How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him For The First Time 

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It seems a lot of people would ask themselves when they've contemplated telling a person the three romantic words in the world which is "I love you" since that's quite hard to do for the first time. Saying those words even can lead at the to a worst case as damaging a relationship even though not every case should turn like that.

Moreover, there is no coach to specifically teach you how to do it once you realized because express your love to someone may be a personal call so you've got to make a decision for yourself.


Here Are How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him For The First Time

You might want to tell how much you love your boyfriend since it’s overflowing. However, there is anything you should consider beforehand particularly if it’s your first! We all know for some of you communicate and express your feeling that you simply love one isn’t that simple.

You would possibly get to understand the right approach and therefore the perfect time can build an enormous distinction in this ‘I love you’ you are going to say. As everyone knows, doing a thing in your first time is going to take a lot of effort.

So, to help you with this simple yet complicated matter, here are how to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time. Make sure you read this too How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When He’s Sick Over Text.

1. Put Yourself In His Shoes Before

The first thing you should do on how to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time is you have to imagine how if it is you that heard about someone confessing. And then, think about what your own definition of love could help too.

2. Answer The Follow Up Question

Most people would ask questions when someone tells them about their feeling such as since when that feeling occurs or can you name things you like about them.

This is also how to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time. You may be will try to answer with some "I don't know I love you just like that" words. However, it is better if you can explain what part you love about your boyfriend, is it his attitude, his affection, his way of doing stuff?

You can also put that you love everything he does just the way he is it would give the mood in the air.

3. Make Him Say It First

make him say it first

We've found in our society usually women rarely take the initiative to step up first which included confession for their love. They value more something like their heart and the elegance thing.

It isn't that wrong though but sometimes if you love someone and then he leaves, you can potentially have permanent emotional scarring. That being said, you still can keep your valuables and get your love, by work it out and make him say it first. It might take a lot of work to make it the other way.

4. Find Your Moment

How to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time? To make your first time be remembered, make sure you pick neither the perfect time and also the perfect place. That can lead to creating a moment you’re both feeling open and vulnerable.

5. Avoid The 3 "Don’ts”

When you decide to learn how to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time, you have to know this 3 rules beforehand. You better not to do it when you’re drunk, having sex, have been exclusive for less than 3 months.

You obviously want your first time expressing your love be the most genuine thing you’ve ever said to your boyfriend. This is why sex and alcohol prevent this to happen. As for the 3-month rule, you’re best off holding your tongue to be certain that your confessing wouldn't be wasted. No rush, babe.

6. Thinking About Yourself Highly Too

How to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time? When you decide to put your heart out there to tell your boyfriend that you love him, there’s always a chance of a rejection. That is why you should thinking of yourself too because we all know that get rejected is always painful.

You have to remind yourself that your love is the most valuable gift you can offer to someone. Never keep hugging someone who never hugged you back and also doesn't keep paying attention to whom never do the same to you. Check this too How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Don’t Like Something He Does.

7. Always Eyes To Eyes

Reason in how to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time is going to succeed could go to the way you put it. When you have the plan to confess to him directly, you better look and make an eye contact with him. Being that way, you'll show him your true feeling through the eyes and he knows you are serious about it.

8. Maximize Your Creativity

Why stuck into boring stuff? You can try something different such as make a scrapbook or say it through songs. He's definitely going to be smiling all day. You can help your boyfriend if you learn this What to Say to Boyfriend Who Is Depressed.

Sign You Need To Tell Your Boyfriend Your Feeling First

Learning how to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time probably give you the courage to do it sooner. If you feel that way, here are the sign you need to know when exactly you should tell your boyfriend about your feeling towards him. You can check this too help you How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be in a Serious Relationship.

1. He Needs To Know

It might be more romantic when your boyfriend says ‘I love you’ to you first. However, sometimes man also waiting for the perfect moment to do it so why don't you just confessing to him first? You can make in the sweetest way that will make his heart burst. Moreover, he probably wonders too about your feeling after all this time

By make a confession first, you can give him some validation that you love him. More important, it’s nice to hear how someone saying that they love you out loud.

2. Help Him Feel Secure

help him feel secure

Don't forget that boy can also feel insecure in terms of a relationship. Letting him know by telling him first you love him could make him understand and feel secure while start dating with you.

3. You Feel No Doubt

After all this time you've been waiting to find a perfect time to tell him about your feeling, finally, today is the day you have no doubt anymore. You might also afraid that he can't accept your love yet there is no such thing as hesitation and even you are so sure he feels the same. Then, it is your time to shine!

4. You Are Ready For The Confession

No matter how far you've been searching for some courage to make a confession, its no use since it was within yourself the whole time. When you think that you are ready, then it is. Don't prolong the time any longer.

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5. You’re Willing To Prove Your Love

Telling your boyfriend how you love him by words probably means nothing because everyone can say it too, right? Saying it from your heart then you should show him you’re capable of proving your love as time goes by and it’s not just nonsense.

More Tips On Telling Your Boyfriend 'I Love You'

Here are more tips on telling your boyfriend how you love him. You can learn this too How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be in A Relationship Anymore.

1. Better Show, You Are Serious

Telling your feeling to your boyfriend is the first step of another important thing to do. After that, you better do what you mean so he knows that you are serious.

2. Make It Different

Spice it up in another way that’s going to make him feel good. You can replace the word 'I love you' by saying things like, ‘I trust you’, ‘I feel safe when you’re around’, or ‘You inspire me’.

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