Is Your Virgo Man Playing Mind Games With You? (13 Ways To Know)

Last updated on July 5, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Does something seem a bit 'off' with the special Virgo in your life? 

Do you feel that you can't trust his intentions? 

Is he always making you feel unsure about your future together? 

It could well be that he's playing emotional mind games with you...

Sometimes, it's difficult to tell whether this is the case though, especially with Virgos, who tend to be naturally stubborn and critical... 

That's why I have created this list of the most common telltale signs that a Virgo man is playing mind games with you. Hopefully, this list makes the situation clearer for you. 

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13 Ways To Know If A Virgo Guy Is Playing Mind Games

Falling in love with a Virgo man when your star sign is different can be tricky, especially if your zodiac sign is of a completely different element. Your typical Virgo man is an analytic over-thinker who expects near perfection

Are you in love or just getting to that point with your Virgo man, but you aren’t so sure whether he feels the same way about you? Do you think you have offended him, but you can’t really tell because his actions aren’t all that clear? 

One thing you can expect from a Virgo male is an aloofness that can leave you confused. Virgo men tend to drive people who don’t understand them crazy with their ‘in control' attitude. While you’re wondering if you messed up at the early stages of the relationship, he’s probably just playing mind games to know if you are the real deal.

Of all the star signs, the Virgo earth sign is one of those that can make you doubt what its natural characteristic is. Stop driving yourself wild with worry that you’ve messed up and he has lost interest in you. 

The question is, is your Virgo man playing mind games with you? If yes, how would you know? This article is here to help with some of the answers you seek, so read to the end. 

1. He asks you open-ended questions

A Virgo guy’s characteristics don’t usually involve playing mind games, but that doesn’t mean he is incapable of it. Virgo guys have an intelligent mind and they are most likely to be master chess players. As such, your Virgo man can resort to playing mind games with you. A Virgo man’s mind games could include guessing games such as asking you open-ended questions.

Imagine you’re in the middle of a discussion and he just asks you an unrelated question which you can’t just reply with a yes or no. Your Virgo man does this not necessarily because he doesn’t like you anymore, but because he doesn’t trust you. 

He will ask you questions whose answers you can only guess. If you give a less satisfactory response, you’ll be thrown off your game and feel stupid. You need to be on your toes with your Virgo boyfriend the moment you suspect he’s playing mind games with you.

2. His text messages are shorter than normal

Virgo men in love tend to be more open even if their actions don’t come off as sweetly romantic like other zodiac signs. Your Virgo man will find it easy to exchange with you longer text messages than he'd normally share with other people.

However, when there’s trouble in paradise and he’s questioning the continued relevance of the relationship, he might limit the way he communicates with you. His deliberate lessened communication will be obvious in the length of his texts with you. 

He won’t stop texting you, meaning you can’t accuse him of abandonment. At the same time, you know something is off. As an honest partner, he might tell you the truth despite his mind games if you confront him.

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3. He makes conclusions instead of asking questions

The condescending side of a Virgo man’s character is one he reserves for people he doesn’t like or is losing interest in. As such, if you notice that he has started making conclusions instead of having an open conversation with you, he is playing mind games. 

If he used to ask you questions about what you need, but now acts based on his interest only, he doesn’t care too much about you anymore. Try to re-establish healthy communication between both of you to see if your relationship still stands a chance of survival. 

4. He uses the silent treatment on you

Virgo men appear like natural snobs when they don’t want to relate with someone. They are grounded in character, but they can’t help it when they aren’t interested in you. It is a positive sign when your Virgo man is talking to you, even when you’ve disagreed. 

When a Virgo likes you he will give you so much attention that you’ll wonder if he’s the same person many people are wary of. However, when his interest starts to shift from you, he will use the silent treatment on you with no qualms.

5. He hammers on a certain thing

he hammers on a certain thing

Virgo men are not big talkers, but they don't mind having long conversations. However, a man with this sign can be a nitpick when he isn’t satisfied with something or someone. If that someone is you, or you did something he finds almost unforgivable, he will try to make you uncomfortable. 

He can do this by hammering on something related to what you have done without telling you directly. Even though you find this habit irritating, it might be the key to knowing what’s up with him and how you can fix it. 

6. He starts overanalyzing everything you do

Apart from nitpicking about a particular thing he finds triggering, your Virgo man will also start overanalyzing what you do and how you do them. You won’t be able to satisfy the critique in him because he now finds you lacking in some ways. 

The funny part is, he might not know he is playing mind games because it’s his default nature kicking into defense mode. You don’t need to put up with this negative character because it can damage your self-confidence. 

