Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else?

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You might already breakup with your boyfriend since couple months ago. However, you can't deny that you still have feeling towards him and your love haven't been fade away since the day he walked out from your life. Moreover, you've heard from your bestfriend that your ex is seeing someone else now. We all know that your heart still breaks a little after hearing that news.


Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else?

You've been keep in touch with your ex even thought your relationship was over. Although it is not easy and you don't even know whether you can, you choose to stop talking to him. And then, you re-think this decision and wonder, does no contact work if your ex is seeing someone else? Here are your answers.

1. You Can Focus on Heal Yourself

The no-contact period with your ex is probably the best time for your healing process. Also, the fact that your ex is seeing someone else now gives you more reason to focus on in. This is can help you more Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

2. You Wouldn't Get Hurt

You might think to stay in touch with your ex is fine. But, neither you realize or not, you only got yourself more cuts.

3. You Are Vulnerable Enough

You have enough this insecure feeling when he hasn't reply your text. That is why by stop talking to him you need to learn how to deal with your pain, especially he is seeing another girl now. Don't stress it up and stop getting yourself more vulnerable.

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4. Give You Less Hope Everyday

What is your intention by keeping your communication open with your ex? Do you want him to be yours again? You can't deny, you have that thought even in a bit piece. You are right to not contacting him now because it would make you stop putting your hopes too high about getting back together with him.

5.  That Is The Way It Should Be

that is the way it should be

Remember the day when you cried all night long after your breakup. The relationship is already not good for neither your mind, your heart, and even your health. This is the way it should be. So if you are asking, does no contact work if your ex is seeing someone else, from that point of view, yes it is!

6. Know Your Purpose

You must be determined about what you do. If you still want your ex be back with you, you need to know what you have to do. But, if you want to be free from your past relationship with him, stop wondering about does no contact work if your ex is seeing someone else.

7. It Doesn't Affect Your Ex's Life

While your thinking about no contact work or not, remember that it doesn't affect your ex's life. So, you are better not overdoing it.

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8. Freeing You from Jealousy

Your ex already has someone that caught up his eyes now. You would not feeling unwanted and jealous if you do no contact with him.

9. Give You More Time To Think

There are reasons why your relationship ended. You couldn't think clearly if you still contact him. But now as you do no contact, you have more time to think that you are worthy and you will find someone better than your ex.

10. One Step Closer To Moving On

Moving on is only a plan since the day one you broke up with your ex. But, now, here is the best time to do it!

Sign That Your No-Contact-Doing Caught His Attention

Here are signs you don't want to miss if your ex realized that you haven't contacted him for awhile.

1. Reach You Up

Your ex is trying to call you first. It seems that he realized that you've been avoided him lately.

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2. He Isn't That Close Anymore With His New Crush

He seems to not hanging around that much anymore with his new crush. Maybe he realized that you are kind of getting away from him because of that. Or they both are just too busy to meet up.

3. He Has Something To Tell

You met him today in your way to home. Because you already determined to stop talking to him, you left him while he was hanging to some words. That was probably about no-contact you've been doing since quite some times.

4. Casually Ask What Happen

If he is the type that straight forward everything, he would ask you what is going on with you and that sudden no-contact thingy. Just give him the honest answer.

More Tips If You Want To Do No Contact

more tips if you want to do no contact

You heard what your friends said, your ex is seeing someone else now. That is the reason you want to stop talking to him. But, here are more tips for you because you should have better reason than that.

1. Confirm Things First

Are you sure your ex is seeing someone else now? Who said that? You better find some fact about it. If this is the only reason you have to do no contact, you would regret it later if this news is not true. Also, are you ready to leave all the things you hold on until now in the past?

2. Hang In There

We all know it is hard to suddenly stop your communication with your ex. But, you have to be strong because this for your own good.

3. Learn Something New

Instead whining about your situation, fill your activities with positives ones. You can try to learning how to cook, or go to swimming pool to deepen your swim technique.

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5. Find Someone To Hangout With

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