15 Difference Between Dating in Europe and America

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different places bring different culture and that is for sure. There will be different people, different manners, different food and many more. But who knew that geographical differences bring about different twist and turns in the love life?

There are some differences between two big and modern place which is Europe and america. Both is known to be metropolitan but each have it’s different quirks. Before jumping into the dating area there, look at these difference between dating in Europe and america so that you would know what to do.

1. Sweet words in complimenting and flirting

The people in Europe are known to be classic and cool. That place is also very influenced by art and literature so it is natural when they use that sweet soulful words to persuade the partner they want. European are usually sweet and charming in complimenting and flirting.they know the

Sweetest Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush American are more straightforward. They do not use much sweet words, therefore you can say that they flirt roughly. Usually complimenting straight about the looks of their targeted partner.

2. Different sense of style

They say that the first look matters. Well European people know that and apply that to their love life. European dress more classic and formal, with a dress or a suit. It is as if they dress for a gala or something when in truth they are only looking for dates.

Meanwhile american dress more casually. Their look imply fun and a laid back relationship. But they will still dress formal if they are going to a formal date.

3. The chasing game

The chase is part of the fan. According to European people, especially the man, the chase is the biggest part of the whole game. They love a little bit of elegant chase and throwing some challenge here and there. This is very enjoyable to them.

Meanwhile Americans are more straightforward in dating. They will show that they want their targeted partner by showing it through their words and action. Americans do not like to prolong love things.

4. Modern dates and cultural date

Because Europe is a place with a culture that is still heavily surrounding the people, it also surround the love life of European people. Usually the dates of European people are spent hanging around cultural and historic places which are often picturesque and romantic.

On the other side we have the Americans which are more metropolitan than European people. They like to take their date to the movies or to the restaurant. Something that speaks modern and big city.

5. Passion in affection

It is a well known fact that most European people are really passionate in romance. They are not afraid to show that passion in public. That passion will also clearly show through since the first parts of the relationship. they do not hesitate in showing the

Signs That Someone is In Love With You American are usually more laid back and cool in terms of showing their passion. They like a little bit of privacy. These people also prefer to show their affection in public when they are sure of who they like.

6. Planning and presence

European are the people that likes to savor life to the bits. They love to live in the moment that is why they do not think much about the future. Even though this fact exist, they are still very successful and accomplished people in work and other area.

Americans find it hard to stay still and enjoy the things surrounding them. So they are more future oriented. They think about their next promotion or their next project and they usually have this all planned out in their head.

7. Availibility

Although this is not a precise fact, Europeans tend to have more time to date than Americans do. They also do not mind spending a lot of time in dating. This is because they like to savor the moment and because of that, sometimes they get carried away

Americans are very busy people. They do not have much time for time consuming date. Even though they are busy, they can still make time for dates after work or in the middle of work time. being busy is not the Signs That She's Not Into You

8. Labeling the relationship

European are not too into labeling which is calling each other girlfriend or boyfriend. they love to be free and loose when it comes to relationships.
Americans however, are very possessive. They prefer to have laves on each other. If not, they feel that their partner might be taken away easily.

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9. Manners

European people, which are still heavily tied to their culture, have a great manner. They are grown by their parents to have great manners to everyone and they even carry it to the dating field.
Americans often do not care about manners so they are more rough and unrefined. But not all are, some are still a gentleman.

10. Showing confidence

The people in Europe have some kind of silent confidence that shows through their every move. This silence confidence can be felt without being obnoxious. Americans on the other hand, love to show their confidence


Ways to captivate americans and european

1. Be confident

  • For Europe people, you need to be the mysterious kind of confident which will lure them in
  • For american people, you need to clearly show that you are the boss in the room which will captivate them.

2. Understand the culture

You need to understand the basic knowledge of each culture so you can shape your manners according to what they seem to search for.

Signs that you captivate Americans or European

1. He/she initiate first moves

For European, they will quickly initiate their first move and after that they like to throw in some challenges to make the chase fun
For Americans, they usually take things slow when making first moves

2. He/she takes the relationship forward

If that person really likes you, that person would want to take things into the next level. This happens in both culture.

3. He/she says i love you

I love you is a universal sign. Europeans say this easily and often. Meanwhile, Americans say it slowly and when they really mean it.they also say some Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush

The difference between dating in Europe and america are unique. Learn them to master them!

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