This is What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Goes Quiet On You

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. You may have heard this everywhere but it’s the truth. It’s probably never really hit on you until your boyfriend gives you a silent treatment. As it comes unexpectedly, what do you do when your boyfriend goes quiet on you? You might as well don’t know the answer.

It must be painful and frustrating as you’re the one who receive it. One sure thing is no one ever deserve the silent treatment. For a relationship to work, it needs a healthy two way communication. If this keep going on, then your relationship is in danger.

But we have some useful tips how to deal with the situation. Here are what you can do when your boyfriend goes quiet on you.

  1. Pause and Cool Down

When your boyfriend is silence to you, use this opportunity to reflect on yourself and taking a look back on your relationship. Especially when the silence is initiated by a huge fight.

The fact that you’re on the receiving end doesn’t always mean you’re at fault. So take time to cool down and don’t make any decision when you’re angry. You may also read What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days

  1. Give Him Space

Maybe this is what he needs and want, but he didn’t know how to tell you. Instead of bothering him with questions, give the space and give yourself one. Don’t be the one who actively communicating, let him say what’s in his mind by himself when he’s ready for it.

  1. Confront Him

After giving the much needed space, turns out he doesn’t speak to you. Demand him to talk, but very carefully. However, you can’t force him to talk if he doesn’t want to. Make a deal with him instead. Ask when will he talk to you and you will wait until then. You may also read What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You after A Fight

  1. Don’t Blame Yourself

Just because you’re the one who receive the blow doesn’t mean you’re to blame. Unless you feel you have done something wrong, never blame yourself or say you’re sorry. But to think that you’re right is also wrong. Your relationship need to be fixed, and it can only be done by talking to each other.

  1. Apologize

If you don’t know what do you do when your boyfriend goes quiet on you, try to recall the past. When did it start and why. If the silent was preceded by fight which is your fault, and you also think you’re guilty, then apologize to him.

Acknowledge the things you have done wrong and apologize that you hurt him that way. Do this only when you are really wrong and you are aware of it. You may also read How Do You Feel When Your Boyfriend Purposely Ignores You for Days?

  1. Show Him What He’s Done

After everything you try and he doesn’t want to speak with you, make sure he is aware what has he done to you. His behavior is very hurtful and it does nothing good on you. Show him how it impacts you and the relationship.

  1. Tell Him How You Feel

You may can’t force him to talk, but you can tell him how you feel. And feel free to do it. Tell him how uncomfortable and confuse he made you that you don’t know what to do. You may also read My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me, What Should I Do To Handle This?

Tell him that you are aware he gives you this silent treatment, but really have no idea what’s going on. Also, in case you do something wrong, apologize in advance.

  1. Consider His Personality

Believe it or not, some people are just so introvert that they act really slowly to show emotion. Consider whether your boyfriend is an extreme introvert that he needs longer time than average people to process his emotion.

If this is the case, give him time as long as he need. Confronting him only makes things worse and he might never talk to you ever again.

  1. Establish a New Communication Rule

This is what you should do after he finally opens up. Make him promise that something like this will not happen again in the future, considering how it affects your relationship. You may also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

Set rules on how both of you should behave during and after the fight. Make sure he understands that keeping silent doesn’t solve anything. Everything is better communicated.

Turns out that’s all on what do you do when your boyfriend goes quiet on you. If you got any better idea, don’t hesitate to share with others through the comment section below. There must be many other people out there who’s going through the same thing and it will be better if we can help each other!

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