How Do You Know If A Girl Loves You Or Not

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Love is a war zone and your heart could be trampled if you don’t make the right move. When in a love zone, your every move is important and it could either lead you to a happy ending or another sad chapter. The most fundamental mistake  is thinking that a woman loves you. But it’s not totally your fault.

Woman likes to send mix signals and play hard to get in a love phase, that way it can lead you to a totally false conclusion. Well, stop being sad and indecisive about you love to her. Look at these sure signs that she loves you, match it to her current behavior, and then you’re out of the gutter of despair my friend! So, here is the ways how do u know if a girl loves you

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There are a few signs that a girl loves you, this means that she is ready to be vulnerable around you and probably spend her life with you. Look at these signs and how do you know if a girl loves you or not:


1. See If She Is Always There For You

When a girl truly loves you, she isn’t surprised by your good and bad days anymore. In fact, she is ready to help you through every stages of your life, whether it’s good or bad. A person who truly loves you wont only be there when you’re happy. So whenever you are sad, angry or in a negative mood, see how she reacts around you. Will she leave or stay until you’re better? Observe her actions.

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2. She Acts Naturally Around You

In the first few phases of a romantic relationship, usually a women do her best to look good and act poised around you. She wants to leave the impression that she is a perfect girl and that you really need to have her. But when she loves you, she knows that you are ready to accept her for who she really is. So, she acts naturally around you because she is comfortable with you.

3. She Is Instantly Happy Around You

she is instantly happy around you

A person loves you because, despite everything, you are able to make that person very happy.This is a sure sign that she is interested in you. If she is angry or if she avoids you then, that’s one of the signs that she doesn’t love you. But when you come to her,call, or chat with her you can see the change of her emotion to relaxed or happy. This is because she knows that everything will be alright when you are around her.

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4. Her Friend Knows All About You

How do you know if a girl loves you or not? Girls tell everything to their friends, especially about romantic interests. These girls tell their friends your responses to her texts, your action towards her, everything. And when you hear her friend blurting  out informations you only told her, you know that she has talked about you. The girl’s friends can also help you in approaching her when they are sure that she loves you. So, stop the indecisiveness and start questioning her friends!

5. Always Listening

Although she may be busy or tired, she will always try to make time to hear about your day or your thoughts. This is because she really cares about you and knows that this conversation will mean a lot to you. At the end of the day, you know a girl truly loves you when she is a good listener. After all, the base of every strong relationship is communication.

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6. She Does Kind Little Things

Women puts a lot of effort in order to let you know that she is attracted to you. Especially when she already falls in love with you, she will surely do a lot of things to grab your attention. These things will come as a few little things that seems to make your day better. Whether it’s helping you with your work, wishing you a good day, making you meals, or more. These kind little things is not just a random act of kindness, these are the signs of a love that is kept as a secret.

7. Asking For More Of Your Time

asking for more of your time

When a woman is in love, she cant get enough of you. So although you have already gone to multiple dates or have hanged out a lot, she wants more time. This can come in a form of random pop up dates or bringing lunch to you work place and many more. Whatever she can do to steal more of your time, she will do.

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8. She Lets You Know All About Her

Telling someone about the past is probably a normal thing, but if she tells you things she have never said out loud before, that means she really trust you. And from this deep conversations, there is a big possibility that she loves you because it proves that she is super comfortable with you. It also proves that you are the person she trusts the most.

9. She Tries To Get You Smitten

A women who is unsure of her situation in a relationship usually let things float and let the boys make the first move. So, when you clearly see a girl get out of her lane to be with you, then she is definitely in love with you. The next time you see her cutting your conversation with another girl or gets too jealous, you know that there is a high chance of her loving you.

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10. You’ll Always Be Missed

Whether you’re in another continent or just ten minutes away, expect being missed. A girl wants to be with you all the time because she is madly in love. So, expect her clinginess if you want to know if she truly loves you. The moment you are leaving her she will quickly text or call you and tell her that she miss you already. That's how do you know if a girl loves you or not.

11. She Wants The Best For You

Crushes are a great stage, but love is  the best stage in a romantic relationship. In the love phase your ego is gone and all there is left is this overwhelming urge of wanting to make someone happy. A girl who loves you will always want the best for you even if she is hurt. Whatever your decision is, she will let you have in and she will not tie you down for her sake. Look for this painful reminder to see if she truly loves you.

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12. Always Supporting You

always supporting you

A women will go out of her way to support everything you do in order to make you happy. If she loves you she will help you achieve your dreams and goals. She will be there when you’re jumping into a new business, giving a seminar or doing a marathon. She knows that support will mean a lot to you and she knows that part of loving you is making you feel happy and safe.

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13. Understands You

She is truly in love with you when she is not surprised by your every action anymore. A women truly loves you when she understands you and loves you regardless. When she still gets mad at every little burst of emotion or random action, that means she is not ready to take you as who you are and her love is not yet set in stone.

14. Helps You Grow

A girl wont just nod blindly to your every decision. Someone who truly loves you will try their best to cause you no harm. That includes avoiding you from the harm you’ll make upon yourself. This girl will not be shy to give you some advice. Advises means that she is excited to see you grow and that she is ready to accept each one of your flaw.

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15. She Imagines The Future

You know that someone truly loves your when they already imagine a future together. This is because they are confident that you are the one. The next time she talks about the future, listen closely, and try to hear if you are in it or not. If you are not that means she isn’t attracted to you or she is unsure about you.

16. She Tells You Things 

Well this is quite obvious. If she tells you that she loves you, that means she loves you. Don’t play hard to get and don’t be overwhelmed. This is your time to tell her your feelings all along and finally, you can have a great romantic relationship!

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More Signs That She Loves You

more signs that she loves you

Those signs are the big common signs, but love is also hidden in every girl’s little move. So don’t lose hope if she doesn’t do any of the thing listed above, here are more signs that she may portray casually and how do you know if a girl loves you or not:

  1. She will give you space
  2. Blushes when you see her
  3. Start mirroring your moves
  4. Keep a lot of things to remind her of you
  5. Still there when you ignore her
  6. Touches you a lot
  7. Always trying to keep the conversation going
  8. Remembers everything you’ve said and done
  9. She flirts and teases a lot
  10. She brags about you to her family, friends, workmates, and more
  11. Doesn’t try to make you change
  12. Constantly making sacrifices

Now that you’ve seen her do these things why not ask where your relationship stand? Dig in your love to each other? Confess your love to her? Good luck on your romantic exploration my friend!

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