How to Know If Your Crush is Not Into You (Take It or Leave It)

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Does they like me? Does they like me not?

Those kind of questions pop up endlessly when you’re crushing someone. It’s thrilling and exciting, as much as it might freak you out. The scariest/happiest moment of having crush to someone is figure out whether they like you or not. It requires a good-signal reading so that you can be sure whether to proceed or not.

While you’re looking for it, you may unfortunately find some signs that they’re not into you. It’s indeed that last thing you want, but it’s better to know it sooner so that you can move on faster. There’s no point in clinging onto someone that doesn’t love you.

So here are the ways how to know if your rush is not into you. Well, it’s sad and heartbreaking, but the reality of love can be cruel at times. People say fall in love hurts, as there is a “fall” in it. To fulfill your curiosity if your crush is not liking you back, here are the checklist to mind.

  1. They Never be the One to Call You

The easiest sign of anyone who like someone: they’re so keen on the communication. It’s where the whole chasing things begin. But if they never initiate the communication, either calls or texts, they probably aren’t into you.

They have millions of excuse, like he’s not so good at texting or speaking through the line. Fact is, if you like someone, you’d likely to conquer the world, let alone the incapability to talk. Also read How to Tell If Your Crush Is Jealous of Another Guy

  1. They Don’t Give Attention to What’re You Saying

If someone likes you, they’ll be paying the whole attention of what they say. Everything about you becomes interesting that they don’t want to miss anything. But what if they’re not? It’s a huge red sign if you find it hard just to have a short conversation with them.

On top of that, they don’t pay attention when you talk. It’s clear enough that you have a one-sided crush. Just let go and find someone new.

  1. They Don’t Care About Your Love Life

Many people commonly do this to find out whether their crush like them back or not: dropping the hint in front of them that you date or like other people. If you also do this, properly see how they react: if they doesn’t seem interested at all nor giving any reaction, well, maybe they’re not interested in you.

Someone who likes you will check your “availability”. The fact that you like/date someone bothers them. But if they don’t seem bothered, don’t bother to like them anymore. Also read How to Get Your Crush Attention on Facebook

  1. They’re Not Curious About You

Once people like someone, they become curious. They want to know everything in their significant other’s life. They’re going to ask you how’s your day, your family, your work, your home, and so on.

If they’re not, it’s simple: they won’t be curious about you. They don’t ask anything about your personal life because they don’t care about it.

  1. Not Any Single Physical Contacts

If you read on the signs someone falls in love with you, initiating a physical contact is among them. They’ll either pretend to accidentally touch your hand or purposely touch it lightly while laughing.

But if they’re not, it won’t happen. Just how their heart doesn’t interested in you, neither does their body.

  1. They’re the Busiest Person in the Planet

Everyone is busy. It’s only the matter of priorities. You will make time for someone if you want to be with them. But if they never available for you, you’re simply not in their priority.

They don’t want to make time for you. Even when they’re free, they will tell you that they’re busy. This is how to know if your crush is not into you.

  1. They Don’t Remember Anything Important About You

The fact that they don’t pay any single attention to you will come to light when your important day is around the corner. See if they congratulate you on your birthday or not. If they’re not, then they’re not interested in you. Also read How to Know Someone Likes You Secretly

Never say that it’s impossible to remember so many little things about some. Chances are, you will actually be able to remember about everything because you like that person. This is heartbreaking, but it’s a sign for you to move on.

  1. They Date Someone Else

You could’ve been sending signals that you like them, but they don’t fall for you. One of the ultimate sign to be sure about it is they date someone else. Because they neither want to date you nor care about you, they don’t care about it.

It probably shatters you heart, but you have to quickly realize they act like that because they’re not into you.

  1. They Don’t Treat You Specially

How does your crush treat you? Like a friend or very special? If it’s the first, then it means nothing else but they want to be friends with you.

They try to show you that you’re not special for him and they’re not in for a relationship with you. Also read How to Deal with a Girl Giving You The Silent Treatment

  1. If They Like You, You Don’t Have to Find Out

Well, this is the simplest thing: if your crush likes you, they’ll make it obvious that everyone can see it. But seeing that you land on this page, means you haven’t got any positive signals.

You know, if they really like you, you won’t be here. People won’t hide it when they have crush to someone.

When you first discovered that the one you like turns out doesn’t have the same feeling to you would be devastating. But look at the bright side: it’s always good to find it sooner so that you can move on faster.

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