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15 Reasons Why Aquarius Man Ignores You and Leaves You Hanging

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It was going so well with the Aquarius man but all of a sudden, he’s so distant now. What’s going on? Is he falling out of love with you? Has he found someone new?


Reasons Why Aquarius Man Ignores You

It’s not just you, it’s also him. See the cause behind his coldness may involve his and your actions as well. Things can be very confusing but here are some strong possibilities:

1. He is Busy

An Aquarius man will ignore you if he’s very busy. He might have a work related project coming up that needs his full attention. He may also be looking for ways to get extra money from side jobs. The Aquarius man thinks a lot about his financial future. He wants to live comfortably when he’s old and retired. This is the Reasons Why Aquarius are Single  as they can be very workaholic.

2. Needs Space to Think

Sometimes the Aquarius man needs space to think. That’s why he’s been ignoring you. He may need to sort out feelings that he can’t express to you at the moment. Other than that, he may be scared of hurting you or he’s not ready to be honest with you.

3. Boredom

Mental stimulation is important for the Aquarius man. He’s an intellectual person who likes to be challenged. Deep and personal conversations interest him. So if you’re not into all that, he may find you boring and leave you alone. In case you’ve been showing your lazy behaviour, he will not want to deal with that either. These Ways to Seduce an Aquarius Man could make him interested again with you.

4. Not Into You Anymore

Unfortunately, the Aquarius man may not be into you anymore. For whatever reason, he just lost his interest. He no longer finds it his priority to acknowledge your presence in his life. Instead of talking about it with you directly, he’ll slowly disappear out of your life.

5. You Did Something Wrong

It’s common for people to give the silent treatment when you’ve done something wrong. The Aquarius man is no exception to this. He will ignore you if it seems like you’ve made a mistake from his perspective. The fact that he’s not talking to you at all could mean that he’s upset, sad or hurt. To learn How to Make an Aquarius Man Fall Back in Love with You, you can apologise and show how regretful you are for hurting him.

6. Figuring Out His Personal Problems

In case you’re very close to the Aquarius man, you need to remind yourself that he still has a personal life that you may not know about. There’s a reason behind why he’s acting cold with you. He may need some time alone to figure out his personal problems. Involving you may make it more complicated.

7. Doesn’t Feel Good Enough for You

Another reason why Aquarius man ignores you is that he doesn’t feel good enough for you. The thought could have hit him out of the blue. It made him rethink his relationship with you. He may come to the conclusion that, perhaps, you deserve someone better. 

8. You’re Too Controlling

You can’t separate the Aquarius man from his freedom. He needs it like air. So if you ever get too controlling, he will no doubt ignore you. He doesn’t want to stick around with someone who limits his life. It’s only going to drag him down and make him feel trapped.

9. You’re Clingy

The Aquarius man can’t stand someone who is clingy as well. He hates that because it’s going to make him feel like he has a burden. Being clingy will highly annoy him because he won’t feel free to do anything that he wants.

10. He’s Looking for Someone New

The Aquarius man could be ignoring you because he’s looking for someone new to be with. If it seems like you’re not the kind of girl that he wants to have a future with, he’ll instantly look for someone else. This is a goal-oriented man we’re talking about here. He’s not afraid to break some hearts if it means finding the right one eventually.

11. He’s Unaware of Your Interest in Him

Some Aquarius men are just so oblivious to the people around them. Even if you’ve shown how deeply interested you are with your Aquarius man, he may missed all that. He will not pay any attention to you because you never explicitly say that you like him.

12. Playing Hard to Get

There’s the possibility that his ignorance is a ploy to make you chase him. The Aquarius man might be playing hard to get to spice things up. Once he knows that you’re totally into him, he’ll push you away. It’ll drive you crazy and make you want him even more. But here’s How to Make Aquarius Man Chase After You Again to get back at him.

13. You Compared Him with Someone Else

The Aquarius man can be very prideful of himself. He hates it when someone compares him to other people. So check on yourself, did you recently talk how he should be more like this guy or that guy? If you did, then there’s your answer to his cold attitude.

14. You Talked Badly about His Friends

Being loyal to friends is a must for the Aquarius man. He values the people that have stuck with him through the thick and the thin. So if you accidentally or intentionally bad mouthed one of his friends, he won’t take that lightly. He’s not willing to hang around a girl who can’t get along with his friends. Learn How to Make Aquarius Man Obsessed with You by making his friends like you.

15. He’s Done Using You

This is one of the worst reasons why Aquarius man ignores you. He’s simply done using you. Once he gets whatever it is that he wants from you, he’s gone. No more picking up your phone calls and answering your texts.

You can’t force an Aquarius man to stop ignoring you. You may risk pushing him away even further. The best thing to do is focus on yourself for a while or move on without him.

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