10 Things To Say To Your Ex To Make Him Regret Leaving You In Pain

Last updated on February 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you still hurting from a recent break-up? 

Are you desperately waiting for your ex to realize he made a mistake by leaving you?

Maybe you're considering getting in contact and convincing him that he was wrong to do so. 

If so, this is the guide for you. 

It features a list of suggestions for things to your ex to make him regret leaving you.

It would be wrong to write this guide without mentioning my previous experiences with dating. 

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I had no idea what I was doing wrong, or how to fix it. 

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With that said, let's now explore some of the exact words you might want to say to try and win your ex back.


10 Things To Say To Your Ex To Make Him Regret Leaving You

1. “I am sorry about everything”

If you want to make him regret his decision, you need to apologize first.  Try this one of Things To Say To Your Ex To Make Them Feel Bad. By saying this, you want to show him to you’re sorry that the relationship had to end and for everything as the causes. If he still loves you, he will also feel bad and regret leaving you.

2. “Thanks for everything”

thanks for everything

You thank him for what he has invested in the relationship. It will remind him how much he loved you and the time you have spent together through thin and thick. It will touch his sentimental side.

3. “I’ve been great so far”

If he reaches out to you first, knowing how you’re doing with your life, tell him this. It shows that you’re just doing fine after the breakup. He may ask you this in order to know whether or not you still think of him. By knowing that you’re just doing alright, it will increase his regret of leaving you.

4. “You are the most amazing guy I have ever met”

Say this to remind him how amazing he is when he was with you. You want to make him realize how precious he is to you. He might also think about how you meant to him when you were still together. He would find something good in you that will make him regret his decision.

5. “I was the luckiest woman to have an amazing boyfriend like you”

It’s the same as point 4. In case he is already with someone else, say this to remind him about how precious and amazing he was. Show him that you used to be the luckiest woman. This would remind him of the good memory you spent together.

6. “We used to be great partners”

Say this to remind him what great partners you both made when you were still together. It is to touch his sentimental side and memory.

7. “I can never forget you”

In other words, you still love him because he is a great man. You can never forget a great man who came into your life once.

8. “I am seeing a new guy now”

Say this to play with his pride. It’s another word of “I have moved on from you”. He wouldn’t able to face the fact that you can easily forget him.

9. “Do you want to hang out with me and my boyfriend sometimes?”

It’s also another word to say “I have moved on from you”. Seeing you look okay and have moved on will hurt his pride. It will stimulate his emotion to regret his decision of leaving you.

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10. Don’t Ever Contact Him Again (Recommended)

The most recommended tip if you want him to regret leaving you is by never contacting him ever again. Let him wonders how you do and seek all the information from your friends or your social media. He definitely will regret what he has done.

7 More Tips On How To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

Doing things to say to your ex to make him regret leaving you through text messages may be easier than doing it face to face. You can also try sweet things to say to your ex to get him back. However, instead of saying things, you can actually do actions to make him regret leaving you. Use these useful tips below on how to make your ex regret leaving you.

1. Show Him You Are Happier After Breakup

show him you are happier after breakup

Who will be happy after the breakup? Yes, nobody even it may seem otherwise from the outside. But, if you can show him that you can be happy after the breakup, he will wonder why and how.

2. Do More Social Activities

Invest your time more on social activities. Meet friends and do volunteer jobs to make yourself more useful to the society.

3. Pursue Your Dreams

Get back to your own feet and pursue your dreams again. You might have forgotten them when you were with him. Now it’s time to get back to it again.

4. Be Prettier

Look pretty to yourself, show your worth and how much you enjoy yourself even after the hurtful breakup.

5. Be More Successful

Show him that you can be successful even without him. It means you are capable to go up without any help from him. You may also find out Things to Say to Your Ex When He Says He Misses You So Bad.

6. Find A Better Boyfriend

The best way to move on and get your ex-boyfriend to regret leaving you is by finding a better boyfriend. It will hurt your ex’s pride that you can get a better man that he thought you couldn’t.

7. Give Some Space For Him To Regret Everything

Give him some space, thus, never contact him after the break him. Let him reach you out first. He will reach you out once he regrets what he has done.

5 Signs Your Ex Regrets Leaving You

signs your ex regrets leaving you

There might be subtle or clear signs your ex-boyfriend regrets leaving you. But when someone still likes you, he/she won’t be able to hide it from you. In the end, you will know eventually. Here are the signs that your ex-boyfriend regrets after leaving you. You may also read Things to Do After Breaking up With Your Boyfriend.

1. He Still Reaches You Out

He still contacts you and tries to see you at many chances possible. It’s a sign that he regrets his decision leaving you.

2. He Is Jealous of Your New Boyfriend

He is jealous of your new boyfriend. Moreover, he can face the fact that you have moved on from him.

3. He Still Cares About You

He still cares about you by doing what he used to do when you were still together. He doesn’t stop doing the habits.

4. He Says He Misses You

He says he misses you, either face to face or through a text message. It’s a clear sign that he still loves you and regrets leaving you.

5. He Says He Can’t Forget You

Well, if he really says this, especially face to face, it definitely means that he still loves you and regrets his decision leaving you.

In Conclusion

It may be hard to keep the relationship works no matter how hard we have tried. When you break up with your ex, there might be some feelings left. You want to make him get back to you.

Moreover, you might also want to find things to say to your ex to make him regret leaving you. Some of it works, some maybe not. In the end, it’s all up to your ex. If he still likes you, he will show signs that he regrets leaving you. You may also read Things to Say to Your Ex to Start A Conversation

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