43 Interesting Signs An Aquarius Man Is Falling For You

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether an Aquarius man is falling for you? 

Are you seeing some signs that he is developing feelings for you, but not enough to know for sure?

Perhaps you'd like him to just come out and say it, so that the two of you can go on a date!

Or maybe you're dreading him saying it because you just don't see him in that way? 

Either way, this is surely a mystery you'd like to get to the bottom of, sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, there are ways to tell whether an Aquarius has feelings for you, without him actually revealing that this is the case. 

There are many behavioral clues that they tend to give away, and I have listed the most common of these in the guide for you below. 

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Otherwise, scroll down for my list of behavioral clues that an Aquarius man is into you.


43 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Falling For You

1. He includes you in his adventures

The Aquarius man is an active being, and he is not the type to confine himself for too long. His wandering eyes and mind will always force him to seek a new adventure - with or without a companion. On the contrary, this man is self-sufficient and does not mind traveling alone as it permits him the freedom to move as he likes.

Therefore, if he invites you to join him on his adventures, it is one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. It means he enjoys your company and considers you a worthy companion. 

2. He flirts with you

he flirts with you

It is almost impossible to stop an Aquarius man from flirting. You see, this Aquarius is the king of platonic relationships and enjoys harmless flirtations. 

When an Aquarius flirts with you, it is one of the first signs that he likes you. So, if you fancy him too, then you should quickly learn how to flirt back. This is a turn-on for him, and it will make him want you more. In fact, beating him at the flirting game is a sport he doesn’t mind losing.

3. He pays attention to you

Men born under the Aquarius sign hate to show emotions. However, while they more not wear their heart in their sleeves as other sensitive men do, there is a softness to him that pops out when he falls in love. 

When an Aquarius is in love with you, he pays attention to you. Not just your words but your actions as well. He picks up clues and becomes more sensitive. You will find that he is no longer indifferent; instead, he shows concern for the things that concern you. He wants to know what’s going on in your head, and perhaps, your heart.

4. There is an increase in communication

Just as other men increase communication when they love someone, An Aquarius in love will not want to stop talking to you. It will seem like he cannot get enough of you. When you are not spending time together, you can be rest assured that he is cooking up a flirty message to send. He might even ring you up for the silliest reasons so that he can hear your voice.

This Zodiac sign gets giddy when they have a crush on someone, and while they may not be vocal about it, you can always tell by the increase in your communication frequency. 

5. He spends quality time with you

Aquarius is the 11th of Zodiac signs, and it is represented by the water bearer, which signifies a source of nourishment to the earth. This means that the people born under this sign can be condescending because of their intellect and creativity. Therefore, if an Aquarius man decides to spend quality time with you, it means he believes you can add value to his life.

An Aquarius man in love will want to invite you to breakfast or lunch. He doesn't mind showing up at your office just to spend a few minutes together. He is trying to make the most of every moment with you.

6. He is vulnerable with you

Aquarius men are like snails. In the face of someone they do not trust, they close their hides and put on masks. However, when this man is in love, he will open you to you.

He allows you to see other sides of him; trust me, they are not always pretty. He trusts you not to judge him, and that is why he is comfortable exposing his vulnerabilities. He might even let you in on some secrets, and how you react to them will determine if he will continue with the relationship or not. 

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7. He gets intimate with you in private

he gets intimate with you in private

The Aquarius man, compared to other Zodiac signs, is the least fan of public displays of affection. He will not be the type to share a kiss in public or give you a shoulder rub when other people are around. However, one clear sign that he is falling in love with you is how he handles your relationship when you are alone.

He prefers to express his interest when you are alone together. For instance, if you are alone in his house watching a movie, he might reach to hold your hand or allow his arms to linger over your shoulder. All these are subtle signs that he has a soft spot for you.

8. He compliments you

While an Aquarius man will appreciate a beautiful woman, they are keener about her mind, intellect, and overall inner beauty. So you can always tell he is falling in love with you when he gives you thoughtful comments. 

For instance, you may be putting on a lovely dress, but instead of complimenting just your dress, he will say he likes your sense of style. This shows that he has been paying attention to your looks and appreciates how your mind works when it comes to clothing.

