17 Reasons Why An Aquarius Man Ignores You

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are things falling apart with an Aquarius man who used to adore you?

Has he become distant now? 

Are you worried that he might be losing interest in you? 

The guide below should be able to help… 

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Below, you’ll discover the most common reasons why an Aquarius man goes cold on a woman.


17 Reasons Why Your Aquarius Man Ignores You

Here's the thing, Aquarius men are usually a hard nut to crack. They can be captivating one minute, and then the next, they can appear confusing. 

So that you don't jump to any conclusions about the signals you are getting from him, allow this article to guide you through some of the reasons your Aquarius man is ignoring you. In the end, knowing ‘the why’ will no doubt offer you some clarity on what to do next instead of just assuming he's not interested.

1. He's just busy

he's just busy

If you are dealing with an Aquarius man that you're not entirely bonded with, chances are, he may be a little transactional in his relationship with you. If he happens to have a lot on his plate, ignoring you may be one of the ways to tell you to give him some space. 

Before you take this as a breakup-move, cool your jets. He'll be back to his usual self in a couple of days or once whatever is making him extra busy is over. They are usually workaholics, so don't be surprised that confronting him about ignoring you won't significantly change his behavior. 

2. He wants to think

Aquarius men are usually big thinkers or perhaps, different at processing what's going on in their minds. Sometimes, they are considered ahead of their time because they are always trying to challenge the norm or conventional situations. 

Therefore, instead of sharing thoughts and ideologies with you, your Aquarius man may want to process them himself. While it seems like he's cheating on you or no longer interested in the relationship, it may just be he's not yet ready to let you in on what's going on.

3. He's bored

Aquarius man can be an intellectual person who likes mental stimulation, so it's not uncommon for him to get bored quickly. If you are not very engaging, you may find him leaving you in your space now and then so that he can do his thing. 

You might be able to get through to him if you can find a meeting point challenging enough for him. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying you need to learn rocket science to get him interested; all you might need is to engage him in deep conversations to keep him on the same page.

4. He's not into you anymore

I know this point seems a little uncomfortable, especially when you are still into him. Like every other guy, the Aquarius man can also lose romantic interest in you. An Aquarius man ignoring you is probably trying to keep his distance. 

However, as I said previously, telling you about it the right way may not be his best approach, even though he may want to do the honorable thing. So instead of talking to you, he simply ignores you so that you can get a hint until he's ready to end things himself.

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5. You've done something wrong

you've done something wrong

Aquarius’ are excellent when it comes to giving the cold treatment. While many people other than the Aquarian also use silent treatments to tell their partner they are upset, this Uranus-ruled man already prefers to process his thoughts by himself.

So it would help if you weren't surprised when he is not talking to you because he's mad at you. Apologizing might be the right way of getting through to him. The fact that you can decipher he's upset with you without him talking to you about it will also get him to loosen up.

6. You are pushy

One of the reasons your Aquarius man ignores you is because you are pushy or controlling. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is try to force him to dance to your tune. This guy is naturally a norm breaker; the average Aquarius men like to do things their way, so you will not get very far trying to boss him around. 

He's going to do what he wants, and you'll end up pushing him away. Aquarius man ignoring you is one of the ways he'll choose to let you know he's not down with your mode of relating with him.

7. You are acting all clingy

While some men may even accommodate some of your clinginess, Aquarius men don't want you to be clingy at all. They process it as being controlling. As I said earlier, Aquarius men don't like to conform to norms, and challenging the status quo is their thing. 

If you are clingy, you'll make him feel like you are taking his freedom to express himself. He'll ignore you because confining him to your desires feels as if you’re pushing his back to the wall. To get him back, you need to give him some space and let him breathe. Eliminate every behavior that might make him feel he's losing his freedom.

8. He doesn't even know he's ignoring you

Sometimes, your Aquarius boyfriend can be so wrapped up in his world he doesn't even know he's ignoring you. I'm not saying the average Aquarius man is insensitive; quite the contrary, they can be charming and funny. However, because they are sometimes guilty of being a workaholic, getting lost in a project or task can be all too easy. 

If you notice he's genuinely working on something, give him some space. You can come back when he’s free or already relaxing so he can pay better attention to you.

9. He wants you to chase him

he wants you to chase him

Aquarius men can be quite picky when it comes to choosing a girlfriend. That's because they naturally do not like to conform to norms. Equally, they can exhibit this behavior in many aspects of their lives. Making you chase him is also a way of spicing things up, and he loves those back and forth games.

10. You bruised his ego

For the Aquarius man, making him feel less than himself will likely cause him to ignore you. For example, if it seems like you’re comparing him to someone you think is better, this can bruise his ego. So, if you notice your Aquarius man is ignoring you, you might want to think back to make sure you didn't say something to make him feel less.

