What to Do When My Boyfriend Likes Another Girl’s Picture on Instagram

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

What to do when my boyfriend likes another girl's picture on Instagram? This is a question so often asked by those of you who are currently in a relationship with someone you love. You don't want to lose your boyfriend to someone else. But you're also a bit suspicious about it all. So here are the best things that you can do:

1. Stay Cool

Staying cool is the first thing to do when my boyfriend likes another girl’s picture on Instagram. Why? Getting upset over this too quickly will only lead to more problems. Think this through with a cool head. Act as if you’re unbothered by it. Here's also what to do when you feel your boyfriend doesn't care about you.

But in the meantime, you should think of different ways to bring up this issue with your boyfriend. Be smart and calm about it. Your boyfriend might be willing to be open with you if you seem chill. You have to trick your boyfriend a little bit to get the right information from him.

2. Ask Him Why He Likes Her Pictures

Casually ask your boyfriend why he likes her pictures. You can say, “Hey I noticed you’ve been liking this girl’s pictures a lot. What so special about them?” See what he has to say. Listen to what your gut is telling you as he speaks. Do you think he’s lying? Does his answer make sense?

You can either choose to trust him or not. If you think that there’s certainly something more to this, then find out what it is. But if you want to let it rest then you can choose to ignore this issue.

3. Trust Him

In case you don’t want to think too much about when my boyfriend likes another girl’s picture on Instagram then you have to trust him. According to Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist, there has to be trust for there to be love.

What would be the point of your relationship if you can’t trust your boyfriend? Yes, maybe your boyfriend finds this other girl attractive. But he chose you as his girlfriend. His ‘likes’ don’t really matter if your relationship is strong.

4. Find Out Who She Is

Whether you trust your boyfriend or not, perhaps you want to know more about who this girl is. Your boyfriend could have told you that she’s just an old friend, a colleague or his sister’s friend. But is that really the truth? Find out who she is in your own way. Be a bit sneaky about it.

Follow her on Instagram, see who she follows and look if they frequently exchange comments on the platform. Use other social media to help you out such as Facebook. Knowing who she really is will give you a sense of relief. But maybe it could reveal something about your boyfriend.

5. DM the Girl

If you’re brave enough, you can always DM the girl yourself. Be polite and friendly so that she’s willing to talk to you. Maybe you could like her pictures a couple of days or weeks before sending her a DM.

If she responds to your first DM, you can then get straight into your main reason for contacting her. Ask if she knows who your boyfriend is. No matter what answer she gives, at least you get to know a bit more about the girl. 

6. Log into Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Account

Do you have the password to your boyfriend’s Instagram account? If you do, then you can have a look at all his interactions on it. But if you don’t, find the right time to get a hold of his phone. Quickly browse through his feed and DMs. You might find something that’s useful.

In case you can’t do both, kindly ask him for his password because you just want to make sure that he’s telling the truth. This is also how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you on facebook.

7. Like Another Guy’s Picture

The next thing you can do when my boyfriend likes another girl’s picture on Instagram is to get even. Make him jealous a little bit. Like other guys’ pictures on Instagram. Tap away as much as you can so that he sees what you’re doing. Maybe he’ll get the idea that what he’s doing actually hurts you in the same way you’re hurting him.

8. Be Honest if It Bothers You

It’s not healthy to stay silent in a relationship when something is making you upset. You have to be honest and here's how to tell your boyfriend you don't like something he does.

Say that it could make you mistrust him if he keeps doing it. Psychologists say that mistrust is not only about a feeling of betrayal, but it’s also an overall bad feeling that shouldn’t be nurtured. Get rid of it by spilling your heart out to your boyfriend.

9. Tell Him to Stop

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Frankly tell your boyfriend to stop liking this girl’s picture. Take an example from how to talk to your boyfriend when you are upset with him. If he truly loves you then he will try to stop. At least he will do something to make you feel better. However, if he doesn’t stop and thinks that you’re being irritating then maybe you need to start thinking about your relationship with him. 

10. Observe Your Boyfriend’s Behaviours

Here’s what can also be done when my boyfriend likes another girl’s picture on Instagram. Observe your boyfriend’s behaviours around you. Is there anything out of the usual? Is he making frequent late night phone calls or on his phone a lot? These things matter because they can also give you a clue about his relationship with this girl that you don’t know about.

11. Consider Your Boyfriend’s Personality

You should also consider your boyfriend’s personality. Maybe he’s so nice to everyone that he doesn’t see anything wrong with his action. Another thing is that perhaps he’s not sensitive enough to know that you’re actually hurting. Then you can start thinking of ways on how to talk to him about it.

12. Make an Agreement with Your Boyfriend

Making an agreement is a good thing to do when my boyfriend likes another girl’s picture on Instagram. Promise each other that the two of you will be more open or something like that. Keeping communication is so important. Learn to trust each other so you don’t sacrifice your relationship.

13. Work on Your Self Esteem

The last thing to do is to work on your self esteem. Be confident and happy with who you are as a person. Once you are comfortable in your skin, you don’t let small things bother you. You also know what to do when your boyfriend talks to a girl you don't like.

Always stay calm and collected when you run into this kind of trouble in your relationship. There's always a solution, you just need to think about it carefully.

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