Hidden Signs A Shy Girl Wants You To Ask Her Out

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Do you feel that a specific girl is behaving weirdly around you? Do you feel that she is too flirty? Well that might just because sending you signals to make a big move. Do you want to know signs a shy girl wants you to ask her out?

When in a relationship, more time together can make you fall more in love with each other. And one of the way to do it is to spend time together. You can go to the movies or to the park. When a couple is together, everything seems beautiful and great. Maybe a girl that have been attracted to you for a while wants to take the relationship to the next level. But, as we all know, girls are a little shy in making the first moves. So they start sending you mixed signals that can be interpreted to a ton of meanings.

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Here are the signs she wants you to ask her out. Are you confused because of this mixed signals? Do you want to take the relationship to the next level? Well, look at these signs, decide, and then you can make the next move:


1. You’re The Funniest Guy To Her

you're the funniest guy to her

You crack a silly joke and you can hear her laugh the loudest. Ant his doesn’t happen once, twice, it happens everytime you make a joke. This is not because she have an odd sense of humor. This is because she wants you to feel important and special. And at the end of the day, she hopes that you will feel that the person that can make you feel like this is her. She also wants you to know that you are safe to be silly with her whenever. This is a guarantee that the date will not be awkward, it will be filled with tons of laughter!

2. She Smiles A Lot

When you are walking to a person, there are two possibilities of motion. She can either look normal or she could lit up like a candle. When she does look happy, that means you are someone pretty special to her heart. A girl who likes you will make sure you see her smile when you are around her. This is because she wants you to see that she is someone that can make you happy in every situation.

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3. She Touches You A Lot

Next signs a shy girl wants you to ask her out is you both in a casual talk and suddenly she touch your arm or push you lightly. When she starts doing light physical touch this is a sign of a developing interest in you. This is actually a sign from girls which means that she wants to be more intimate with you. And this intimacy can be increased with more time with each other, possibly on a date.

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4. It Feels Like She Is Everywhere

Every time you turn around you can see her. This girl seems to always be around you. Relax, she is not a crazy stalker. This action is actually a signal from her. This constant meetings is actually her way o saying that she is ready anytime and anywhere for you to make the next move. So make the next move and do not keep her waiting!

5. Instant Reply And Great Communication

instant reply and great communication

When a girl is going out of her way to make you know that you can contact her anytime, she is totally attracted to you. A girl who is attracted to you will reply fast and give you her number right away. She will also want to talk to you all the time and she does this by initiating random conversation through texts or by calling. This continual communication is a way for her to say that she is waiting for something to happen between you two.

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6. She Likes What You Like

In a date, similarity and interesting conversation is key. So a girl who likes you will try their best to keep up with your interest. If you love Coldplay, suddenly she loves the whole album too. This may seem odd but this is her saying that she is able to relate to you and that you are very interesting and important to her. If you catch that on her, that's the signs a shy girl wants you to ask her out.

7. Conversations About Recommendation

Suddenly, your conversation is filled with place, event, and food recommendation. It seems that she always finds the way to slip these tiny recommendation to your chats. Recommendations are actually hopes from her. This means that she is dying for you to take her out for a date. And it doesn’t even have to be fancy or expensive. You just have to be willing to make the fist move, and she will be the happiest girl in the world.

8. She Is More Jealous Than Ever

It is normal for a girl who likes you to be jealous. Actually this is the most common sign for you to know who likes you. But when a girl gets overly jealous, that means she is really worried and impatient on waiting for your next move. Getting overly worried can come in many ways. She might cut off your conversation with another girl and a ton of things even crazier. Though this might be annoying, this is a time for you to be with her and tell her that she is the one you like.

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9. I’m Single And Free

i'm single and free

A girl who is dying for a date and a lover will make sure that the world knows. Usually they tell you over and over again that they are single by complaining about being single or just casually stating the fact. This means that she wants you to make the next move to fill her loneliness. To get a date from you, she will also state that she is free. For example, when you mention your plan for the next day she will instantly say that she is free and that she could accompany you. This is a clear sign that she wants a date!

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10. Notice The Timeline

A lot of people are free so how can you distinguish the girl who truly likes you with the girl who just have nothing to do? Well, notice the timeline. Usually, girls say yes to plans in lunch break, or before work. The time of the plan is always colliding with work time. But when a girl is planning a movie on the weekend or on the holiday, it means that sheis interested to get to know you personally and on a deeper level.

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Meanwhile, there are many signs a shy girl wants you to ask her out. She can't say it directly to you, but you see it through her eyes. So, all you need to do is ask her out, and know her better to be your next lover.

Tips To Take That Girl Out

Well, the signs are clear and maybe now you have a clear idea of what she really wants. Now all there is left is to actually make the moves and plan a date with her! We are here to help you have the greatest date with her. See these tips before planning a magical first date:

1. Listen To The Hints

listen to the hints

Usually, when a girl wants to be taken out, she will drop hints on what makes her interested. It might be a restaurant or an activity. Every time you talk with each other listen intently and keep notes on what she likes. Since you are controlling the date, try to make a date full of what she wants and while the date lasts you can get to know her and see her be happy. I guarantee you she will love you more because you have succesfully made her very happy.

2. Ask Her Out

Although she have given you some hints, you still have to ask her out. Do it by text, by calling, or simply asking her out when you see her. Do not be pushy about the specific details. Adjust the dates with her schedule and ask her if it’s okay if you guys do the plan you’ve made. After you’ve made the arrangement, you’re set to go.

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3. Be Yourself

Dating is a media to get to know each other better and there is no better way than being yourself. It’s not as simple as you think, there are a lot of thing that can get in the way of you being yourself. First, feeling nervous. When feeling nervous, it will lead you to doing something stupid and totally not you.

Second, wanting to be liked. Since dating is a media to get to know each other, you don’t have to end up liking each other. When we so badly want to be liked by other people, our thoughts starts to get murky and clouded. And in the end we fill it up with the expectations that they have. Although it will probably get her to like you, it will make you more miserable and it won’t make the relationship last.

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4. Make It Memorable

make it memorable

It’s not just the place, event or food that counts in the date. Every little thing matters. So you can do small kind gestures that makes her fall in love with you more. You could pick her up, compliment her on the way, bring her flowers, and do plenty more things that might make the day better.

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5. Have A Follow Up

After the date, there might be some uncertainty about whether your relationship is going to continue or not. And this nervousness triples in a girl’s mind. When she feels like you don’t like her, she will start falling out of love. So lock the love and continue talking to her after the date, or even plan the next date right away.

So those are the tips and signs a shy girl wants you to ask her out. Train your eyes to see this sign and along the way you’ll find the love of your life!

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