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Last updated on June 5, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you messaging a man who you’re desperate to leave an impression on? 

Are you looking for ideas of texts to send to drive him wild with desire? 

If so, this is the right place. Below, you’ll find a wide range of texting to make a man more interested in you. 

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With that said, let’s now explore some ideas to win his interest via text message.

How To Text Your Crush To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Texting is one easy way of communication. It helps people to feel close and express some feelings that you feel difficult to say directly. As we know texting is as easy as just one touch of your finger. It contains some features that can give you some facilities to enjoy the talks. For example, if you want to express your feelings you can use emoticons provided. This feature contains some face or items with various feelings and situation that you can choose.

Besides it also has a feature to capture the moment with the camera and sending a document or sharing location where you are at. Nowadays people use text to talk and it is suitable for any people in business, daily conversation, or even flirting.

Yes, some people also use text to express their feelings when they cannot show it directly to someone they love. If you were shy or not ready to say it, so texting is one way closer to get their love. So this is some explanation on how to make your crush fall in love with you in one touch of your finger:

1. Say Hi

How to make your crush fall in love with you over text? Saying a simple “Hi” will probably open your chance to get your crush. Trying to break an iceberg and you can also continue your conversation with the light topics like get to know how your crush doing. If your crush replied it, it means your crush is welcome to open a conversation to you.

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2. Asking About The Day

asking about the day

Your crush might have the best day in their life or the opposite one. If they have a bad day, you can show your care and attention. Let your crush tell and share about the day and tell yours too. That's how to make your crush fall in love with you over text. 

3. Trying To Have A “WH Question”

You can continue the conversation with some questions you want to ask. Trying not to stop with yes or no question, so you might have a long conversation on your own. Adding some questions relate with their daily routine, such as their hobbies, work, or plans. 

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4. Giving A Compliment And Care

If you notice that your crush has just done with their new haircut, you can give them a compliment and show them that you like their choice. Nobody dislikes compliments. Let them know that you care to them by asking about their daily routine. Sending them a good morning or good night text is one way to make them know your care.

You can also add some emoticons to express your feelings, for example a kiss face or love struck face. These emoticons represent more about your feelings and it has a lot of meanings that your crush should guess. 

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5. Giving Or Asking A Favor

You can offer a favor if you know you crush need something. Your crush will thank to you and they know that you can be trusted. Moreover you can also ask a favor to your crush. Do not be shy or hesitate to make them know that you need help. They will think they can be a person to rely on. 

It is exciting when you know your crush reply your text back and give a positive respond to you. This sign means you can get to know them more and let the conversation flow naturally. Since texting gives you a comfort way to communicate each other, you can also set another trick to get your crush close to you a little bit more.

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This Is Love Tips To Get Your Crush Close To You

But if it cannot give them a sign, do not be sad, you should know some tips that you can try the good way to get their attention. This is how to make your crush fall in love with you over text. 

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1. Texting In The Right Time

You know some people might get disturb if someone sent a text not in the right time. For example, you text your crush at night when they prepare to sleep or when they have meeting at work. Your text will disturb them and they are not comfortable with you. Give your crush a time to do their daily routines and time for themselves.

2. Giving A Pause After They Reply

giving a pause after they reply

You should know the trick of texting that you give a time for a while after he sends you a text. It will make them curious. You do not reply fast they will think you are busy and it indicates you have quality time with your work or job.

3. Do Not Give Spam Text

If you tried to get your crush attention by text them every day or even every minute, you get it wrong. It is not your way to show that you care to them too. They will think you are doing nothing in life and just bothering your crush time. It is really disturbing if you send spamming text in the middle of his meeting at work though. 

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4. Do Not Interrogate Your Crush About Their Ex, Friends Or Private Things

Some you think your crush has replied your text it means you already own them, so you have to know all of their activities and get them prisoned by your questions. Just because your crush did not reply your text, you are too suspicious that they are busy with their ex, friends that you do not like or private things. They should think that you are too bossy and give negative effect to them.

They just cannot imagine if they had a relationship with you that have a lot of interrogation. You would be his partner, not a police. In this term, you should give them their own space. If they want to share or tell you about their ex or private story, they would openly talk to you with trust.

5. Be Yourself

Those tips are useless for you if you forget to be your own self. The pure communication is from heart to heart. So just be yourself and let your crush know your best quality and personality. Be confident!

Just reminding you that this explanation is nothing without your effort. You should make decisions and show your true feelings. In fact, besides texting you also can have quality time with your crush by meeting up in person. Effort can deny the result. Good luck!

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