11. You spoke badly of his close friends

If you don't know much about the Aquarius sign, you should know loyalty is one of his attributes. Valuing people that have been there for him is one strong quality you can't help but notice in your Aquarius man. Therefore, if you intentionally or mistakenly spoke ill of his friends, you might be in for a long period of silent treatment. 

12. He questions your loyalty

You may have heard many things about this guy ruled by Uranus, such as mood swings, and keeping to himself sometimes. But when he loves you, you are going to feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world. 

That's because Aquarians are loyal by default. But there's a wrong side to it; if you give your Aquarius lover any reason to doubt your trust, you might never get him on the same page with you again.

13. You ignored him first

While Aquarius men love to have their alone-time, ignoring you might be a counter-reaction. Perhaps you ignored him first. You may have heard the Aquarius sign needs some time to process their issues; you need not make it look vindictive. If you want to ignore your Aquarius boyfriend, make sure you let him know you are still there for him whenever he's ready to talk. If you ghost him in the name of giving him space, he'll ghost you right back.

14. He is not interested anymore

Aquarius can be very unpredictable, so trust me when I tell you the fastest way to get your Aquarius lover uninterested is doing the same set of routines over again. If you are a routine person, you'll get him bored. You may have heard dating an Aquarius means you need to be ready for mood swings. It's more like ‘get ready for some spontaneity.’ 

15. You are becoming unavailable

you are becoming unavailable

Another thing you also need to know about your Aquarius man is that his zodiac sign is one the most creative. Because he can be ‘off’ one minute and ‘on’ the next, you'll find out he can be full of surprises. So, if you are not available every time, you are going to start experiencing more episodes of what you'll describe as him ‘ignoring you’.

16. You are no longer the woman he fell in love with

While you may not be cheating or giving him reasons to doubt your loyalty, if you are not the same woman your Aquarius man fell for, he may start ignoring you. The Aquarius man likes independent women. That's because he's trying to break new grounds in the world. So, if you move from the independent woman he fell for to the too overly dependent. You might not like the other side of an Aquarius man. 

17. It's not you, it's him

Generally, Aquarius folks are what you could call individualists. What I mean is, they want to do things their way, they always want to carve their niche. They seem not to play by the conventional rules and this nature reflects in their behaviors. Before you start to feel like you did something wrong to upset your Aquarius man, sometimes, it's not you. it's just him. 

Don't try to force anything with him. In fact, try not to operate with the usual relationship rule of thumb all the time. To make him and yourself happy, allow some individual boundaries. It's not an opportunity to create distance, but Aquarius folks are happy when they feel free and unhindered.


What does it mean when an Aquarius man ignores you?

If you are going to take it at face value, it means he's probably not interested in you, or he's seeing things that are making him think twice about the relationship. However, when an Aquarius man ignores you, it doesn't usually mean that he's no longer interested. He can be moody sometimes, so you might just need to give him some space to come around.

How do you get an Aquarius man to stop ignoring you?

It totally depends on why he's ignoring you. Sometimes an Aquarius man just needs some space. Sometimes you may have offended him, so you'll need to apologize to get him on the same page. At other times, he might just be bored. Therefore, you'll need to find common ground such as conversations or activities that interest him.

How do you know if an Aquarius man is serious about you?

The first thing you need to know is that Aquarius may not be big on words, but they may show how they feel through actions. While you may not enjoy him on his ‘off days,’ you will also find him making grand gestures on his happy days. If he makes spontaneous plans with you, that's a good indication he's into you.

Does Aquarius move on quickly?

Aquas are good at masking their emotions. Their ability to quickly change modes makes it look like they don't care. Trust me; they care, so even though your Aquarius man moves on, the breakup effects will still linger on for some time. If you plan on making a comeback move after you've broken up with him, it's not a bad idea. 

Does Aquarius like to be chased?

Initially, you'll find that the Aquarius man likes to do the chasing. That's because he's highly dominant and unpredictable, so he'll be more on the chasing side. However, if he's really into you, you don't need to do much chasing; you only need to make him chase you. For example, be spontaneous or flexible, make yourself more available than scarce, and you'll find him doing what you want without him knowing.

In Conclusion

Aquarius men are romantic, especially if you are spontaneous. While they can be excited at one point, he can also be on the downside at another time. The good thing is, it doesn’t mean your Aquarius lover is breaking up with you just because he's ignoring you. He may only be processing a whole lot of issues that he's not ready to tell you. Note that combining these tips will help you decipher what to do when your Aquarius man is ignoring you. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please feel free to share it with anyone dating an Aquarius man.

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