35 Sweet Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend to Get Him Back

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Love do not go away fast. So when being separated from your partner, there might be an itch to go back together. Whether you want a love to resurrect or you simply want to be close to him, we got your back.  Luckily, you can use some tricks to relive your love again. Here are some simple and  sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back :

  1. “i’m sorry”

A simple act of apologizing might make him think that you are more mature and understanding now. These words will melt his heart and make him realize that a new relationship with you might just be great.  This is the first and most important  sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back

  1. “thank you for..”

Saying thank you makes him feel appreciated and it will make him realize that you really do care for him. So start saying thank you for the positive changes he brings to your life. You will surely see him smiling.

  1. “my life is great”

If the subtle way do not work, you should try making him jealous. Say that your life is great and he will surely run back to you because he thinks that you already forget about him. That is why he will freak out.

  1. “i am here if you need me”

This kind of gesture will make it seems like you care so much about him. This will actually make him care about you more and make him grow love towards you. This will make you have the  Signs She is A Girlfriend Material

  1. “this reminds me of you”

A photo, random stuff or even a voice that you give to him when you say this to him will make him melt. This is because when you do this you are playing with his sentiment.

  1. “remember that time when..”

Tell him the sweet memories you had with him and how much it means to you back then. You should also tell him how much you miss those moments. This will make him miss you more.

  1. “I can’t get you out of my head”

If he feels the same, he will come running back to you. But if he don’t, this phrase might be lethal to your relationship. So, use it wisely. This is one of the sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back

  1. “i miss you”

This phrase is simple and perfectly capable to turn someones heart from stone to liquid. To say that you miss him also shows him that you are ready for further relationship. If he say it back,this shows the Signs That Your Ex Still Cares About You

  1. “i’d do everything different this time”

Your past relationship might break because of so many mistakes. Saying this makes him realize that you are commited and loving. Who wouldn’t love someone who have that characters?

  1. “ i always knew you could do this”

Saying this will make it look like you  have always love and support him. It will also make it seems like you have been watching over him which will make his heart flutter.

  1. “i think you are the one”

‘the one’ have always been a compliment to pretty much every one. So when you say it to him, he will feel so happy and to keep that happiness, he will always come back to you. This will make him feel like he have the Signs He’s Boyfriend Material

  1. “i wish you are here”

Distance sucks. Whether if it is emotional or physical distance. Saying this makes him sure that he is missed and loved. It will even show out the side of him that also miss you very deeply.

  1. “ i will do anything for you”

This is the greatest  sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back. When you show how willing you are, he will not hesitate to come back to you for a safe and comfortable relationship

More  sweet things to say to get him back

  1. “ I know love because of you” – to be the definition of love is always thrilling. To be the one will make him happy.
  2. “ there is no one else but you” – this will make him feel secure and sure that he want to be with you
  3. “ I wish things would turn out differently for us” – this might make him reconsider if this is the end of your relationship or if he should continue with you.
  4. “I am so excited to meet you” – a compliment of his mere presence is always great
  5. “you look great today” – notice the little things and you will see him coming back to you
  6. “ the past does not have to define us” – erase the past and you can have a new and healthy relationship
  7. “I am glad you exist” – being appreciated is the key to his heart
  8. “girls are lucky to have you, i know i am” – you will slowly see him smile and blush when you say this
  9. “if I am still your girl..” – he will start questioning why you are not his girl already?

Tips to get back with your ex boyfriend

  1. Make your life seems full – this will make you seem like you are not pathetic and that you are a catch
  2. Let him miss you – stop calling or texting for a period of time because it is the Ways to Get Him to Miss You Like Crazy
  3. Contact him often – guys show the same Signs That A Girl Likes You Through Texting just like a girl. So when texting him, look out for that
  4. Be caring – caring about him just make his heart melt more

Signs that you boyfriend want to get back with you

  1. You are not awkward with him – if it is not awkward, the relationship is ready to start
  2. He is back in your life – no more blocked contact or cancelled plan, he is back in.
  3. He contacts you every day – he text you almost every day, unlike the way it used to be when you were exes.
  4. He is not with someone else – this means he is committed to you. He does not show the Signs He is Player
  5. He buys you gifts – man knows gifts are  Ways to Make a Girl Fall Deeply in Love With You. So he will use it.
  6. Can we start over? – This will get you back to him