Healing Steps On How To Apologize For Being A Bad Girlfriend

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A relationship needs love and a lot of hard work to continue. Plus relationships always have its ups and downs. This is why sometimes words matters.

When you do something wrong as a girlfriend, you need to quickly say sorry for it because it can be crucial to the relationship. If you are confused on how to do it exactly, here are the ways on how to apologize for being a bad girlfriend:


1. Give Each One Of You A Time To Breathe

To take a breath after a fight or a bad condition is essential to control your emotion.

2. Have An Understanding On What You Did Wrong

To truly apologize on what you did, you need to ponder on what you did wrong. Once you have a full understanding, your apology will be succesful.

3. Remember Why You Love Him So Much

It is important to remind yourself the reasons you are showing the  Signs That Someone is In Love With You to him.

4. Say I'm So Sorry

say i'm so sorry

It’s really simple. All you need to do is to say i’m sorry with your most genuine expression. Don’t take it simply.

5. Explain What You Did Wrong

When explaining what you did wrong, do not justify your mistakes because it will infuriate your boyfriend more.

6. Give Him Time To Express His Feelings

He probably have things stored up in his mind. To make the apology accepted, you need to let him tell you what he needs to tell you.

7. Don't Get Angry At Him

He might do things that is hurtful for you. But for now, be patient. You’ve done something wrong and now you need to accept his mistakes too.

8. Use A Soft Tone

Apologizing with a harsh tone will not do anything. Instead, it will further damage the relationship. This is an important step on how to apologize for being a bad girlfriend

9. Express Your Point Of View Slowly And Softly

When apologizing, you need to know the Reasons Why You Need to Express Your Point of View in A Relationship and explain it softly so the relationship can grow without turbulence.

10. Don't Look At Your Boyfriend As The Enemy

What you need to do is to look at the problem as an enemy and try to work as a team to solve the problem together.

11. Remind Both Of You Of The End Goal

Remember that the end goal is for a happy relationship and a content self.

12. Say How Much You Want Things To Get Better

say how much you want things to get better

Sometimes all you need to say is that you will do anything to make things to go better.

13. Talk About In What Terms You Will Change

No amount of words is enough to mend a broken heart if you don’t follow it with the words on how you will change.

14. Execute Your Plans To Change

Now that he knows how you will change, you need to really execute it until it comes true in the relationship.

14. Reassure Him Of Your Love To Him

Show him how passionate you are at loving him with the Ways to Make Someone Love You without Them Knowing

15. Stay Loyal To Him

Playing games and showing the signs that you are cheating will really break your apology to pieces so you will have to start all over again.

16. Do What He Asks You To Do

If he asks you to do somehting to make things better, it’s better that you do it so that he feels at peace.

17. Be More Understanding

Show how much you want to change by being more understanding to the relationship and to him.

18. Make More Time For Him

Once you make more time for him, he will know that you are actually showing the  Ways to Bring Back Love in A Dying Relationship

19. Contact Him Often

Contacting him actually shows your affection to him and how much you care.

20. Give Updates About Your Life To Him

When you talk about things that is happening in your life, he will feel special.

More Tips To Make Up For Being A Bad Partner

more tips to make up for being a bad partner

There isn't a one way solution to making things better in a relationship. Which is why what you need to do is to do more of these tips to make up for being a bad partner:

1. When There Is A Problem, Act On It Quickly

If you see a crack in the relationship, what you need to do is to try to solve it quickly so it doesn’t get worse.

2. Never Bring Up Old Fights

To bring up old fights is to intentionally make the relationship worse.

3. Never Make The Same Mistake

Making the same mistake means that you are not changing to a better person at all. 

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4. Be More Forgiving

Forgiveness truly heals a problem in a relationship.

5. Show Little Acts Of Love

Start to show a little bit of love everyday.

6. Wipe Out His Worries

If he have any worries about the relationship, try to wipe it away.

Signs That He Forgives You

It is going to take time to get over something bad. But if he truly loves you he will show these signs that he forgives you for what you have done :

1. He No Longer Bring Up The Problem

You know that a your relationship is starting to get better when your boyfriend no longer bring up the problem and talk about it madly.

2. He Shows His Happy Side Again

he shows his happy side again

He starts showing you his happy and affectionate signs. Just like before you became a bad girlfriend.

3. He Gives You A Second Chance

Giving you a second chance is not an easy thing to do. When he does this, it means that he have forgiven you.

Relationships are full of ups and downs. But what you need to know is that sometimes a mistake can be unforgivable. When you make that mistake you need to use the ways on how to apologize for being a bad girlfriend. Once you have done that, your relationship will get back on track.

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