How Long Does It Take to Get Over A 7 Month Long Relationship?

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Based on a psychology study, it will take at least 11 weeks for someone to recover from a heartbreak caused by a breakup. It is important to have a positive mental state to stay during this time.

To notice the signs you are ready for a new relationship is also important because it will show that you have moved on completely and ready to start new. Usually during this how long does it take to get over a 7 month long relationship, you will pass the five stages of sadness. In which stage are you?

  • Desperate

The first stage of sadness due to a breakup is desperate. You are desperate to know the answer of why your relationship ends. It is hard for you to know how to cheer yourself up after a bad breakup with your lover.

The pain and the burden that you feel because of the breakup will make you feel like you need to start the search for the answer. Of why a relationship ends even though at first a relationship exists because of two people who love each other.

  • Denial

Being in a relationship makes you used to the existence of your ex. It is hard to create a new habit after he is gone because the relationship ends. You even try to find the ways to deal with your ex moving on with someone else because it is that hard for you to imagine that you don't have him anymore.

  • Bargaining

You were denying that the relationship ends. It is just really hard for you to accept it without realizing that you already in the third stage of sadness which is bargaining.

You cannot stand the pain anymore. You start to think about how long should I wait to contact my ex after a breakup because you want to win his heart again. And as a note, you are not logical in this stage.

  • Anger

The fourth stage is anger. The anger that you feel is a result of fear. You are afraid that you can not be with someone new, you already felt that whole this time, your ex-boyfriend was the best. You let the fear feeds on you until it triggers anger, you are angry at yourself to let the relationship ends.

I am feeling so depressed because I miss my ex-boyfriend, what can I do? It is okay, you can express the anger that you have. It will somehow remind you that you deserve a better relationship.

  • Acceptance

In the last stage of sadness, you start realizing the whats the benefits of doing no contact rule after a breakup. You accept the fact that the breakup happened for a reason and it needs to stick in that way.

In this stage, you also know that breakup is the best way for you and your ex to start something new, something better. At the end of this stage, you will start to open yourself for new hopes in love.

Advice for getting back with an ex

Love is love, it doesn't matter about how long does it take to get over a 7 month long relationship. Some people know ways to move on after a bad relationship, but some people just getting back with their ex. We are all different, and any kind of possibilities possible. But, if you decided to go back with your ex, here are some little advice for you.

  • Make sure the same mistake won't happen again

The relationship ended because a reason, and the reason must be that strong enough until it has the power to separate two people who were in love. That's why a decision to go back with an ex will not come in a short period of time.

The main and most important rule that you need to remember when you want to go back with your ex is to make sure that the same mistake won't happen again. Because if it keeps happening then, what's the point? There is no effort from both sides to make the relationship better.

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Remember that it is not only about how long does it take to get over a 7 month long relationship. But it is also about knowing and get to know yourself more.

Know what you want, know what you deserve. If you want to go back with him, make sure this time it will be better. If you don't think you want to go back with him, then don't.

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