Watch These Physical Signs A Woman Likes You but Is Shy to You

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Many people said the body sometimes can be more honest than words that have been spoken. That could be something extremely true since even when one doesn't say anything their body language can speak it off for them. With that being said, we can also see it in a woman that falls in love with you. Also check this to help you know about Can You Fall in Love Again with the Same Person All Over Again?

The majority of women seems to unable to express their feeling through word smoothly even though some of them are very straight up. They tend to remain silent yet their body language shows us the truth. Especially it happens when a woman is attracted to a very charming man on their own way type of it. If you pay attention closely, you would find the physical signs a woman likes you.

So to makes you clear what are those, here are the physical signs a woman likes you.

1. Touch Her Neck

One of the physical signs a woman like you is she would often touching her neck when talking to you. She might try not to show you how nervous she is while conversing with you and consistently does this touching her neck thingy.

2. Being Shy Around You

She can be herself and talk casually when she is hanging out with her group yet she act awkwardly and being shy around you. This is obvious she may have a feeling for you.

3. Looking at You Sexually

A woman could be very seductive at a time. She might do that sexual gaze when she likes you. Or maybe you can check this Signs of A Friendzone Relationship

4. Playing with Her Hair

Looking for physical signs of a woman like you? Pay attention if she twirls her hair. When a woman does that, she tries to show you her feminine side. She also wants to look cute and sweet in front of you.

5. She Archers Her Back

When a woman arches her back, she tries to emphasize her body in order to make you pay attention to her. However, it can also mean she is just trying to stretch. The difference is thick yet obviously real.

6. She Blushes

A woman often blushes when she is around the person that she likes. She might feel embarrassed since she likes you and even couldn't say words. This can be helpful for you Signs a Shy Girl Wants You to Ask Her Out

7. Bite Her Lips when Talking

One of the physical signs a woman likes you is she would unconsciously bite her lips when talking to you. Most of the people know that biting lips somehow makes a woman looks sexy and very seductive.

8. Her Breathing is Faster

This quite little signs sometimes being missed by a lot of men. When a woman attracted to you, her breathing will increase fastly. You may want to pay attention to this later.

9. The Mirror Effect

When a woman close to you for quite some time, you can see her will do what you do, for example, the way you talk or even the smallest thing. I bet you will see from now on.

10. She Always Laughs

She will laugh everytime you joking around. Moreover, she always laughs at almost everything you said. Don't get it wrong and think she is crazy, well, might right, she is crazy in love with you. When someone in love, they will feel happy all the time.

11. She Isn't Looking at You in the Eyes

You can clearly see the physical signs a woman likes you by looking at her eyes. A woman that been in love with you won't have guts to see your eyes directly. She would rather look another way.

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12. Her Tone Changes

A woman will unconsciously change her tone when talking to the person that she likes. Her voice is smoother and very sweet. You need to learn this too Signs She Is No Longer Interested in You to help you.

13. Playing with Objects

Not only with her hair, a woman that likes you probably grab an object around her and play with it. Please understand because it is only her being nervous.

14. Pay Attention to What You Say

Want to know the physical signs a woman likes you? It is as simple as she will pay attention to what you say. She has all ears to listen to your story and remember every detail of it.

15. Show You Her Big Smile

A woman won't stop show her big smile when she likes you. She simply feels happy just being close with you and spend her precious time.

What Makes Woman Likes You

So there were the physical signs a woman likes you. After learning that, maybe you want to know more about what it is that makes a woman likes you. So here are the tips for you.

1. Your Charm

You can deny the fact that appearance is the first impression people got. A woman can like you by your appearance only since it shows a charm that she can't bear to fall in love with you.

2. Your Attitude

You can be a genius or whatsoever. But what makes a woman likes you sometimes is what kind of attitude that you have. That is why a man needs to be more gentle yet tough at the same time.

3. Your Skill

If you are an athlete or a musician, it can be a thing that woman likes. She can fall in love with your skill just like that.

4. Your Knowledge

We get to know someone by talking to them and involved in a conversation. If you have a wider knowledge of this world, you might make some woman likes you because she tends to seek someone she really enjoy talking to.

5. Your Kindness

Nothing can beat kindness! Especially when it comes to love. A woman likes you with your simple kindness or even try to protect her.

6. Simply Yourself

Or a woman can like you because you are being yourself. This is the most thing you ever wanted which being loved for who you are. Also check this to know What to Do If Your Ex Girlfriend Doesn’t Text Back But You Miss Her

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