Do Girls Like Guys Who Crossdress - An Explanation

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Crossdressing is another social issue that hard to deal with. Even though the awareness of genders and LGBT issue has been raised everywhere, it is no secret that they are not so openly received in many parts of the world.

Crossdressing might be unsual, but they don’t counted as part of LGBT. Not every crossdressers are part of it, though. There are people who have this habit, but they are straight. But guys dressing as girls are considered abnormal, given the culture we raised in that genders are man and woman. Also read If You Find Out Your Husband Was a Crossdresser, What Would You Do?

So if many crossdressers men are straight, do girls like guys who crossdress? Can they accept the guy the way he is or they can’t help but thinking about them just like other people do? In this article, we will try to give you a more general, broader view about it.

The matter of liking is surely depends on each individuals, as they will always be divided in “yes”, “no”, and “nowhere between” as they don’t care much about it. So below are some points that might affect how a girl thinks about a guy who crossdress. Also read Things You Should Know Before Dating A Transgender Guy


Relationship with the Guy

relationship with the guy

So who is this guy we are talking about is the most important aspect. What you think about somebody depends on how he is for you. If they is someone very close to her, say it her brothers, a girl who loves him so much might just accept him.

But if she is a straight girl and she is dating a crossdressing guy, her feeling might change. Even this is not always true, crossdressing guy typically has tendency to turn into a transgender. If a girl is dating him or even married already, this is not a simple matter. Also read Signs of a Guy Being Gay

For a friend, crossdressing guy sounds okay. Since you only see quality and personalities from your friends, so him being a crossdresser could be excluded as long as he can be a good friend. But for a lover, dating or marrying a crossdressing guy doesn’t sound right.

We can’t generalize whether a girl like or dislike a guy who crossdress because the answer is relative, depend on who the guys is in her life.

Their General Assumption About Crossdressing

In this modern era, many people are still think traditionally. But we can’t blame them. Some girls are open with crossdressing concept, as they think that everyone should be themselves, finding their true identity and presenting the most comfortable form of themselves. Also read How to Pray for Someone Struggling with Homosexuality

However, there are also many girls with traditional thoughts that men should act masculine and women are on the feminine side. You can force anyone to change their mind. So a girl’s general assumption about crossdressing will define whether they like a guy who crossdress or not.

If they think that a guy shouldn’t dress as a girl, chances are she don’t like them. But it could also possible that she doesn’t like but she doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t affect her life. Once again, everyone has their own answer about do girls like guys who crossdress. We can’t simply define it as clear as black and white.

The Circumstances They Grew Up and Live in

Environment plays a big part on how somebody’s assumption about something. If a girl has been used to seeing crossdressing guy due to the circumstances she grew up in, she won’t raise her eyebrows. Also read How to Tell Your Parents You are Bisexual

But even though she is okay with crossdressing guys, we have to go back again to the starting point about who is this guy who crossdress. Just because she grew up in such circumstances doesn’t mean she will accept crossdressing guy as her lover.

It can be contrary that because she has been familiar with crossdressing guys, know all the things about them, it makes her dislike them and she doesn’t want to be near them. Since everything is relative, it is really different for everyone too.

Regardless, Being Respectful is Important

Regardless of the question about do girls like guys who crossdress, the most important thing is to respect them. You may dislike them for they path they choose in life, but you have no right to judge them.

Like the old saying said, everyone is facing their own battle. So all you have to do is being nice and kind to them. They must have gone through hardships and struggle until they finally found their identity.

Don’t judge them negatively because they don’t live like any others. They have their own choice, and we should learn a lot from them for being so brave to be different.

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