Cute Ways To Let Your Crush Know You Like Him

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Crushes is the beginning of any relationship. It starts to form as soon as you admire him, even when you barely know him. This feeling erupts inside your heart and it could leave you sleepless for days. How do you make this go away?

The best answer to that question is to express it. Expressing it will not only make you relieved but it might make the relationship advance to a whole new level you otherwise might not get. Be brave and start to do the cute ways to let your crush know you like him;


1. Flirt

Flirting is always a fun way to let someone know that you are into them. Flirt on text, calls, or in real life and do it playfully. You can find the inspiration on what to say by seeing the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

2. Make Him Something

make him something

Making him something means that you actually want to put an effort in showing your love. You can show it through a homemade cooking, a song, a letter and many more.

3. Text Him

Initiating the text, keeping the text going, and sending hints of interest in the text is the best bet in making him like you more. By doing this you will always be on his mind and day. After that he will start to know that you are trying to show him the Signs A Girl Loves You Secretly.

4. Greet Him Cutely In The Morning And At Night

Being the first one and the last one to greet him cutely makes sure that you are the first and last thing on his mind. This is a great How to Tell Your Crush You Want to be More Than Friends.

5. Listen To Him

Just listening to him might sound simple but it gives off more positive effects than you would otherwise think. Whenever he is talking just listen intently and he will feel the Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

6. Shyly Look At Him From Across The Room

It has always been believed that when someone steal glances at you from accross the room, it means they are showing interest. Well it is true and your crush will probably know it too. Do it and he will know for sure that it is a clear hint.

7. Ask For His Help

Making him feel important and needed is actually a great hidden way to get to his heart. Ask for help, but not too much. He will start to show his protective and affectionate side.

8. Share Your Feelings With Him

Sharing your feelings with him means you are willing to be vulnerable. Any man knows that when woman do this it means that she is willing to be in a relationship. He will also feel more close to you.

9. Long Calls

long calls

Long calls are a great way to tell him that you are always there for him and talking to him is just so exciting! This is a great cute ways to let your crush know you like him. 

10. Support Him

When he does something, support him. Sometimes a simple act of supporting him will make him feel very happy. It could even put you in the top of his list on the most important person in his life.

11. Always Be There For Him

Show this to him by not leaving on the bad days and rejoicing on the good days. He will know that your love does not have the Signs of Conditional Love and he will feel grateful.

12. Take Care Of Him

Taking care of him by giving him affection, expecting his needs, and many more is essential to make him feel loved.

13. Have Private Hangouts

Initiate hang outs with just the two of you. This will let him know that you really want to be with him and you want to be close to him.

14. Help Him

Offer help and you will absolutely be repaid by his love and affection towards you. You will start to see the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say.

More Tips To Get Your Crush Close To You

Haven’t had enough? Well don’t let your big feelings go to waste. Here are more romantic tips on cute ways to let your crush know you like him;

1. Get Close

Show the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You he will get the hint and start approaching you too.

2. Dress For Him

dress for him

He will feel special and will fall in love with you more and more!

3. Don’t Play Games

Do not play games by making him chase you or being with someone else just to make him jealous. Your crush will think that you are not serious and get tired. This results in you losing him completely.

4. Let Him Into Your World

Let him know every part of you and he will surely know that you are into him.

5. Smile Whenever He Comes

This will bring a great mood to his day and let him know that he is someone significant to you.

6. Hug Him

Hugging him makes him feel warm and ultimately closer to you. Also, there are many scientific prove on how a hug can lift a mood for a long time.

7. Kiss Him

Kissing him is the most romantic and straight forward hint when you want to do the cute ways to let your crush know you like him.

Signs That Your Crush Likes You Too

When all this hinting and flirting is over, your crush will respond. Here are the great signs that the love is not one sided:

1. He Is Not Afraid To Be With You In Public

He is not afraid to be close with you in public. When he is afraid, that means he is hiding something and his love is untrue.

2. He Initiates Things

he initiates things

He initiates a text when there is none, a call or even a date.

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3. You Are The Only One

He is not currently being with someone else or having another crush.

The cute ways to let your crush know you like him is an essential thing to do if you want to make the progress to making him like you faster. Soon the relationship will start to bloom. When he starts to show the signs that he likes you,the relationship is in full bloom. Good luck!

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