9. He seeks your opinion

They say love clouds the eyes and mind. Perhaps, whosoever came up with that saying had Aquarius men in mind. When an Aquarius man loves you, he considers everything that comes out of your mouth as brilliant. He listens to everything you have to say, from your thoughts to your beliefs and experiences.

Furthermore, whenever he needs a second opinion on a matter, he will always come to you. He listens to your views even when they contradict what he has in mind. He acknowledges that you have a beautiful mind and will always want to know your perspective on issues that concern him.

10. He surprises you

Just like their element air, which Aquarius falls under, the Aquarius man is known for his love of spontaneity. He is the king of surprises and will not waste any time proving this to you when he is in love. 

This man’s motto is ‘go big or go home.’ He will do anything to add sparkles to your day. Are you craving Chinese or pizza, and he gets a whim of it? He will be showing up at your door the next minute for a pizza date. He enjoys the thrill of these surprises just as much as you. 

However, if you want to secure his heart firmly, make sure you also need to have surprises up your sleeves. He likes to be surprised too and might even drop hints of what he wants.

11. He appreciates the things you do

The Aquarius man is not superficial, and he does not care too much about extravagant gifts. While he may love surprises now and then, ultimately, it is the thought that counts. One clear sign that your lover has fallen head over heels in love with you is by how much he appreciates you. 

He thanks you at every opportunity, even for the most mundane things you can imagine. He is providing hints on how much he appreciates your presence in his life. It is not news that his playful nature can sometimes get in the way of people taking him seriously, so he wants to eliminate all doubts from your mind.

12. His best friends know you

Aquarius men are flirts, and everyone knows this, especially his friends. His close friends know better than to attempt learning all the girls he talks to, let alone their names. So, when his best friends know you before meeting them, it’s one of the signs that he likes you. 

Clearly, he talks about you with them. So watch out for their reactions when you first meet them. If they are welcoming and pleasant to you, it means your lover has beensinging your praises to them. Any man whose closest friend does not know about you does not love you enough.

13. He holds you in public

When it comes to PDAs, the Aquarius male tends to shy away from them. They prefer to show they shy away. They prefer to express their love to you in private, away from the public’s eye. However, when he is in love with you, he does not mind a little PDA now and then. 

He might hold your hand while you cross the road or brush your hair off your face. While these may not be the intense kind of PDA that you are used to, they are subtle gestures that show he cares deeply about you. 

14. He engages you in intellectual conversations

The Aquarius man is an intelligent being. He is known for his unique ideas and talents, and he takes pride in these abilities. His ability to engage in a variety of topics makes him a good companion for friendly debates. 

One of the signs that this man loves you is his attempts to engage you in intellectual conversations. He will ask for your inputs and thoughts. This is because he admires how you see things and is therefore always eager to hear you speak. 

If you want him to fall more in love with you, make sure you carry out extensive research on the things he likes talking about. That way, the next time he brings up a topic, you will have rich contributions to add. 

15. He wants to know everything about you

he wants to know everything about you

When an Aquarius man likes you, you are like an encyclopedia of emotions to him. He will want to know everything about you, from your likes to your dislikes and fears. Get ready to answer many questions because this man will want to know it all. Your hobbies, saddest moments, the books you enjoy reading, favorite songs, perfumes, and every other facet of your personality. 

Besides asking you questions, he will also be observant to know the things words cannot describe, like your laugh and smile. In a nutshell, you fascinate him, and he wants to know you in every sense. 

16. He commits to you

While Aquarius men do not struggle with committing to someone they love, they do not rush it either. You see, this Zodiac sign cherishes his independence and does not mind staying single. After all, the possibility of them getting lonely is slim because of their friendly nature. 

An Aquarius man will only commit to a person they love and trust. So if he is ready to take your relationship to another level and proclaims that he will love to be more than a friend to you, that means he is falling in love with you. Trust me, he has thought through the decision as these men are deep thinkers. 

