My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me Because He Thinks I’m Ignoring Him, What Should I Do?

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Being ignored is very frustrating. It is even hurting,especially being ignored by someone we love or care the most. It is veryhurtful and frustrating when your relationship with someone you love seems verywell going but suddenly his response to your text or call becoming less andless. This becomes even worse at the moment you feel like he is ignoring youslowly.

If this happens to your relationship, try to speak about it to him. Try to speak about his behavior. According to a sex and relationship coach, Colby Marie Z, speak out about your communication problem with your partner is a must. If you let it be by time to time, you and your partner will be a time bomb to create a big gap and distance between you two.

Ask him about his behavior like, “I think we’ve rarely talked as much as we used to the past couple of weeks. What’s going on?”.

What to Do when He Does It:

That way, you let him let out his concern or opportunity toexplain something inside his mind.

If he said that he ignored you because you ignored him, try to explain it calmly. Try to talk heart to heart that you never think or try to purposely ignore him. If it doesn’t help much, here are some tips that may help you out:
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Try to Communicate What You’re Up To

Sometimes without you knowing it, our action may hurt someone or have done something wrong. And it is very normal to do it in a relationship too. If this happens with your loved ones, try to explain that he has misunderstood.

If you are doing something and are busy with a particular job, just let him know. He will appreciate your openness and will understand your situation.

Try Out DifferentCommunication Style

After explaining your situation and letting him know that he has misunderstood, the next move is to try some different communication style. If you are currently busy doing something, make an agreement about communication.

For example, you will text or call him at least twice a week and sending each other lovely message before going to bed such as “I love you, can’t wait to meet you soon”, etc. Once both of you meet an agreement about this, you have done prevention for the future.

No matter how busy you are, as long as you can call him twice a week, he will never feel being ignored again.
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Do Not Overcompensateby Reaching Him Too Much

After making him feel dumped, you may feel sorry for him. This leads you to want to overcompensate by texting or calling him more often. That is completely okay, but do not overdo it.

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Without you trying too hard, he will know that you make an effort to communicate with him despite your busy schedule. Furthermore, everything that is too much is not good. He may get irritated by your action too.