. In fact, they don’t talk about anything at all. This is where it’s getting suspicious.

5. Doesn’t Let People Come Into Their House

It’s not that they are showing Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You Secretly. But rather because they are guarding the drug lair that they have inside.

6. Often Charming But Intimidating

They can come off as charming when they talk. But when you are too nosy, they can be quite intimidating and may threaten you to never get too close.

What Should I Do If I Think My Neighbors Are Dealing Drugs

Once you check the signs, you might know for sure now that they are a drug dealer. That’s why what you need to do next is these steps:

1. Observe Them For A Long Time

Don’t conclude when you only observe for three days. Do it for a couple of weeks and pay close attention.

2. Ask Around To Other Neighbors

Do other neighbors feel the same way about this person? If so, your instinct is right.

3. Observe The People Coming To Their Home

Who are the people coming to their homes? Take a picture and do a little research on your own about their track record.

4. Keep Your Kids Away From Them

If you have kids, it’s best not to expose them to this family too much. It might not be good in the future.

5. Don’t Be Too Close To Them

It’s okay to be friendly towards them and maintain a good surface-level relationship. But try not to say any personal stuff that can be used against you.

6. Don’t Barge Into Their House

Barging into their house will just aggravate them and make them put you as a target.

7. Keep Your Home Safe

Double-check the lock and make sure that they do nothing dangerous to your home.

8. Act Normal Around Them

Use the Things to Say to A Best Friend on Their Birthday to Make Them Happy to make them as a friend and put off the suspicion they have from you.

9. Don’t Accept Drugs From Them

Use the Ways to Say No to Drugs and Still be Cool to Your Friends if they ever sell you one. Remember, a taste of drugs can ruin your life forever.

10. Alert The Authorities

alert the authorities

When you’re getting worried, it is time to alert the authorities. Clearly state your suspicion and ask them to act on it.

11. Ask For Protection From The Authorities

Things can get more dangerous as the issue elevate. It’s good to have some extra protection.

Knowing your neighbor is a drug dealer is risky but putting them into the hands of the authorities is even riskier. But remember, ultimately this is the right thing to do. That is why, when the question of what should I do if I think my neighbors are dealing drugs, all you need to do is follow the steps above calmly and surely.

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