17. He supports your dreams

The creativity that sits within an Aquarius is not the type to sit still and remain unutilized. So even when their creative juices are on a break, they turn to other people to reignite the fire. 

Therefore, when an Aquarius man is in love, he will sit through all your ideas irrespective of how silly you think they may be. He will listen attentively and offer you the necessary support, be it emotional, physical, or financial. He will be your biggest cheerleader to ensure that you meet your goals. There’s no denying that every lady will want to have a man like this in their life.

18. He criticizes you

Indeed, an Aquarius man in love will happily clap for you while you dance to the tunes of your set goals. However, when he is serious about your relationship, he does not support you blindly. This man will criticize you just as much as he praises you. 

He wants to see you flourish as the best version of yourself and, as such, will not allow you to spend the rest of your life in mediocrity. He will point out areas you have erred and encourage you to fix them. 

19. He introduces you to his family

When this man is in love with you, he will be eager to introduce you to his family. It is possible they already know about you before the physical meeting. By introducing you to his family, it is a sign of vulnerability. He accepts you and wants to welcome you into his world. He wants you to know every part of him, including those who have shaped the man he is today. 

20. He is happy when you stay over

If given a choice, an Aquarius man in love will want to spend every waking hour with the girl he loves. He will never want her to leave his sight because she gives him the feeling of comfort and joy. 

These men are self-sufficient and tend not to suffer from boredom for too long. They usually have a string of activities or friends to catch up with at all times. However, if he expresses excitement over the idea of you staying over and spending quality time together at his house, it means he is falling in love with you. 

21. He makes sacrifices for you

Change is never a problem for the Aquarius man. Think about it, what’s a little challenge or discomfort when it comes to the woman he loves. When Aquarius men are head over heels in love with you, there is no limit to what they can sacrifice for you. 

Remember that these men lead a happy-go-lucky life for the most part, and as such, they do not stress over little things. For instance, if smoking is something you do not like and is a smoker, you will notice a change in his smoking frequency. He is doing all these to maintain your relationship and make you comfortable around him. 

22. He includes you in his plans

One of the most prominent signs that an Aquarius man is falling in love with you is how often he includes you in his plans when talking about the future. With this sign, you will have to be attentive and observant to notice it because sometimes, it can be a subtle but swift moment. 

For instance, when you ask him how he intends to spend his vacation, he might not be upfront to say he will spend it with you. However, he might slowly slip it in by saying he’ll be spending it in your city or town, and he wouldn’t mind seeing you if you’ll be around. Two things are happening here. First, you are a part of his plan, and secondly, he is trying to gauge how keen you are about him. 

23. He trusts you

he trusts you

Trust is an integral part of any Aquarius man’s relationship. Without trust, you might as well just be another friend or acquaintance. His trust is what separates you from being another Jenny on the block and being his lover. Therefore, it’s not something he throws at anyone.

This Zodiac sign likes to take things slow before committing or trusting people, so if he trusts you, then that’s one of the signs that the man is in love with you. You can tell your lover trusts you by how often he lets you make critical decisions for him or influence his thoughts. It means he knows that you have his best interest at heart and will never want to hurt him intentionally. 

24. He calls you his best friend

It is not unusual for a relationship with an Aquarius man to start as a friendship. These men are kings of platonic relationships, and they excel in this area. Before an Aquarius lets you into his romantic world, he will want to be your friend first. As his friend, he feels no pressure to impress you and gives you the freedom to be yourself. He uses this moment to understand you and examine your compatibility.

If he likes your company and believes you are compatible, he will want to get closer by calling you his best friend. The term best friend is his subtle way of making you know how special you are to him. 

25. He wants to explore with you

This sign makes me think of Aladdin, and now, I’m starting to get the feeling he was an Aquarius man. Adventure is the Aquarius man’s second name, and he loves the thrill of it all. 

When this man likes you, he will want to make you a part of his world irrespective of where his next adventure quest takes him. He will want you by his side as he explores all his imaginations and wildest dreams. Experiencing these things with him will make your bond stronger. When he thinks of those moments, he remembers you, and that’s a win for you if you love him. 

