All The Signals A German Guy Likes You Very Much

by Michelle Devani

Dating a guy who come from certain country and raised by certain culture is always interesting. As you come from a completely different background, there many new things to learn and adjust. It can be fun but disastrous as well.

Signals A German Guy Likes You

The same thing goes when you have crush to a German guy. After learning about all the Benefits of Dating a Germany Girl, you must be curious about the German Guy. If you are also a German or raised in Germany, there won't be any cultural lag as you grow up in the same environment. But what if you're not a German and you are having a crush to a German guy? You must be dying looking for the signals a German guy likes you, which you think might be different that the guy from your country.

1. He Stays True To His Words

German guy is a gentleman who always stay true to his words. From the first meeting, you can tell whether he likes you or not. If he said he would call you the next day, it means he has some interest in you. It's how the Dating Culture in Germany works.

2. He's Always On Time

he's always on time

All Germans are known to be punctual. So don't worry if you might wait for him since he will never make you wait. He would come earlier to a date and he expects you to do the same. German guy takes a girl he likes to a date and never ask the one he doesn't.

3. He Takes You To A Vacation Together

You wouldn't believe that Germany has a lot of holiday in their calendar. Their love for traveling is undeniable. And that's what you'll get from your German guy. He will plan a vacation with just the two of you. It's actually a good Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Works.

4. He Is (Brutally) Honest

German guy doesn't like to beat around the bush. He will tell you he likes you and he will do the same if he's not. And he won't be keeping you in the dark since he will be clear about why he ended it. His honesty seems brutal sometimes, but better than a white lie.

5. He Makes Plan In Advance

He plans everything thoroughly in his life. It's the Husband Material Signs you must be looking for. He won't notice you only a day before the date. Instead, he will tell you on Monday about the dinner you'll going to have on Friday. He really knows how to make you want him more, doesn't he?

6. Still, He Prefers To Go Dutch

Whether you are friends or lover, a German guy split the bills or going "Dutch". It's due to his habit when he's dating fellow German, where the girls want to pay their share. It's not that bad anyway. You can show him you're not after his money.

7. He Opens Up to You

Germans, unlike the Italians, won't be too flirty and give it all in one go. He's like an onion so you have to slowly peel layer by layer. The more you know him, the more he opens up to you. And he only does this to the girl he likes. So if at one point he stops sharing with you, it could be the Signs He Has Given Up on the Relationship.

8. He Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

He is born to be romantic in simple ways but enough to sweep you off your feet. He shows you how he care about you in any sort of ways. He won't be asking if you have eaten or not, he'll take you to eat together. You will be never enough of his sweetness.

Things You Must Know About German Guy

Before you date a German guy of be sure that he is indeed having a crush on you, you better take a look at all the things you must know about a German guy.

1. He Is Pretty Noticeable

he is pretty noticeable

You can tell right away where the German guy is even in the crowd. Yes, he is noticeable because there are always a bunch of girls surrounding him in public places like club or the disco. He won't pay any attention to them but be careful when the girls get too aggressive!

2. He Doesn't Prefer Strangers

Instead of because the matter of preference, German guy is hard to approach a stranger due to his shyness. Believe it or not, he is one shy guy on Earth. He will be more comfortable talking to a girl he has known since kindergarten. So you know how to get his attention, right? Befriend his old friend to get close to him.

3. He Is A Responsible Guy

German guy won't let his life slip out of the track. He is very responsible in everything. He knows how to have fun but only when the time right. He never shout anyone, so that if you used with the high tone while talk you might scare him out. Also when you have too much laugh, he will think that you never take things seriously.

4. He Is Very, Very Shy

This one thing often makes everyone questioned if a German guy likes them or not. Yes, he doesn't flirt. Not because he doesn't like you but because he is very shy to do it. You may have to work harder in this part.

5. He Is A Loyal Guy

Always save the best for the last! German guy is who you look for in a lover. He is loyal. As he hardly flirt with other girl, surely he only sets his eyes on you.

Turns out all the signals a German guy likes you is not so different than the signals guys usually send, but there are certainly some qualities that distinguish them.

Michelle Devani
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