What To Do When Your Boyfriend Talks To A Girl You Don’t Like

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So you know that your boyfriend is talking to a girl but you’re suddenly hit with the feeling of dislike. Either you had a terrible history with this girl or it’s just instinct. Still, the fact remains, you really want her far away from the person that you love. Here’s on what to do when your boyfriend talks to a girl you don’t like which will work for you.


1. Ask Why He’s Talking To Her

ask why he's talking to her

The first thing that you need to do is ask your boyfriend why he’s talking to her. Is it something that’s related to his job? Is it necessary? If yes, then you need to try to let him talk to her. You don’t want to jeopardize his career. However, if he gives you unclear and odd reasons then you can be mad at him. You need to know what to do when boyfriend tells white lies all the time for your own good.

2. Tell Him Why You Don’t Like Her

Make it clear to your boyfriend that you don’t like it when he talks to her. Tell him the reasons why so he can understand. When you don’t tell him why he might just brush you off. Aside from that, by telling him that you don’t like her will make him see your point of view.

3. Convince Him To Stop Talking to Her

When your boyfriend talks to a girl you don’t like, convince him to stop talking to her. Get to know how to tell your boyfriend you don't like something he does that works. Do whatever you can to promise you that he will not talk to her again. If your boyfriend truly loves you then he won’t have a problem with it. You can be suspicious if it seems as if not talking to her will be a very difficult task.

4. Delete Her Number On His Phone

When you get the chance to use your boyfriend’s phone, look for the girl’s number. Once you find it, delete it. Don’t think twice about it because you would be hesitant. Based on research, erasing someone’s number on your phone will make you less likely to contact them. You also wouldn’t want to try to get their number again unless it’s very important.

5. Tell The Girl To Back Off

Only do this when you are really sick of her. Perhaps it’s not your boyfriend who initiates the contact first. Maybe it’s the girl who keeps trying to talk to him. If you see her, tell her bluntly to back off from your boyfriend. Even if you are with your boyfriend. He may not like it but it might work. You wouldn’t want the relationship ruined by this girl right?

6. Keep Yourself Busy

keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy can give you a peace of mind. It will stop you from thinking about your boyfriend and that girl for a while. Sometimes overthinking it can lead you to have more negative thoughts. Sure you trust your boyfriend but the worries won’t leave you. So, turn your attention to something else that will keep you occupied.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your boyfriend or you’re neglecting your feelings. It’s just something that you do when you want to give him space and stop yourself from becoming suspicious all the time.

7. Don’t Get Carried Away

It’s completely normal and okay to get upset when your boyfriend talks to a girl you don’t like. Emotions are often out of our control. But the thing is, don’t get carried away. Avoid lashing out or shouting at him when you’re upset. The best thing to do here is to tell him that you are angry. When you see him talk to her, it just isn’t nice. Hopefully, your boyfriend will understand this and won’t make you upset again.

8. Think Positively

In case confrontation is not your style then there’s another way to deal with this. When your boyfriend talks to this girl, think positively. Maybe he’s trying to help her with a problem that she has. Maybe their conversation is about friend or family matters. According to Psychology, positive thinking can make you less stressed. Whatever the reason is, turn your negative suspicions into a positive thought and trust your boyfriend. 

9. Ask Friends About It

You don’t really want to get involved with your boyfriend’s business but you’re curious about why he talks to her. The solution here is to ask your friends about it. Do they know this girl? Is there something else going on that you don’t know about? You may receive more information about this girl that would be useful. Other than that, you can also ask your friends for advice on how to deal with the whole situation. You may also ask them how to tell your boyfriend he's not treating you right

10. Give Him The Cold Shoulder

What you can also do when your boyfriend talks to a girl that you don’t like is to give him the cold shoulder. He will quickly sense that you want him to stop. It will also one of the ways on how to make your boyfriend no take you for granted. A caring boyfriend will cease all contact with her. He might even explain that it’s all strictly business in a way that comforts you.

Hints That There’s Something More Between Them

hints that there's something more between them

Sometimes your gut is telling you that your boyfriend might be cheating with this girl. So here are the hints to look out for:

  1. He refuses to stop talking to her.
  2. Talking escalates to meeting her frequently.
  3. He seems happy when he hears her name.
  4. He changes her name on his phone so you won’t find out.
  5. He picks up calls secretly and away from you.
  6. He spends less time with you.
  7. You don’t feel as if you matter or prioritized. Here's what to do when you feel like your boyfriend doesn't care anymore to help you.
  8. He acts busy and forgets important dates.
  9. You are not allowed to use his phone.
  10. He acts really nice out of the blue because he feels guilty.

You need to maintain a good communication throughout this situation. Without it, it will become difficult and you may risk ruining your relationship.

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