40 Fun Things to Do When Bored with Your Best Friends at Home

Last updated on June 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

No need to deny, boredom is very close to us. You just can be bored with literally anything, and your best friend is no exception. There must be time when you don't want to see their face, especially after you see the Signs That Your Best Friend is a Frenemy. Ugh!

As you refused to hang out with them, you must be feeling trapped at home. Don't let be a boomerang since you can be bored alone as well. There are many reasons as to why you bored with your best friend. Probably you just need some time alone or you have to cope up with your current situation. You want to find out the Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up on your own after doing the Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend and it turns out to be true.

Here are the lists of things to do when bored with your best friend at home:

  1. Go on a walk around the house, and it will be very nice if you have a backyard.
  2. Browse for e-Commerce sites and see if you need something.
  3. Organize your room even when it's tidy. By organizing your room you organize yourself as well.
  4. Help your mom in the kitchen. It's worth killing the time while experimenting something with her.
  5. Do laundry because it gives your heart a satisfaction after seeing everything clean.
  6. Exercise lightly at home by doing stretching or cool down your mind through yoga.
  7. Do manicures to your hand and polish some nice colored nail polish to boost your mood.
  8. Browse for the internet as you will never get enough with it.
  9. Watch movies and do it in marathon. Wouldn't you be happy if you can finish the 7 season of Game of Thrones for a day?
  10. Listen to music, especially the soothing one. As you are bored with your best friend, there must be something annoyed your mind, right?
  11. Do a hair experiment by curling it, ponytail it, or just straighten it. It helps you to find your best look.
  12. Play a brain games to organize your mind. You may be too occupied with something and need to relax.
  13. Redecorate your rooms, it's similar with organizing it. But the change you make is more radical such as change the wall colors.
  14. Plant a flowers in your backyard. This little thing draw you closer to the nature and helps you to clear your mind.
  15.  Paint something if you happen to be good at it. Put all of your heart and mind in it.
  16. Take a warm bath because it is relaxing. Your muscles are no longer flexed and nor your brain.
  17. Do a home spa! Make a DIY scrub and pamper yourself for the whole day!
  18. Make a food by using what's in the fridge. Grab some spaghetti and try to make your first ever aglio olio!
  19. Write something regarding your feeling in a blog or private diaries. Writing do wonders to your feeling that you never know before.
  20. Get a coloring book and get done with it. You know that coloring helps to soothe the mind and releasing the stress, right? Get back to your childhood for a while.
  21. Read the newspaper as you always too busy to read it first thing in the morning.
  22. Or watch the news because it's always important to know what is currently happening.
  23. Watch TV as long as you want. You might turn into a couch potato for the whole day.
  24. Wash your car because cleaning is always a good solution when you are too bored even to be bored.
  25. Sleep. Maybe your unstable emotions and boredom is due to lack of sleep.
  26. Shrink yourself in Pinterest even when you have nothing to look up. You may find a new inspiration and the cute stuff you find lift up your mood.
  27. Start blogging, look a the beautiful template that will mesmerize you. People make a lot of cash from blogs nowadays too.
  28. Bake cookies! Who won't be happy with the presence of box of cookies in front of them?
  29. Work on a crosswords to occupy your mind, so you have no room for boredom.
  30. Learn something new to occupy your mind. Developing new skills is always important and would be useful in the future.
  31. Make a bucket list of things you want to do, your future goals, and what kind of partner you want. It helps you to keep your life on track.
  32. Browse for some make up tutorials! Who doesn't love make up and becoming pretty?
  33. Read a book and get lost in it. You may have stacks of books that you haven't read, and now's time to make them useful.
  34. Sign up for an online course in a category you love. There are plenty of websites provide courses which you can do for free.
  35. Start gardening. It doesn't matter if you don't have a yard. Make garden out of pots.
  36. Modify your clothes by learning from the tutorials from Youtube.
  37. Look through an old photo album because it's always nice to go back to your childhood.
  38. Learn some Origami craft. It requires full focus, creativity and analysis. Your mind will be occupied by it.
  39.  Tease your younger siblings. Their annoyed feeling is irreplaceable joy for you.
  40. Arrange your phone apps, since it might be messy all the time and you don't have time to.

So those are many of things to do when bored with your best friend at home. Remember not to do it for too long unless you want to break your friendship into pieces. There will time you have to do the Ways to Get Over a Relationship Break Up and they will know the best Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship and help you get through it.

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