11 Ways to Deal with Your Ex Moving on with Someone Else

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A relationship that ends no matter what the reason can be really difficult. When together and sharing the same path, then there is 'caring for each other'.

But the instant there is a breakup, and one or both parties decides to take their own path, then the 'caring for each other' as it relates to the sharing of the same path is terminated. Here are some ways on how to deal with your Ex moving on with someone else!

11 Ways to Deal with Your Ex Moving on with Someone Else

Here are the ways to deal with your ex moving on with someone else:

1. Tell your feelings

Are you still have some feelings for them and want them to get back to you? You can ask them directly, say that you forgive them and not throw anything at them. But get ready because their answer might slap you in the face and you will feel the pain worsen. This way is the one that has the biggest potential of hurting your own feelings and/or pride. Try not to be hung up over them as that it not only unhealthy but also unappealing.

2. Take time to get over it

You need to understand it will take time to get over a relationship, and the amount of time is different for everyone. Know in your mind that it is over and take comfort in the fact that it is out of your hands. Do not hope, that is a state of denial. Which will make you feel sadder.

You mean something to them still and you always will. But you just have to feel that pain, take the time you need, and move on so you can find your new love. Also, it is okay to sometimes look back at the relationship but you need to separate looking back and obsessing. Do not start dating again until you know you are over this.

3. Make positive changes

There are many ways to deal with your ex moving on with someone else. Nothing can change the fact that your Ex has moved on. You should make positive changes in your life. Start to get busy to distract your attention.

For example, you can start a gym routine exercise, staying healthy and eating right, and connecting with community, friends and family that is a positive influence for you. The most important thing is that you keep moving forward in your life.

4. Having fun

List all of the fun activities or other hobbies you have not tried yet and really want to, write all this down and start them. Only work on making yourself happy with who you are. The old idea of loving yourself first before you love others can be very true. Spoil yourself with things you like. Read: Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship

5. Force the "no contact"

Stop contacting with each other will force you to move on. Close all communication apps with your Ex for a while. Help yourself not to keep checking at your social media to see their updates. Initially, it is going to hurt you.

If your Ex still contacts you, try to avoid them. If you can not avoid it then do not react on their any action or any conversation, eventually, they will be surprised and shock that you do not care and you have started moving on. Read: How to Move On from a Relationship when You are Still in Love

6. Listening to music

Music will helps a lot to make you feel at peace and reduce your stress level. Try listening to some upbeat songs and dance along with it. All the build-up stress make your muscle tense that you need to loosen it up. Read: Tips to Move On from a Long Term Relationship

7. Acknowledge as a friend

If you meet your Ex, do not be shy or feel sorry or duck their gaze. Acknowledge as a friend and walk away with your head high. Love only exists until you acknowledge them as a friend. If you stop giving love it is not there. Give your love to someone who also gives their love to you.

8. Seek the help of a professional counselor

There is some way to consult yourself with a professional counselor both paid and free. They might be in a good position to provide you with some helpful remedies. You can consult with them online, from a mobile app or meet them directly at your local area.

9. Get rid of the presents

If you really still cannot move on from your Ex, maybe because you are looking at something your Ex has left it with you and reminiscing the old days. Get rid with it, give it to someone else or throw it in the trash. 

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10. Pour it into your creation

If you find it hard to tell someone about your feelings, pour it into your creation! Do you like writing a novel? Then tell your story through writing a novel, you will realize that you got so many valuable lesson in your past love, and ready to be a better person for a new love. The same way can be put into other works or hobby that you have passion about. Read: Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

11. Wish them to be happy

If you really loved this person you would want them to be happy, with or without you. You can drop them a note and tell them you wish them the best of luck. That might be surprised them but it is a sign that you have already get over it and start a new life.

When you do not have anything to remember about your Ex, gradually you will start moving on, and time is the best medicine to heal everything. So have patience and take some time. Focus yourself more on you, this is very natural that you feel pain after the breakup and if you see your Ex with someone. But after a certain period, if you see your Ex with someone new holding his hand or kissing with each other, you will not have any pain or hurtful feelings.

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