26. He becomes an active listener

An Aquarius man in love takes listening to another level. At this point, listening to you talk is no longer just about keeping mute, nodding, and adding a few throaty sounds now and then to signify that he is feeling you. 

He becomes an active listener, and he will ask you follow-up questions to make you elaborate on certain things and talk more. Talking to a man like this is comforting because he is not feigning his understanding, and you can tell from his expressions that he cares about what you have to say. 

27. He wants to know your friends and family

As ladies, we are constantly told that when a man refuses to show PDA, it is a red flag and could mean he is not into you. While this may be true, an Aquarius man will make you rethink that idea. 

Although this man is not into PDA, he shows his commitment to your relationship by introducing you to his best friends and family and wanting to meet yours. He will want to know the important relationships in your life as they are a part of your history.

28. He is affectionate

The Aquarius man in love’s affection never runs dry. This man will smother you with kisses when you are alone, and he is sensitive to your feelings. Most importantly, his affections are not driven by sex but emotional intimacy. 

He values emotional intimacy, and he knows being affectionate to you is one way to achieve it. Watch out for signs like his willingness to help you make your day better. These will be in the little things like when he gives you a foot rub, tucks you into bed, or refills your hot water bottle for those period cramps. 

29. He wants to know your goals

One of the signs that an Aquarius man is falling for you is when he stops identifying himself as an individual and thinks of you as a part of him. Therefore, what concerns you interests him, and your goals become his goals as well. 

The Aquarius man in love will want to know your goals and aspirations in life. He won’t stop at just learning; he will also want to get involved to help you achieve them. This man is talented and innovative, so it is not surprising that he will want to seize every opportunity to prove himself

30. He stops flirting with others

The friendliness and charm of an Aquarius man never cease to amaze women. He gets away with saying things other guys can’t say in a way that isn’t offensive or imposing. This is what makes him flirt effortlessly. To him, flirting is something he does for fun, and he enjoys the shocking reaction he gets from these women. 

However, one of the signs of an Aquarius man is falling in love is that he will no longer want to flirt with others. He will let go of all other casual relationships and focus solely on you.

31. He remembers everything

he remembers everything

From birthdays to your parent’s anniversaries, an Aquarius man will remember it all. Every moment with the girl he likes is special, so he tends not to forget. 

It’s not just the dates he remembers, but also the things you tell him. Part of being an active listener to this man is remembering what you say. This signifies that he likes you because, for anyone who knows the Aquarius man, you will know that his mind is always busy. Yet somehow, he makes room for your memories. 

32. Admits his feelings

Impossible, you may say, but this can happen. When an Aquarius man is in love, he cannot help it anymore and will want to be upfront about it with you. 

How he chooses to admit to this feeling is what we may never know because this man is full of surprises. On the one hand, he might decide to make it private and intimate, but on the other hand, it could be him saying I love you with a banner and balloons tied to a helicopter. 

33. He shows concern for your well-being

By now, you should know that one of the signs of an Aquarius man in love is when he makes you a priority. Therefore, the things that concern you are also a concern to him. 

He will call you often and send messages just to see how you are doing. When you are not feeling well, don’t be surprised if this man skips work to stay with you. He will want to be the one to care for you, and at times when he can’t afford to do so, he will go out of his way to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment

34. He asks a lot of questions

Someone once said that you stand to learn a lot about a person if you ask the right questions. Whosoever said that must have been talking to the Aquarius man because it is precisely what he does. 

The Aquarius man who is falling in love with you will ask a million and one questions. He is a curious being who is always cooking up ideas in his head. He would like to know all that there is to know about you so that he can remain in your good graces. 

35. He shows up unannounced

An Aquarius man will never pass up an opportunity to surprise you. He likes making people happy, and his love for spontaneity makes planning surprises his favorite pastime. 

It’s safe to say that being around an Aquarius man is like always having your foot on the pedal because you never know what the next move will be. For instance, if you complain about having a rough day at work or feeling unwell, he might show up at your home that evening with a bottle of wine and food from your favorite restaurant. 

36. He wants to teach you new things

Aquarius men love to learn new things, and when they discover something that suits them, they tend to adopt it, and it becomes a part of their life. They are the type of people who walk the talk, and this makes them good teachers. 

