How To Get A Korean Guy To Notice You And Love You Directly

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There are million reasons to be interested in Korea. The country amazes people easily with their lovely K – Dramas, Kpop, unique cultures and languages, and of course bunch of lovely Korean men. They are hard to resist, especially, if you are a fan of Kpop.

Mainly reason is because of their cute and manly charm at the same time. So, if you are interested in dating Korean men, here we elaborate some points on how to get a Korean guy to notice and attracted to you.

1. Learn A Bit Of Korean Way (Do’s and Don’ts)

First thing first, impress them how interested you are toward Korea. First of all, learn a bit Korean way. It required time and dedication to study Korean language and culture. However, here are some do’s and don’ts to make it easier for you to learn it:


  • If you know that he’s older than you, show some respect for him. The easiest way is just to call him ‘oppa’.
  • Dress well to impress. Koreans tend pay attention more of appearance. So, to make him to notice you, show best version of your appearance. Dress well and put proper make up whenever you are about to meet him.


2. Learn Compliment Phrases That Korean Men Die For

learn compliment phrases that korean men die for

The next step is to learn Korean way further, you need to study their language. That is the best way to make you Korean dream guy impressed. Try to speak following these common and basic phrases to say

  • oppa : to call an older man
  • jjang : it means ‘cool’
  • omo : to show some impression
  • sarangaheyo : means ‘I love you’
  • aigo : expression of ‘geez’ or ‘aw man!

If you make him notice you and both are quiet familiar, you shall make a further move. Here are some pick – up lines and compliments you should tell to your Korean dream guy:

잘생겼어요 : jal saeng – yeoss – eo – yo

Means “Ah, you’re so handsome/ good looking”

Korean are mostly about look. Hence, either guy or girl, they tend to look for their appearance first. So, it is great way to compliment how handsome he is. But, if you think he is so handsome, you can say 참 잘생겼어요 “Cham jal sang – gyeo – sseo – yo”. He will pay more attention to you as he blushed.

스타일 좋아요 : Seu – tah – il jo – ah – yo

Means you look nice/ you are very fashionable.

This phrase fits well if your Korean dream guy is actually not really hot but you find how charming he is.

멋있어요 : meo – si – sseo – yo

Which means “You are hot/ good looking”

It is the most common and general term to compliment him because either he is handsome or not really handsome. This term covers up 스타일 좋아요 and잘생겼어요.

제가 낼게요 : Jega nael – ge – yo

Which means “I will pay for it”

Like other gentleman styles all over the world, Korean men tends to pay everything on a date. However, if you really want to make a fast move, you can say this term. Around 99%, your guy will automatically either surprised or amazed to you.

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3. Play Hard To Get Some Times

You may make great moves by following step 1 to 3 above. However, as woman, you still need to feed man’s ego a bit. Make him feel challenged by playing hard to get some times.

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4. Be More Feminine

be more feminine

Most Korean men are into feminine and cute women. To capture his attention (or even heart), try to be more feminine but don’t over do it. It will be weird if you act feminine that you lost your true self. Wear flowery dress some time rather than your daily casual clothes are okay. Or simply put cute hair bun and accessories while wearing casual jeans and T-shirt or anything that makes you comfortable and slightly more feminine.

5. Do The ‘Aegyo’ But Don’t Over Do It

Just how it has been explained, they are into cute women. It is not only about cute appearance but also your cute acts. Never hesitate to do the ‘aegyo’ action to make him blushed. As girls, acting cute in front of that you like can’t be that hard, right?
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6. Get Ready For Always Be A ‘Texting’ Ready

Last but not least, Korean guys are fans of texting. Most of Korean men love constant communication via text messages. Go ahead try to text your dream man. If he replied your text with enthusiasm, means he is a big fan of texting too. It is great move to show affection to your ‘future’ guy.

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