7. He gives you snide comments

Another thing Virgo men do that alerts you to their mind games is that they can be sarcastic. When a Virgo man is displeased with you, he will offer snide remarks you aren’t sure are meant for you. Instead of him talking openly with you about whatever is wrong with the relationship, he will insert sarcasm. 

If the sarcasm is lost on you, you will remain ignorant and you’ll remain at a disadvantage. So, watch out for the not-so-nice comments that border on insults. 

8. He is restrictive with physical connections

While a Virgo guy isn’t much of a traditional romantic, he is just as interested in having a healthy sex life like any other man. He might take his time to understand his woman’s body, but it’s just who he is. Once he’s mastered what you like, he will be open to intimacy in and out of bed.

However, he might be over you if he's recently restricted sex or any other physical connection between both of you. His eyes or any other body language might give him away when you try to make a physical connection. 

9. His keen eyes seem to be subtly monitoring you

A Virgo guy might care about what you do outside of the relationship, but he wouldn’t pay keen attention unless you need him to do so. When your Virgo boyfriend begins to appear more than a little bit interested in your phone discussions with other people or watch your every move around others, it could mean he doesn’t trust you anymore.

If he draws away the moment you notice his body leaning towards you to hear the caller’s words, he is trying to mess with your mind. He might deny it afterward, but you’ll know he’s acting out of character. 

10. He asks so many darn questions

he asks so many darn questions

If under the guise of knowing you better, all a Virgo guy does is ask you so many unnecessary questions, he is probably playing mind games with you. When your conversations begin to look like you could write a full-blown article and still have a related article attached, he’s probably lost interest in you.

If you have the strong will to do so, turn the table on him and ask questions of your own. If not, ask him what exactly is wrong to know if he’s tired of being with you. 

11. He flirts with you indirectly

If you just met your Virgo guy and you like him, it might be difficult to know if he returns the feeling. You can’t help but read more into his carefully worded texts that look like he’s flirting with you. However, you don’t want to look like a fool or get hurt by blurting out your feelings before he asks you out.

A Virgo is usually careful when getting to know someone, and so he can be playing mind games without knowing it. It’s best to give him time to know you and let him do the asking out if you fear rejection so much.

12. He ends the discussion when it’s getting deeper

He likes you but he is playing mind games to protect himself. He might not be reckless and thrill-seeking like many other men, but he is still naturally wired to protect his heart. As such, he will keep things casual at the beginning. 

You will notice that he withdraws from you emotionally by changing the subject when you’re diving deeper than he’s ready to go. He will only start opening up to you when he feels he already knows enough about you. The moment he surrenders to you emotionally, his vulnerable side will make him drop the mind games.

13. His possessive energy doesn’t feel safe anymore

Virgo men love control, and an average Virgo man suffers from a mild case of OCD. He is usually neat with his space, thoughts, and opinions. He hardly makes rash decisions or shows violent emotions. When his precise attention is focused on you, it can be heady especially if he cares about you. 

However, when his possessive energy no longer makes you feel safe, he doesn’t like you anymore. When he starts controlling everything in the relationship from what both of you can eat to where you can go, he isn’t serving your interest anymore. If you think he isn’t listening to you anymore, it’s best to break up with him before he breaks you in the worst way possible.


Do Virgos like to play mind games?

Virgo men might not ordinarily like to play mind games, but they do so when they think it’s in their interest. Sometimes, playing mind games for them is a knee-jerk reaction. 

How do you tell if a Virgo man is playing you?

He will play mind games by not being too far from you nor too close to you. He will keep you at arm’s length, yet make you feel you’re close enough to him. He holds all the cards.

How do you know if a Virgo man is serious?

He will discuss important details of his life with you. A Virgo guy doesn’t do this with someone he hasn’t tested to be trustworthy. He will spend more time with you than he used to when you first knew him because he’s sure you’re worth the effort.

Do Virgos try to make you jealous?

They might not see it that way but, when a Virgo guy likes you, he can play games just to make you jealous.

How do you know if a Virgo man misses you?

A Virgo guy who misses you will send you gifts because he lacks the right words to tell you. He might also send you longer texts even though he likes to keep conversations short.

In Conclusion 

Everyone plays mind games when the occasion warrants it, and your Virgo guy isn’t exempted. You could even say he is more skillful at it because of the way his mind works. However, brilliant or not, if he loves you, the mind games would hurt him just as much as they are hurting you. 

The best way forward when you observe his recent attitude is to have an honest discussion with him. If he’s mad at you for something, both of you can hash it out and move on from there.

How helpful did you find this post? Kindly drop a comment below, and share the article with someone else who might need it.

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