What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush Being Your Boyfriend?

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Have you ever really like someone and you keep thinking about them in every second you have? Have you ever had a dream about your crush? Like he's being you boyfriend in your dream and you guys can be anything you want to be, and then you wake up from the dream, your heart will be racing as you suddenly discover that everything you experienced was only a dream.

You must be very happy to dream about him as your boyfriend. So, here's the reason why you dream about your crush being your boyfriend!


1. You Can't Get Him Out Of Your Mind

you can't get him out of your mind

First of all, girls can like a boys when he have a good looking face or charismatic or cool. You can't have a crush on someone who looks ugly. You start get obsessed with him because you see him often on daily basis and you don't realize that he owns your mind. You keeps thinking of him anywhere and anytime.

Not surprisingly, dreaming about your good looking crush is a wish fulfillment dream of a real-life desire. Dreams will often reflect our emotions, so the more you think about something or someone, the more likely you will be to dream about them.

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2. You Want Him In So Bad 

What does it mean when you dream about your crush being your boyfriend? This dream's you get can happen because of you can't stop thinking about your crush. You finally arrive at the phase where you unconsciously fall in love with him and you really want him in your life as your boyfriend.

In this phase you will start get jealous when there's another girl talk to him, laugh with him, and even when they touch his skin. 

3. You Be Affected By Him 

What does it mean when you dream about your crush being your boyfriend? Maybe, this good looking crush has a positive vibes around people and of course around you and it affected you so much. You look happier when you see him around, change a not-so-bad habit just to impressed him, and it's a good sign for you.

So, you can dreaming randomly about anything and believe it or not, dream is not coincidence because dreams give you a sign for what are you going to do in your real life. Dreams reveal your true feels and emotion that you're try to hide and sometimes dreams can give you an answer for your questions. 

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Signs Why You Dream About Your Crush Being Your Boyfriend

signs why you dream about your crush being your boyfriend

You might be dreamed about your crush being your boyfriend and it's just a magical dream that people ask to dream about. So, here's the sign why you dream about your crush being your boyfriend!

1. You Have A High Expectation Of Your Life 

Our dreams are our subconscious thoughts. This dream can be nothing because dream is just a dream and it may just be your fantasy. Many people envision of being successful, but only some come true. When you allow your dreams to pull you, they unleash a creative force that can overpower any obstacle in your path. 

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2. You Have A Desire To Express Your True Feelings To Them

It's a good thing when we have crush on someone and they reply your feelings back. You just think to try tell him about it but it never happens. You just desperately want to tell him so much, but you never have the confidence and bravery to tell him and in the end they just a thought that overwhelming in your head. 

3. You Are Looking For More In Your Life 

You actually feel lonely and want to find what you really need in your life. You may not have any love in your life and this dream is acting out your desire to have someone who cares for you. If someone makes you feel good about yourself or makes you laugh, it can have a powerful impact on our subconscious minds, so, give it a try.

This means you have a positive dreams that can bright up your day. A good dream will start a good day. As a girl, having a dream like that was very peaceful and some of girls will just stay quiet and do nothing about this dream. Because they're just to shy to take an action just based on her dream that not even true at all.

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Tips When You Dream About Your Crush Being Your Boyfriend

So, here's the tips when you dream about your crush being your boyfriend!

1. Act Now!

act now

If you really want him to be your boyfriend in real life not just in a dream, act now. Act now means you can ask him out for lunch; when you in a same school with him just ask him to go out to canteen together, do the usual bump in the corridors just make sure that he see you constantly.

hough you do all of this based only by a dream it may not work, but the thought that you have tried will comfort you. You better regret it because you ever tried than regret by not trying at all. 

2. Try To Find Similarities With Him 

Be interested in the things you have in common more than him (at least try to). Whether it is an activity you do together or a club you are in or mutual interests you have, these should be your focus in conversation, but they will lead to other topics. When you and him find the similarity between others it will be more easy to build a relationship with him. Boys like girl who actually have a same hobby with them; like sports, games, same movie's genre or music.

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3. Be Attractive Enough 

Attractive means you have to be a joyful person who actually nice, pretty, smart, unique, or fun. Your nature's beauty decided who you are and what people think when they look at you. In this case, attractive is a positive things as long as it is not exaggerate. When you have a attractive personality, people can easily looking at you and notice you. It will be easier to let your good looking crush notice that you're here and you like him and hoping that he like you too.

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