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32 Things to Say to Your Girlfriend When She is Mad at You

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Relationships is not always sweet and romantic. Sometimes we hit rocky roads. Couples then start to argue and sometimes it leads to a breakup. How do we stop it from happening?


With a girlfriend, you need to know the best thing to say to your girlfriend so the small fight doesn’t turn into a forest fire and start making your relationship crumble to bits. That is why you need to quickly figure out the sweet things to say to your girlfriend when she is mad at you. Your relationship will soon start to heal:

  1. I Am Sorry

Saying this is the first, most important medicine to heal a broken heart. She will slowly be soft again

  1. I Will Change To The Better

These words guarantees a light of hope in your relationship. You girlfriend will surely give you a second chance.

  1. I Will Never Do That Again

This is to assure her that you will never hurt her that way again.

  1. I’m Sorry I Make You Feel Like That

Apologies like this are a thoughtful way to say that you are sorry.

  1. I Never Meant To Hurt You

She will start to know that you are still showing the Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

  1. Tell Me What’s Wrong And I Will Fix It Now

Do this and this will guarantee you a mature conversation on the matter

  1. I Can’t Stand Seeing You Sad, It Breaks My Heart

As a Signs He’s Boyfriend Material , saying this and doing it  is a must.

  1. You’re Still Pretty When You’re Mad

Not only will it make her blush, it will also make her less serious.

  1. Let Me Make Things Better

It’s not good if she felt blamed and burdened about how she felt. Do this and let her know that there is two person that loves each other in this relationship.

  1. How Can I Mend This Relationship?

A simple question like this let’s her know you still love her

  1. I Love You

Sometimes reminding someone that you love them so much is what she really wants and needs.

  1. It’s Okay To Be Mad

Doing this means that you are justifying her emotion and giving her time to process it.

  1. I Understand

Understand what is bothering her, then try to accept it and process it in your mind.

  1. We Will Get Through This Together

Remind her that you will not give up the relationship.

  1. I Promise I Won’t Let You Go Without A Fight

Remind her of your undying love for her.

  1. I’m Sorry I Disappoint You

Another simple yet effective way to apologize. This will make her soft even more.

  1. I Want To Make You Smile Again, I Will Do Anything

Action speak louder than words. Show her that you will do anything to make her happy.

  1. I’m Here For You

Assure her that you will support and love her no matter what.

  1. I Still Care For You

Tell her that your first instinct will always be to take care of her and make her happy.

  1. I Want You Even On Our Bad Days

Say this and you will see a long lasting relationship with her.

  1. I Still Can’t Get Enough Of You

Even though she is angry, you still love her very much.

  1. My Heart Aches When I Think About You Being Unhappy Because Of Me

Say this to make her know that your feelings for her is true and that it is not a one sided relationship.

Sweet Things to Say to Cheer Her Up

Some things to say sometimes is not enough to win her heart back. That is why you need to figure out more clever tips on sweet things to say to your girlfriend when she is mad at you;

  1. I’m Sorry I Ignored You

Sometimes being ignorant is the simple problem begind the rage.

  1. You Are Still My Favorite Human On Earth

Tell this to remind her of how much you love her.

  1. I Miss You So Much

Say this and show the  Ways to Say I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

  1. Not Making You Happy Is The Biggest Mistake I Have Ever Done

A boyfriend’s job is to make her happy and admit that you have failed.

  1. Not Being With You Sucks

Tell her that you miss her more than ever.

  1. When I Know That I Haven’t Been Understanding And Not Being The Best Boyfriend To You Tears Me Apart

Be aware of your mistake and what it meant to your girlfriend, say this, and then start making actions towards a better self.

Till She Forgives You

The relieving signs that your girlfriend is back to loving you again and your romantic relationship is saved by those sweet words;

  1. She Starts Being Physically Close To You Again

The Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazythat shows in a healthy relationship starts to rise again in your relationship which means that it is thriving again.

  1. Using Sweet Words To Talk To You

Sweet words means that all the bad memories is gone and all there is is love towards you. She will even use the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush

  1. Not Sulking

She shows the  Ways to Be The Best College Girlfriend for Him

  1. Smiling And Laughing

Always smiling and laughing naturally is a sign that you have made her happy again.

When your girlfriend is mad at you, you need to be concerned because that means you are not doing your best job in being the best boyfriend. Saying the sweet things to say to your girlfriend when she is mad at you let’s her know that you are still the best. Doing that will make you slowly see the signs that she is not mad at you anymore.

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