How Do You Know If A Scorpio Man Likes You, How Does He Flirt?

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We all know that most men will express his feeling when he is into a woman. They will have their own unique way to do it, but we still can categorize the common way the might express it based on their zodiac signs. Scorpio man is no exception and this article is for you.

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When a Scorpio man is into a girl, she can expect him to give her passionate attention. Scorpio man is the type of man who will show up whenever and wherever to catch his girl’s attention. When you, as a girl, notice a Scorpio man gives you intense attention, you can guess he is into you.

One thing that you need to know is this zodiac sign is the most sexually and emotionally complex sign compared to others.

To know more whether this Scorpio man is really into you or not, here are 5 things you need to remember:


1. Intense And Deceptive

intense and deceptive

The flirting style of Scorpio is naturally predominantly sexual, very flirty and also powerful. Because of those, Scorpio people are often called as the flirting masters.

When they are into someone, they will be very intense and even deceptive to capture his/ her attention and heart. At some way, you will notice how cunning they are to chase their lover’s attention.

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2. Spend Way More Time With You

Scorpio man is never shy during the chase. They will show up in front of his girl whenever and wherever he has a chance. As Scorpio man is very cautious about love, he will take time to enjoy his falling in love moment to his girl.

That is why he never hesitates to spend more time with her. It is true that most people tend to spend more time with their loved ones but Scorpio is the most intense to do this compared to other zodiacs.

3. Giving You A Little Test

Although Scorpio man never hesitates to shower his girl intense attention or spending time with her, he still does a little test to her. The test means to know if the girl really perfectly fits him despite he has interest in her.

The test is commonly about your change in behavior toward him in some different moods or situation, your fashion sense, your tact and even how you treat others. To notice when he observes you is the time when he lets you take control of everything while you are together, he does it to gauge your characteristics.

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4. Seems Attentive And Interested In Whatever You Say

This might happen to most men for their girls. The Scorpio man is no exception. When he is into a girl, he will listen attentively and seem very interested in whatever you say.

This is a very noticeable part to know when a man likes you because he wants to know you better. So, the best way to know that this Scorpio man is really into you is when he focuses and gives you his whole attention when you talk.

5. Open Up To You, Personally

open up to you personally

Scorpio man might be very intense to show his attention during the chase, but he can be very guarded over his feelings. However, as he knows you more and more and builds his trust in you, he will slowly open up to you.

The more he increases his trust level for you the more you know he might have romantic feeling for you. If you also like him, let him know that he can trust you. When he shows up to this ‘trust’ level, you can feel confident that he will confess his feeling for you.

Thus are 5 things to remember to notice that Scorpio man likes you or not. However, if you are between Scorpio and Gemini man, you would like to read how to tell if Gemini man is playing with you?.

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