100 Pathetic Reasons Why You Don't Have Many Friends

Last updated on January 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Friends are the single greatest relationship you could ever get into. They are loving you unconditionally and timelessly. But do you find it hard to have this beautiful friendship in your life?

You might be searching for the reasons why you don’t have an abundant friends. You can blame it on them or the environtment. But maybe the problem is yourself. If you are still unsure if that is the real problem, check if you have these reasons why you don’t have many friends;

  1. You Talk About People Too Much
  2. You Are Constantly Talking About Yourself
  3. You Are Always Trying To Change Other People
  4. You Are Always Disapproving Of Other People’s Life
  5. You Cut The Conversation
  6. You Look Down On Other People
  7. You Are Too Proud Of Yourself That You Can’t See Your Mistakes
  8. Never Listening To What Other People Have To Say
  9. Being Too Dramatic About Your Problem
  10. Embarassing Your Friends In Public
  11. You Are Not Loyal To Your Friends
  12. You Never Talk About Anything
  13. You Are A People Pleaser
  14. You Scream At Other People
  15. You Cuss Other People Too Much
  16. You Never Take Things Seriously
  17. You Are Unaware Of Their Emotion
  18. You Never Want To Meet Someone New
  19. You Take Things Too Seriously
  20. You Always Turn Down Invitations To Be Friends Or Hang Out
  21. You Push People Away
  22. You Are Always Sad
  23. You Hate Seeing Other People That Is Happy
  24. You Can Never Celebrate Your Friends Victory
  25. You Always Lie To Your Friends
  26. You Aren’t Confident In Yourself
  27. You Rarely Contact Your Friends
  28. You Treat Your Friends Badly
  29. Yoy Always Want Something More
  30. You Are Never Grateful
  31. Always Feeling Jealous
  32. You Are Too Materialistic
  33. You Push Your Ideas To Other People
  34. You Let Yourself Be Trampled By Other People
  35. You Let Other People Use You
  36. You Always Cheat Your Ways Out Of Things
  37. You Are Too Lazy
  38. You Are Too Envious
  39. You Can’t Learn To Love Other People
  40. You Want Other People To Admire You So Badly
  41. You Like To Manipulate Other People
  42. You Never Want To Open Up
  43. You Stop Yourself From Feeling Anything

There are maybe many reasons why you don’t have many friends, but maybe you just don't need to be friends with many people but just keep in touch to be with the real ones.


Signs that people don’t want to be friends with you

Rejection might feel sad but it can be done to us. To make sure that it isn’t happening to us, you need to know the problem with yourself first;

  1. You Are Too Timid
  2. You Make Fun Of Your Friends Constantly
  3. You Never Want To Fix Yourself
  4. You Bully Other People
  5. You Make Other People Feel Scared
  6. You Hurt Other People Physically
  7. You Show The Signs of A Possessive Male Friend
  8. You Make Other People Feel Like They Are Less Worthy
  9. You Are Too Cynical
  10. You Are Always Angry At Other People
  11. You Never Show The Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You To Your Friends
  12. You Are Always Bitter About The Past
  13. You Are Too Scared Of The Future
  14. You Always Blame Other People
  15. You Show the Signs That Your Best Friend Is A Frenemy
  16. You Criticize Everything
  17. You Never Let Go
  18. You Always Feel The Need To Comment
  19. You Blame Other People For Being Happy
  20. You Don’t Initiate Conversation
  21. You Don’t Try To Put Yourself Out There
  22. You Like To Abandon Relationships
  23. You Show The Signs He is PlayerWhich Drives People Away
  24. You Doubt Other People So Much
  25. You Don’t Support Other People’s Dream
  26. You Don’t Believe In Other People
  27. You Never Reach Out For Help
  28. You Are Always Faking It
  29. You Are Not True To Who You Are
  30. You Are Always Awkward
  31. You Don’t Want To Listen To Other People’s Advice For You
  32. You Are Not Sentimental
  33. You Never Show Effort In Keeping Them In Your Life
  34. You Are Not Updated About Current Events
  35. You Think That Other People Will Always Fail
  36. You Don’t Know Personal Boundaries
  37. You Sabotage Relationships
  38. You Are Too Clingy
  39. You Are Too Independent
  40. You Never Show The Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved
  41. You Never Do The Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World To Boost Your Self Love
  42. You Are Not Kind
  43. You Choose To Be Ignorant
  44. You Won’t Tolerate Differences
  45. You Won’t Tolerate Things Not Going Your Way
  46. You Think You Are The One That Is Always Right
  47. Your Life Is Always Filled With Problems
  48. You Think You Are Doomed Beyond Repair
  49. You Like Being Lonely
  50. You Never Try To Make Them Happy
  51. You Never Apologize
  52. You Leave A Fight Without Saying The Things to Say to Your Best Friend After A Fight

Ways to Make Other People be Friends with You

Now that you are aware of the problem with yourself, you need to start making constant changes to making yourself better so that you will gain more friends. Here are the real ways to make other people be friends with you

  1. Know Yourself And Be Aware Of Your Problems

If you know yourself enough you will start to know the problems and why you got in that problem in the first place. Only when you are aware will you be able to start solving your problem.

  1. Don’t Care About What Other People Think Too Much

Be authentic with who you are

  1. Be Friendly

Being friendly lets people know that you want a friendship with someone.

  1. Be Open To Any Friendship

Don’t be picky on who you want to have as your friends.

  1. Love Yourself

Having self pride and nurturing self worth is important to attract people.

Having a friend is great but sometimes the reasons why you don’t have many friends will block you from having any. That is why you need to be aware of these signs and make mindful changes as a solution towards them. Then you will start to see your life flourishing with many friends.

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