What to Say When Your Boyfriend Is Ignoring Your Texts for So Long

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What should you do if your boyfriend ignoring your text for so long? What do you say? In here, you must control your emotion and your ego. Before we go to the tips. You may know about the reason first. Let's check these out.


1. No time to reply to your texts

no time to reply to your texts

Hey, girls, you must be patient, he is so busy. He does not have time to reply to your message. Later, it would be. You can read more in here, Why do not guys text back right away?  There is some situation your boyfriend does not text you back.

2. He is bored with you

You like to force him. It seems that is why he is bored with you. Let go for him, he has his life too. He just works for his needed.

3. Another beautiful girl

Another beautiful girl, maybe he has another one to replace you. He does not talk to you because of this.

4. You are his affair

He has a wife, but here he is away from her wife. So, he decides to search for someone who wants to be his affair. If you are his affair, think about this. It is time for you to search for another man who is single. You will get hurts.

5. Does not like you anymore

In these days it seems he does not care about you anymore. Are you really hurt his feelings? Try to remember it. If his heart is broken, it is the reason he does not like you anymore.

6. You are just FWB

You and he are just FWB. Looks, he has lots of girls and you are one of them. So, if he does not text you for a long time. It means he really forgets you. He just wants your body only, not your heart. If you want to know what are the signs of Friends With Benefit you can read it in here.

7. You have do not have manners

Are you the good girl? Please change your attitude in front of his parents. You are really do not have manners at all.

8. You like to spy on him

you like to spy on him

You are the girl that so possessive on him. You know he feels like in jail. Every that he does, you always spy on him. This is why he bored at you and he ignores your text.

9. Bad humor

A good humor will fill up both of your relationships. However, it seems you have a bad humor. You do not have good to say your humor in the right way.

10. Talks a lot about yourself

Your boyfriend really does not respect you again. You are so arrogant, you always talk all about your self. You are not given any time to your boyfriend to talk. This way he is ignoring your texts so long. 

Signs your boyfriend bored at you

1. He is rarely to chat with you

First, your boyfriend ignores you because he bored at you. So in this phase, he tries to keeps away from you. He will not chat with you anymore. He thinks you are not his priority again.

2. He seems to be very busy

He is bored at you but he hides it. At the first, he just said that he is busy for now. But the reason of he is being very busy that is too much. So, notice this it seems he bored at you at all but he hides it and he just says he is too busy every day.

3. No more talk

It likes he becomes a quiet man. He is being so strange. Why does he not want to talk to you? He is being so strange. Try to talk to him with a heart to heart, with these you will know if your ex-boyfriend is still in love with you

4. Often spend his time with his friends

Often spend his time with his friends

He often spends his time with his friends than with you. He is happier when he spends his time with his time than with you. Both of you and your boyfriend is too awkward together. Why?

5. No more quality time

Every weekend you always spend your time with your boyfriends. After the day of it, it seems you broke his heart. He is being to be a different guy, he ignores you not even at your texts but he really no more want quality time with you now.

6. He doesn't share his big secret

Everybody always has a secret in their lives. In a relationship, it will be better if both you do not keep your secret away from your partners. If he starts to keeps his secret to you, he hides it from you even he is lying to covers his lies. So then, he is not your lovers anymore.

7. The broken promises

A promise that says by one of you so proves it. If you promise to change your habits, so do then. You know he really bored with your bad manners. He thinks you are not being good anymore. He trusts to you but you are always broke your promises. 

What to Do?

Here are the tips on what to say when your boyfriend is ignoring your texts for so long

1. Sorry, my love

sorry, my love

You must apologize immediately if you do something that hurts him. Saying sorry doesn't make you worse and weaker. This is great, you have the courage to admit it. You can read several wise tips to forgive someone here.

2. Are you busy?

Please say it honestly, are you busy my love? If he says yes, you must give him some space. Do not force him too much. He has a life and you too, is this right? Please to add some activity that makes you busy.

3. What is the matter?

Please to say heart to heart to your boyfriend if there are some problems. Talk with his eyes to eyes. If there is no time, set a time that both of you see each other. You can use a video call if both of you are too busy. A relationship will grow if there is communication between both of you. There you go How to Know If Your Ex Boyfriend is Still in Love with You

4. What is your secret?

A woman or girl really has a sensitive heart, isn’t it? So if you feel he acts awkward. Just say this honestly, what happens? What are you hiding behind me? With these, some guy will be talking the truth. But some of the guys still keep it secret. If he still to hides his secret, let him go. He will talks to you later. Just be patient and wait for him. You just control your emotions and your ego in this phase.

5. How have you enjoyed last Saturday?

Talk to him honestly, how have you enjoyed last Saturday? If he does not recognize you, you can see his status on his social media or you can talk with his friends or his relatives. You may be a stalker but in a good way, okay.

6. Would you see me, today?

If he is ignoring you too long you can say to him; would you see me today? Or would you video call with me after this? If he too many reasons, it seems you must let him go away and forgets all about him.

7. Are you okay?

Asks this to your boyfriend, if there is no news from him. This question is a whole of your cares and your love for him. However, if he still ignores you, you have to find out what happened to your boyfriend. There you go Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Him Regret Leaving You

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Hopefully, What should you do if your boyfriend ignoring your text so long above can be useful and will help you to find the solution. The key is just knowing each other and you must talk heart to heart with him. This way is really will works.

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