How to Propose Your Crush on Valentine's Day?

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Valentines day are a day of romance. That is why it is the perfect time for you to make your move on your crush. But don’t embarrass yourself . Find out if your crush is really into you before you make that next step.

Signs That Your Crush is Into You Too

The real signs that the love is not one sided;

  1. Your Crush Responds To Your Romantic Gestures

Whenever you show the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush or make other romantic gestures, your crush is not afraid to show you that they are interested and even doing the same thing for you.

  1. Makes You Their Priority

They are not afraid to set things aside and make you their priority. This means they are willing to make time for you and your well being.

  1. Willing To Sacrifice For You

Making sacrifices is something that comes naturally for them as long as the relationship keeps growing.

  1. Comfortable With Being Themselves With You

They do not seem to hold back or become someone they are not. This is because they are comfortable with you and interested in their relationship with you.

  1. Not Afraid Of Being Seen Together

If your partner doesn’t shy away or become embarrassed because people saw you two being together, that means your crush have nothing to hide.


Romantic Ways to Propose Crush on Valentine's

Now that you are sure that your crush is really feeling the same way as you, you are safe to make the next move. Here are the creative and romantic ways on how to propose your crush on valentine's day;

  1. Say It On A Cake

Write a short sentence on the cake which is what you want to ask your crush with. Make sure that the cake is beautiful and the sentence is romantic.

  1. Say It With A Flower

Flowers have a lot of meaning and it is always a romantic idea. Find the meaning of a flower that struck your heart and you think is fit for the occasion.

  1. Take Her Some Place Special

By taking her to some place special, preferably where it is romantic and private, you are setting the mood to a whole romantic night ahead.

  1. Candle Lit Dinner With Your Crush

Candles, flowers, and amazing food is the classic way to make a move on a valentine day. Do this and it will be almost impossible for your crush to say no.

  1. Say It With A Jewelry

Buying your crush a precious jewelry that you think will fit them is a grandeur way to say you have (signs you are falling in love). Your crush will say yes for sure.

  1. Give Your Crush A Giant Doll

Fluffy dolls that is big is a great reminder that you love them. Plus it can be a promise that the relationship with your crush will be full of affection and genuine love.

  1. Scrapbook To Show Your Love

Fill a book with your favorite moments together or your favorite things about your crush. This will make sure your crush know about how deep is your love towards them.

  1. Write Your Crush A Letter

A letter is an old but great way to romantically say your devotion towards your crush. Your crush will cherish it forever.

  1. Write Your Crush A Poem

What is more romantic than heart felt, rhyming, and lirical words? A poem is a hidden ways on how to propose your crush on valentine's day. This will melt their heart.

  1. Give Your Crush Something That Reminds You Of Them

Give your crush something that you know they have been craving or something that reminds you of them. This shows that in the relationship you will be a listening and thoughtful lover.

  1. Give Your Crush Something That Symbolises The Relationship

Water symbolises adaptability and fluidity meanwhile a flower symbolises romance. Give your crush something filled with the symbol of hope of the relationship you want to have with them.

  1. Say It With A Romantic Quote

Quotes are a timeless and easy way to grab the heart and attention of your crush. After that, ask the big question. Here is the ways to say I love you without saying I love you.

  1. Invite A Romantic Band

Romantic band to sing your favorite song and serenade both of you is the perfect way to propose to your crush. It will surely be a day to remember.

More Tips to Propose Your Crush on Valentine's Day

Nothing fits your desire? Don’t worry there are plenty other ways. Here are more lovable tips on how to propose your crush on valentine's day;

  1. Say It Under The Stars

What better and more mesmerizing ways on how to propose your crush on valentine's day? Say it under the stars. It will be a serene and romantic time which is the perfect vibe to make your crush say yes.This is a cure Ways to Let Your Crush Know You Like Him

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  1. Let The Movie Speak Your Intention

Pick a movie that is romantic then say your intention. It will be really tough for her to say no with the lingering romantic vibes inside her.

  1. Say It While Slow Dancing

Slow dancing gives you intimacy and romance that is needed to make a proposal.

  1. Say It Through Little Romantic Things

Don’t only do one big thing, do small romantic things throughout the day that set her up for the romantic mood you are aiming for. Why not do the Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush?

  1. Say It In Front Of Her Friends

Saying it in front of her friends shows that you have their friend support which makes them say yes to you easier.

  1. Say It In Front Of Her Family

Take it up a notch by saying what you want to say in front of your family. This is great for a crush that is closely tied to their family.

Want a perfect night? Combine the ways and tips to make an ultimate night where it will be impossible for your crush to say no. All you have to do is to show that love and effort. Then, you are set to be a pair of lovers!

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