Good Ways To Make A Good First Impression

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Good impressions are a must whenever you meet a new person. This is because a good impression can leave a long-lasting effect and might boost your relationship with them in the future. But sometimes people forget the importance of it so they forget how to have it.

To make a good impression you only need to make some simple actions that can do a lot to your overall performance. These steps are more or less already in your head. For your next big meeting with someone new, here are the simple good ways to make a good first impression;


1. Shake Their Hand Firmly

When you shake their hand firmly it gives them a big reassurance that you are a firm, strong person and is ready for the relationship ahead.

2. Meet Their Gaze

meet their gaze

Strong eye contact is also a good thing to remember. When you divert from their gaze you are saying that you are shy. Meeting their gaze is a strong power move.

3. Dress Appropriately

Know what kind of meet up you are going to then dress appropriately. The right clothes actually tell people that you have your life put together and that you are a great person.

4. Smile While Squinting A Little

This might be a weird trick but smiling while squinting a little when you meet them gives your smile a more genuine impression. This makes you more likable.

5. Use A Strong Voice

A strong and firm voice can make your words heard more because people are naturally more drawn to it.

6. Speak Their Name Again

We often forget about people’s names when they first say them and it can lead to awkwardness. That is why a good trick is to say their name again to remind yourself and to give the impression that you are listening intently.

7. Be Cheerful

Positive and optimistic people always attract good vibes to the room. When you are positive you are setting the theme for the rest of the conversation which can lead to a better outcome.

8. Be Humorous

It does not have to be serious all the time. Being humorous while keeping it appropriate is always good because a little laugh makes people feel at ease with you. This is also a great tip on Ways to Make New Friends at School.

9. Stand Straight

Don’t look to the floor and cave in. Stand straight and show your dominance. This is actually a good body language people need to use to make a good first impression.

10. Be Confident About Yourself

Being confident doesn’t mean boasting. It only means that you are okay if people don’t like you because you love yourself in the first place. This confidence will attract the right people. Remember the Reasons Why You Should Love Me.

11. Give Them Your Business Card

For immediate contact, give them your business card. This makes you look classy and it can make the chance of being contacted by them bigger.

12. Lean In When Talking

lean in when talking

Another body language tip is to lean in when talking. When you are leaning in when talking you are giving the impression that you are listening actively.

13. Listen More

Don’t dominate the conversation by talking too much. Doing a big part of the listening is actually a good way to get people to like you. To make it better, you need to be a proactive listener. This is also a good Ways to Have a Good Conversation With A Girl.

More Tips to Impress People at The First Meet

There are still a lot more unknown ways to get that good impression. That is why you need to remember these tips on good ways to make a good first impression;

1. Offer To Help

Offering help as soon as you can lets people know that you are helpful and generous with your time. This also lets them know that you are a nice person.

2. Be Careful With Your Tone

Sometimes our tone can be a bit too low or a bit too high. Both of these can damage the vibe of the conversation. Make sure your tone is diplomatic and at ease.

3. Be Humble

Don’t boast about yourself and don’t look down on other people. Doing this makes them hate you.

4. Never Be Late

When you are late you will arrive ashamed, flustered, and weak. Overall, this is not the impression that you want to give.

5. Talk Clearly

Talk clearly with a great tone, a to the point talk, and a clear voice. Doing this will make you seem more likable and trustworthy.

Signs You've Got A Good Impression

signs you've got a good impression

All those work and reminder means nothing when you can’t read the signs that it has paid off. Do not be afraid, here are the real signs you have got a good impression;

1. They Ask For More Of Your Contact

If they really like you they don’t want to lose your contact. That is why they will ask for your other contact like social media or house number for easy contact.

2. They Ask To Meet Again

Now that the first encounter is great, when people like you of course they want to have more of you. That is why you need to expect further meetups with that person. This is also one of the Signs She is Into Me.

3. They Speak Fondly Of You To Other People

They know you are a good person so they speak like you are to other people. They will not feel burdened to promote who you are to more people.

4. They Smile When They See You

Smiling automatically when they see you can mean that they genuinely enjoy your company and is honestly happy to see you.

Good impressions are important in almost every part of our life but sometimes we forget how to do them. That is why we should remember the good ways to make a good first impression. Then you can start to reap the signs you have got a good impression.

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