Can You Have a Good Relationship without Physical Attraction? - It Depends!

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What make you fall in love with your significant other? This question will regularly pop out all the time, no matter how long have you been dating. Well, when you first meet someone, you will have your own assessment about them from their behavior to physical appearance. The everything follows behind.

Those two things are the first defining factor that make you fall in love with someone. You can’t help but either because they look good or they have a good personality is the biggest factor why did you fall in love. An experiment conducted by Hairguard shows that your looks greatly affect your success on Tinder.

Which means, physical attraction is important to start a good relationship. Why? We’re going to answer this later. Can you have a good relationship without physical attraction? About this, too, you’ll find out yourself.

Now let’s see how physical appearance plays part in a relationship.

  1. It Doesn’t Matter for Some People

One sure things is, the inexistence of physical attraction doesn’t mean your relationship will be damaged. In fact, there are many people who fall in love with their partner without any physical aspects. Also read Signs You Are Falling in Love

More things matter over good look, and they’re not wrong. They’d rather have someone with a good behavior and compatible personality rather than looking good because it will change over time.

  1. Be Clear in Which Side You Stand

Before we take further steps, now ask yourself first. Which one are you? The one who’s okay with no physical attraction or you have to be at least physically attracted even for the small amount? Everything depends on your opinion.

If you’re someone who want to have someone good looking as a partner, you better don’t date anyone no matter how good their behavior are but you don’t attracted physically. You’ll end up cheating someday. No offense, but there are those type of people in this world.

  1. Physical Attraction Has a Lot to Do with Sex

If you ask how physical attraction matters, it has a lot of things to do with sex especially for you who’s not okay with no-good-looking partner.

If you have been fantasizing a well-built body shape (either for men or women) to be together with you on bed, you really have to reconsider starting a relationship with someone whom you can’t feel any physical attraction.

As if relationship is not hard enough, you will have additional things to work on which is makes it harder. Also read How to Tell When Your Man Isn't Interested Anymore?

  1. You Will Have an Infidelity Potential

Can you have a good relationship without physical attraction?

In case you don’t believe it just yet, you may search for the real story of couples who have been together for quite a long time without physical attraction. Well, they made it all the way to marriage, only to find out they fall in love with other person whom they find more physically attractive than their spouse.

If you start a relationship because of other things bust physique, you will be falling in love with someone because you find them physically attractive.

  1. You End Up Feeling Guilty

Someday, you might feel pitiful and guilty towards your partner because of this. Especially after you fall in love with other people and eventually realize how important physical attraction is.

Good looks indeed fade. Nobody ask you to fall in love only because someone is handsome or pretty. But at least there’s something from them that makes you feel attracted.

  1. Your Relationship is Going to be Harder to Work On

For a relationship to work is hard already, not to add up that you start it with one missing element: physical attraction. Then you can’t wish for the odds to be with you. There will be one more thing to be sorted, and not the easy one.

As you don’t find your partner physical attractive, then you must be turning into their personality or behavior. But both are something unseen with naked eye. While good looks is the eye candy for the sight.

  1. Physical Attraction Should Not be the Only Defining Factor

However, no matter how important physical appearance is, it shouldn’t be the defining. Factor. The thing is, you have to date someone who you find compatible with you in any aspects. They don’t have to be perfect, but there must be a thing that connects you in everything.

But there are also people who truly love someone because they feel comfortable so good looks doesn’t matter. Well, they usually people who had an ugly past with good looking people. Also read Ways to Look Naturally Beautiful

  1. Look is More Than Superficial Things

Don’t underestimate look. There are more to look in it. With looks reflects a good health, indicating that someone take a really good care of themselves. As for women, good looks reflect a good fertility.

To get it simple, would you fall in love with someone who let themselves go? Surely not. So looks is more than superficial things. Without physical chemistry, it will be hard to work on your love.

  1. Growing Love without Physical Affection is Harder for Men

Now we’re going to talk about something more specific. Men have it harder than women to go through a relationship without having physical attraction. While women have weaker heart where they can be melted with simple things, men consider looks as foundation to love others.

When there’s not attraction from the start, there won’t be likely a room for it to grow. Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

  1. Love is Not All About Physic

You shouldn’t ignore physical attraction in a relationship. It’s a part of it that can’t be missed or underestimated. However, you shouldn’t put it as a measurement of a good relationship, either. Values and trust are far more important than physical attraction.

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Can you have a good relationship without physical attraction? Well, it depends. You’re the one who will be in the relationship so only you can define. Whatever decision you make, just be sure that it’s right for you. If you take physical attraction as something important, it doesn’t make you look like a bad person.

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