How to Know If A Girl Is Interested in You or Just Being Friendly

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Sometimes a girl does not show any sign while she is interested or just being friendly to a guy.  However,  today we will know how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly by some of the following signs below here.  Before check some of the signs, let's check these reasons first.

1. Old stories

It might be her old stories was not good enough.  She had a hurtful broken heart. In here, she still remembered about that. She cannot forget this dark stories.

2. Just want to be a friend

She moves on now,  but it is not the right time to seek someone new.  She just wants to be a friend with you, now. However, how to get your crush's attention on social media? check on this, and keep reading it.

3. Focuses on her carrier

She focuses on her opportunity to get reach her dreams to be a successful woman. You are not allowed to break her focuses now.

4. Shy

She is shy, but she is interested in you.  You know what, you are the perfect guy that she loves, exactly. So, watch these signs that she likes you but she is shy to you.

5. Trauma

Do not ever to talk say I Love You, to her. She will deny it. She will not be interested in you. She still on her trauma, she is afraid and even cries about it was.

6. It is not important

Boyfriend,  it is not important for now.  She chooses to reach her dream of being a star that she dreamed of. If you a good guy, go to support her and get her heart.

7. Be careful of a bad guy

She is really careful with a guy, now. She is afraid that she will see the other of a bad guy material like her ex-boyfriend. 


Signs of a shy girl is interested in you or just being friends

A shy girl, how to know if she is interested in you or just being friends with you? Some shy girls are really hard to understand, but with these signs, it will be easier. So, how to know of her, is she interested in you or just being friends with you?

1. Break the eye contact

Eye contact is one way how to know is she interested in you or not? Some shy girls usually break the eye contact. She does not let you know that she is like you.

2. Hangout together with friends

While she walks with you, she usually bought her wings to accompany her. This is the way to make her comfortable with you. She decides to hang out together with all her friends and also you. There you go about Signs Your Crush is Just Friendzoned You

3. Muted flirting

When you flirt her, she always turns the conversation to a different topic. It seems like she really isn't interested in you, she just thinks that you are a funny friend. 

4. Inconsistent body language

Her eyes say that she is interested with you, but her act it seems she is uncomfortable with you. You are too quick to express your love.

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5. She laughs

You make some jokes that make she laughs out loud. Oh, your jokes it is really funny, she cannot stop this.

6. Follows on your social media

Finally, she follows you back on your social media. It seems she wants to know more about you, but she is too nervous to dig it deeper. There you go about Signs That She Friendzoned You

7. Interested  in your passion

Both of you like on photography, both you and he have the same passion for art. So, she hopes with this it can be a meaningful moment when she enjoys this passion with you.

8. Introduce you as your friend

This last sign perfectly shows that you are just a friend to her. While she introduces you to her friends, she says that you only her friend.

How to make her interested in you while she is not interested  in you or just being friends

Below here are the tips on how to make her interested in you while she is not interested in you or just wants to be a friends with you. With these tips you can get her easily as well. Just watch these out.

1.  Introduced yourself

As a nice guy, please introduce yourself in the right way. Let she knows you and she will accept you as her friend.

2. Gives a smile

Do not forget to smile to her while you introduced yourself to her. This means that you are a nice and humble guy. A shy girl likes her will more comfortable with a nice guy like you. 

3. Make her comfortable

How to make a shy girl comfortable with you? Approach her in the right way, you can go with greeting her nicely or with discussing something that useful. There you go about Signs of A Friendzone Relationship

4. Small talks

Make small talks with her. You can ask the day of her routines or discussing something like studying together before mid-test begin.

5. Be natural

While you talk with her, please just be natural. Do not hide anything in front of her, she will know it.

6. Asks her favorites

You may ask her favorites, such as she likes all about the dolphin. So, you can invite her over to watch dolphin at the circus this weekend. She will love it.

7. Create pauses

A shy girl usually creates pauses in the middle of the conversation. So, the thing that you can do is just wait for her to talk.

8. Share something

Please share something that she might like it. You can share about the amazing photo that you take it before. Invite her over to hunting photo with you, it will be fun.

9. Do not lead her on

Do not ever led her on with a hug or touch her hands. These acts could make her uncomfortable. She does not like this.

10. Ask her out

Ask her out, is she wants to go with you. Please ask her nicely. Do not force her if she denies it.

Hopefully,  the 25 how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly could be useful for you.  With these tips, you can easily how to recognize that her interested in you or not. So,  keep trying to get her heart,  do not give up.  Good luck

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