How To Know If A Scorpio Man Misses You (11 Signs You Need To Know)

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering if a Scorpio man is missing you when you’re not around?

Perhaps you’re just getting into a relationship with a Scorpio, and you’re wondering how serious the relationship is going to be.

Or maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship and you’d like to know how strong the two of you are going to be at this time.

If so, this is the guide for you. It features 11 ways to know that a Scorpio man misses you.

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The great news is: it may be possible that this guy dashing Scorpio might already be missing you.

So, let’s now explore the signs that a Scorpio will typically show if that is the case.


11 Signs On How To Know If A Scorpio Man Misses You 

Signs on how to know if a scorpio man misses you

When Scorpio fall in love, they give themselves completely to their partner. They form incredibly deep connections with their lovers. So if the relationship ends they are devastated.

The thing is with Scorpio man, if he is hurt or feels vulnerable, he could react in several ways. There are Scorpio males that won’t want you to know about their pain. You will have no idea that he misses you. 

Other Scorpio guys will want you to know how they feel. Despite their secretive nature, they will give you clues to how they are feeling.

1. He plays it ultra-cool

If you have recently broken from a relationship with a Scorpio man, it is common for him to back off. He will need time and space to lick his wounds and plan his next move. 

Scorpios can easily separate a physical and emotional connection. If your relationship with a Scorpio was sexual, he will simply move on. If you have an emotional bond, he’ll play it cool because he’s protecting himself. 

2. He shows up at the same places as you

Even when a Scorpio man plays it cool, there are signs that he misses you. You may find that you keep bumping into him all the time. This is no accident. Well, maybe once is an accident.

But if you spot him at your favorite coffee shop or unexpected places then take it as a sign he misses you. This is his way of passively keeping in touch. 

3. He starts to get jealous 

Scorpio men are jealous by nature anyway, but their jealousy steps up a notch when they miss you. Scorpios tend to brood and worry when they can’t spend time with you. They are natural introverts and as such, spend a lot of time inside their heads.

He’ll picture you with other men. This will cause his thoughts to race. You may find that his calls and text are more frequent and that he starts to question your whereabouts and who you are with. 

4. He follows you on social media

Although Scorpios are known for being secretive, they’ll make no secret of letting you know they are following you on social media. It will start off with likes or tagging you in photographs. 

Then he will move on to commenting on posts or writing on your wall. If he unfollowed or unfriended you, he will send a friend request or write a message. Using social media is his way of engaging you back into his life. 

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5. He compliments you a lot 

he compliments you a lot

Scorpions spend a lot of time in their heads, but these thoughts spill out in the form of compliments when they miss you. They can’t help but notice the tiny flecks of gold in your eyes or how you effortlessly juggle work and family commitments without complaining. 

Paying you compliments shows you that he values you and he has missed your company. He wants you to know that he knows how lucky he is to have you in his life. 

6. He asks his friends about you 

Are you hearing from his friends that he’s been asking about you? His friends may even tell you that he has been talking you up to them. As well as paying you compliments he will gush about you to friends and family members.

So keep an ear open for any gossip regarding an ex Scorpio man. If the talk on the street is that he’s still talking about you that’s a good indication of him missing you. 

7. He’ll tell you

Of course, Scorpio men are brutally honest, so it is more than likely that he will tell you if he misses you. Once a Scorpio man has decided to trust you and open up, he will bare his soul. He won’t see anything wrong in telling you that he misses you. In fact, he will want you to know. 

Scorpions don’t really play those kinds of mind games. They can wait for a long time and plot their revenge on someone that has hurt them. In that way, they are secretive and brooding. But in a loving relationship, they are open and honest

8. He’ll text or call more often

he'll text or call more often

You can tell if your Scorpio man is missing you because he will call or text you more often than usual. I’ve said before that Scorpios can get jealous so some of these increased calls may well be down to him checking up on things. 

However, if he is not grilling you for information, he may simply want to connect and hear your voice. He will say that he is missing you and be upfront because it will make him feel better. 

9. He becomes clingy

I would describe your typical Scorpio man as clinging or outright hostile. There’s that dual nature of Scorpio rearing its ugly head again. When Scorpio man falls in love, he becomes vulnerable. He opens up and gives his heart and soul. 

If he is in a situation where he hasn’t seen his partner for a while, he’ll need reassurance about the relationship. Does she still love him? Scorpios like to be in control of things. He won’t like feeling this vulnerable. It will manifest itself in clingy behavior. 

10. He’ll be very touchy-feely 

This clingy behavior may result in your Scorpio man becoming very touchy-feely with you. Scorpios are renowned for their passion, but this passion is super-ignited when they miss you. 

He won’t be able to take his eyes or his hands off you. It will be as if he is exploring your body all over again for the very first time. And you know that Scorpions make excellent lovers. 

11. He may ask you for a big commitment

he may ask you for a big commitment

Scorpios are very big on commitment. They are one of the most loyal signs of the Zodiac. Time spent apart may have led him to realize that you are the one. He has now made a decision that he wants to make your relationship permanent.

He knows how he feels. He’s hoping you feel the same. When a Scorpio man loves, he loves wholeheartedly and completely. So don’t be surprised if your Scorpio guy returns with a ring and a proposal. 


How do you make a Scorpio man miss you?

If you want to make Scorpio man miss you you should give him his space. Even though Scorpios can be jealous, they also love mystery and intrigue. So make sure you don’t reveal everything on the first date. Always leave him wanting more. 

How do Scorpios act when they like someone?

Things to watch for are an intense gaze, focusing in on what you are saying, and making you seem like the only person in the room. Scorpios are observers. They will watch and listen intently before making their move

Do Scorpios hide their feelings?

Scorpios are known for being secretive but if they like someone they will let them know. They will want things to progress. This is a mysterious sign, however, so you should always be open with each other. Scorpios prefer honesty above all else. 

What to do when Scorpio man ignores you?

One of the things you should never do is bombard him with texts or calls. Give each other space. This allows time for your Scorpio man to miss you. Scorpios like to be in control of the relationship. They will want to think things over before making a decision. 

Do Scorpios miss their ex?

It all depends on the ex and the type of relationship. If it was purely sexual then it is doubtful for the Scorpio man to miss his ex. But if things were emotional and loving then he will miss the close bond of friendship and deep connection between the two of them. 

In Conclusion

It can be difficult how to know if a Scorpio man misses you, simply because of Scorpios secretive nature. But if you want to know then I hope the above signs will give you some valuable insight into this mysterious star sign. 

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