How To Play Mind Games With An Aquarius Male - Win His Heart

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If your chasing an Aquarius male or crush on him, you might thinking on how to play mind games with an Aquarius male. It is a natural act, specially if you are a Scorpio woman and in wish of how to make Aquarius man fall in love with Scorpio woman. This thinking will be something usual and it is normal to do. If you also in the same position with this case, then this article below might help you on few things. Check out carefully below several tips on how to play mind games with an Aquarius male.

Tips To Play Mind Games With An Aquarius Male

There are many things to do if you want to start a mind games with a man. Specially to an Aquarius male that sometimes difficult to understand. If you looking for the best answer, probably below are some suitable tips to do deal with this matter.

1. Be Confident

be confident

The main rule to win this game is by being super confidence with yourself. Believe that you are an attractive woman that smart and diligent too, so that many man will fall in love with you and feel that you are suitable for him. It is important to be confidence since this is the root of all your define step. If you loose your confidence, then you will not have any brave to say hello or to talk with him. This can make you loose your chance and loose before you try.

2. Have A Good Conversation

Start with introducing your self and try to have a good conversation until he feels comfort with you. It is important to show a little bit that you feel attracted to him. Then try to make him thinking on can you love someone but not sexually attracted by them by showing how good or smart you are. This make him thinking along the conversation whether you really crush on him or not. This is the start where his mind will affected and start to included in your mind games.

3. Say Something Nice

Tell him that you attract to him. This will shake his feeling about you. He might take some time to think about it. To make the situation hotter, say that you want to be more than friends slowly. This will automatically make him feeling confused and start to think hard on this issue.

4. Save Some Distance

Start to have some distance with him when he start thinking you like him. Try not to call him or answered his text. Make him feel confused and worry whether he make something wrong or not. This can be your perfect timing to know his true feeling. If he worry on this too much, then he definitely like you and will accept you more than friends. Then, it is the right time for you to show up and say that you ready to have a more serious relationship with him. Try to convince him that after this quite time you find out on can you have a good relationship without physical attraction. Prove this through his feeling when he like you without any sexual or physical attraction, but definitely only by acts and attitude.

Those all some tricks and tips on how to play mind games with an Aquarius male. The point is to be confidence and trust yourself. Believe that you are a good and suitable person for them. Try to check on how to know if your crush is not into you. Therefore, if you wish him to like you and put you on their mind, then this will be an easy things to do.

5. Ask Him Out

ask him out

If things run better, then it might be your right time to ask him out. Try to find out his favorite show or movie and get him a ticket. Tell them to call you if they have time and do not put any clue that you really wish they will go with you. Act like it is usual and you're not pushing him at all. This will make him start to think whether it is true or not. His mind is start to in to your game. This is a good change to act more.

6. Act Positive

The next step on how to play mind games with an Aquarius male is by do something positive and give him a good thoughts. Let him start to adore you because anything good you showed in front of him. This will create positive image in his thinking. Let it happen for a longer time until he is thinking on signs your crush is just friend zoned you. He might feeling loosing his chance. By the time they drop their feeling, it is time you give him bunch of hope again.

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