41 Noticeable Signs an Aquarius Man is Falling for You

by Michelle Devani

Aquarius man can make the best lover once they really fall for you. However, Aquarian is not the type that is straightforward to his feeling, so they may take longer to confess that they have a feeling. They even late to realize it themselves too. It's you who should be cautious enough to notice the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. These may subtle and not so obvious, but it does exist.

1. He is Really Fun with You

Aquarius man is the type who never hide their feeling. He knows how to communicate it in the right way. As an Aquarius man is falling for you, he will do his best to impress you and showing how he can be fun and exciting too.

2. He Talk to You More

As you know that Aquarian enjoys witty humor and serious conversation about the latest issue. But he will not do so if he doesn't like the one he talk to. But if he tend to talk more with you, then it's definitely the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

3. He Plans to Have a Trip with You

he plans to have a trip with you

He is not the romantic type who loves to plan candlelight dinner with pleasant surprise to you. However, the way he wants to show his love to you is unique. Rather than asking you to watch movie, he prefers to go on an adventurous tip with you. He loves to have fun with you. It's just How Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship.

4. He Takes Care His Financial Matters

Aquarius man is a smart investor and he will typically be a successful businessman. However, as meticulous as he is, he writes down all of his expense to the little details, even the dinner bills from last night. You might be offended, but you will be financially secure with him.

5. He Plays with Your Heart

No, no. Not the bad way. He is not playing your heart and leave you just like that. He needs time to safely reveal his feeling for you. It requires a lot of your patience to keep up with his slowness. Make you doubting many times whether he really likes you or not.

6. He is Very Caring Towards You

As said above, he is not the romantic type which become the Reasons Why Aquarius are Hard to Understand sometimes. So it's really easy to see the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. He takes care of you. He knows what you like and dislike, put your feeling above everything and do things to make you happy.

7. He Starts to Text You a Lot

Aquarian better communicate through writing than verbally. So that he may not talkative when you meet him, but he has a lot to say through texts and emails. Do not misunderstand this, it's just the Signs a Shy Aquarius Likes You secretly.

8. He Spend More Time with You

Something that makes it clear whether an Aquarius is in love with you or not is how he spare his time for you. If he always offers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, not to mention the weekend outing he plans for you, then he really is falling for you.

More Signs He is Falling for You

Know more about the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you by these:

  1. He spend less time with his friends and more with you.
  2. He opens up about his deepest secret for you.
  3. He lets out his privacy for you.
  4. He looks vulnerable in front of you.
  5. He starts to like everything that you do, even the weirdest one.
  6. He makes the first move.
  7. He touch you first.
  8. He hugs you first.
  9. He kisses you first.
  10. He asks for your opinion on his problem.
  11. He shows you many of his emotions.
  12. He texts you like millions times a day.
  13. He compliments you.
  14. He start talking about what he likes from you.
  15. He take your hand while walking.

How to Make Him Fall for You

how to make him fall for you

Knowing that Aquarius man has special traits that can make them the best of a lover make you find out the ways How to Make an Aquarius Guy Fall in Love with You by doing the best Ways to Seduce an Aquarius Man. It's not that hard actually if you know how:

  1. Be the most cheerful girl in front of them.
  2. Always be by his side whenever he needs you.
  3. Start off by becoming his best friend.
  4. Be creative and take them inside your creativity.
  5. Give him the space he needs to be spent by himself.
  6. Don't set your expectation too high.
  7. Encourage him to pursue his dreams.
  8. And support them to achieve his dreams.
  9. Be yourself and don't fake anything in front of them.
  10. Be more little mysterious to make his curious about you.
  11. Stand by yourself and what you think are right.
  12. Forgive him for his silly mistakes. He loves this traits so much.
  13. Adore him and let him know that he is special.
  14. Don't cross the limits he made. He won't be appreciating it.
  15. Respect his privacy.
  16. Don't be too clingy and show him that you are independent as a woman.
  17. Open up to them so they will be open up to you as well.
  18. Be his energizing pills so that he miss you when he miss the day without seeing you.

Are you really sure you have seen the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you in him? If you are, the congratulations! You have just win the heart of someone who is pretty hard to win over. Don't take them for granted because they are very loyal and worthy of a lover.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.