How To Make Your Boyfriend Not Take You For Granted

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To be honest, relationship doesn't always full of lovely things. There are times when everything goes wrong and it make a huge turn in your relationship. As a devoted girlfriend, you try your best to keep your relationship going smooth. You even following all the tips to keep your man happy in a relationship. It's just never come into your mind that he would take advantages out of it.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Not Take You For Granted

When a man has gotten very comfortable, he starts taking you for granted. It was a phase in a relationship that you could experience. The blame is not on you and maybe no on his as well. As said above, he's gotten comfortable with you. Your love gives him assurance that you will always there for him no matter what.

Nobody want to be taken for granted. But putting a fight and nagging him all day won't make him change. You have to put an act to make him realize how precious you are and how will he do once he lose you.

These are how yo make your boyfriend not take your for granted and win his attention back.

1. Be Busy Whenever He Wants You Suddenly

Try not to always be available for him whenever he wants you. Unless he has planned everything the day before, don't meet him if he calls you all of a sudden. Clearly, it's a bad signs of a bad boyfriend material. It shows how selfish he is, for not considering about whether you have another plan or not.

2. Pamper Yourself On Your Own

pamper yourself on your own

Don't wait for him to show his life and affection to you as he might never give it to you. Instead, make yourself happy and give it all the love you've been wishing to have all along. You can do all sort of things to make you happy. Go buy a new pair of shows or pampering yourself at the spa. You are smart, beautiful, funny, and deserve more.

3. Make Yourself Feel Loved

Don't beg for his love if all the things he does in the end is treating you like a trash. There are many ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. Do something or go somewhere where you will get all the spotlight and attention. You can simply visit your family and spend time with them. You'll find how precious you are.

4. Rethink About The Relationship

When he doesn't treat you with love and respect, you better think about the relationship ever again. Don't be worry about what's going on his mind and how you can change it. Take control of the situation and weigh whether he's the person you want in life or not. Someone who doesn't put effort to make the relationship work is never worth it.

5. Live Your Own Life

Have you ever think that the reason he takes you for granted is because you always ready for him anytime? Then you have to change it. Get busy with you life, find an activity you enjoy or if you have a job, get busy with it. You really need to know all the ways how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way.

6. Fight Him Back

We're not talking about physical fight nor a heated argument to solve the problem. You may take revenge to your boyfriend by treating him the exact ways he treats you. Since you are merely an option to him, so he should be like that for you. Don't cancel your plans just because he calls. It might hurt at first but you should give him a good lesson.

7. Ignore Him

He said he was busy all the time but he demands you to pick up his calls immediately and respond to every text he sent you. Well, this kind of guy deserve a kick in the ass. Hit the decline button whenever he calls and don't respond to his text at all. He will understand when you were not picking up his calls on purpose and he will start digging out why you seem unhappy.

8. Remove Him From Your Priority List

You are willing to do everything for him because you love him. But he's going too far and treat you like you're nothing. It's time to let him know that your world doesn't evolve around him. Have fun without him and show him that you can do perfectly well without him.

9. Let Him Start Things

let him start things

If you used to start things out, asking him to date, take him for dinner and suggest to watch a movie, now let him become the one who initiate things. It's the best thing you can if you don't know the ways to tell your boyfriend that you feel unappreciated. He has to realize that he needs you and he will come to you.

10. Make A Deadline For Yourself

It's impossible for you to stay in this situation for a long time. Save yourself and suffer no more. He is not the who is in control, you should take it over. Make a deadline only for yourself, how long you will give him chance to change. It could be two weeks or a month. Don't tell him about this so he won't be able to defeat it on purpose. If he doesn't show any chance in the meantime, it's time to cut him off of your life.

11. Don't Wait For The Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs is a way guys hold on to girls with no serious commitment. He give you what's left only. You wait for him to text you after two days missing or letting him decide when to go on a date. You deserve so much more.

After all the effort trying to find how to make your boyfriend not take you for granted, don't blame yourself when it's not working. Maybe he's a total jerk all along and you find it out just now. Don't be sorry. He will.

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