When an Aquarius man likes you, he will want to teach you new things. He wants you to be his companion in every way, so be ready to take note of all the things that fascinate him. Fortunately, he is a patient teacher and will take things at your pace

37. He doesn’t cancel plans

Uranus is Aquarius’ ruling planet, and this means that their plans are constantly changing. One minute they are here, and the next minute they aren’t. His friends know that it is not unusual for him to cancel plans, and they know it’s nothing personal. 

A sign of an Aquarius man in love is when he sticks to plans and shows up on time. He wants you to have a good impression of him. 

38. He used humor to flirt with you

An Aquarius man is a natural flirt, and they are funny too. He knows he is funny and will try to use this in wooing you. He might throw some sexual innuendos your way to make you laugh and stir up emotions. 

Deep down, the Aquarius man is like a schoolboy when he likes a woman. He will taunt you with jokes and tease you occasionally. So if you notice an increase in the crazy remarks he sends your way, then that’s a sign he is falling for you. 

39. He is generous with his time

Aquarius men are busy people, and they never seem to run out of things to do. However, when an Aquarius man is in love, he might as well hand over his calendar to you. 

His primary concern changes from what he wants to do to what both of you can do together. You can always count on him to be there when you need him, especially at the beginning of your relationship. 

40. He compromises

Freedom is essential to the Aquarius man. He has a unique way of viewing the world and prefers to walk in his truth instead of society’s version of the truth. Their love for independence is because they hate restrictions and do not like people forcing them to do things they have no interest in doing. 

However, one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you is his willingness to compromise. He becomes less selfish and more selfless, and that’s because he wants to be more than your friend. 

41. He shares secrets with you

Aquarius men do not wear their hearts on their sleeves, and as a result, they tend to bottle up a lot of their emotions. He might share his thoughts and ideas with friends, but when it comes to matters of the heart, this man saves such discussions only for those closest to him. 

A sign that he is falling for you is when he starts telling you his secrets. Make sure you guard them because regaining an Aquarius trust after losing it once can be difficult.

42. He invites you to watch him perform

he invites you to watch him perform

As a result of their talent and innovative way of thinking, Aquarius guys tend to be creatives who appreciate the arts. So when he is in love with you, he will want to invite you to watch him perform. He wants you to share in his interests. 

43. He pays attention to his financials 

This sign can be tricky because, first of all, the Aquarius man is not financially reckless. He keeps track of his expenses and income, but this becomes more intense when he is in love. 

You will notice him take note of every single thing, from the cost of toilet paper to the price of a dinner date. It might irk you at first, but he is trying to ensure you have a financially secure future with him. 


How does Aquarius act when they like someone?

The Aquarius man in love signs can be tricky because he leads a private life, and he prefers to hold back on expressing his feelings until he is sure their love interest can handle it. However, he stops flirting with other people to focus on you and is vulnerable with you, these are signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

How do you know if an Aquarius cares about you?

One of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you is how much he cares about you. He suddenly becomes affectionate and sensitive to your needs. He will want to know your opinion on things and ensure he provides you with adequate support to achieve your goals.

How do you make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy?

An Aquarius man’s sense of smell and memories are some of the best ways to make him miss you like crazy. When next you are together, make sure you put on a nostalgic scent and spend your time creating beautiful memories. These will make him unable to get you out of his mind.

Are Aquarius good kissers?

Aquarius is an eccentric and sensual kisser. As a water bearer, it means they can be warm and wild with their partners. Their love for adventure and spontaneity makes them unafraid to try new things in the bedroom with their partners.

Where does Aquarius like to be touched?

The Aquarius man loves to be touched gently, especially around their ankles and calves. Remember, these people are not afraid of new bedroom tricks, so you can try cuffing their ankles or giving them light bites around there when intimate.

In Conclusion

Although he is a private individual who values his independence and freedom, the Aquarius man loves to put on a show when he is in love. I hope you enjoyed reading through this list and can relate to the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. If yes, don’t forget to share and leave a comment behind.

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