The Best Way to Write a Letter to Ellen Show That Might Actually Get Read

Last updated on February 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Ellen Show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres is an American music show that is still going after more than a decade on air. On her show, Ellen has a particular segment where she read letters from viewers and fans around the world that want to reach her.

Of course they are lucky fans as Ellen might receive tons of letter a day but theirs managed to get read. If you have been watching Ellen since forever, you might want to know the best way to write a letter to Ellen Show that might actually get read. Also read How to Get Ellen DeGeneres to Notice You

It’s not impossible as long as you know how. In this article we are going to give you some useful tips on how to write to Ellen so that your letter could get read by her even featured on the show!

  1. Tell a Touching Story

Ellen loves to hear and interact with her fans all over the world, especially those who have touching stories with them. Ellen will not keep it only for herself, but make sure to share the stories so the whole world know too. Also read How to Get Taylor Swift to Notice You On Tumblr

If you want your letter to be read by Ellen on her show, share the most touching and heart-warming stories you have. And it can be anything – the one that will make people smile, cry, or inspired. If the story is worth to share, you probably got invited to her show, too.

  1. Create Account on EllenTube

Reaching out for Ellen through the official channels of her show emphasize your chance to get noticed by her and got your letters read by Ellen herself. Visit, a video portal of her show where fans can send videos or photos to her. Also read How to Make Someone Famous Notice You on Instagram

Letters might sound too old-fashioned now that you can send pictures and videos as well. More than that, it’s a bigger opportunity than sending letter. You can send both letters and photos or videos as you want. Sign up for an account on EllenTube so that you will be able to send photos and videos to Ellen anytime.

  1. Send a Funny Video

If you are a long-time fan of Ellen, you must know that she often featured funny videos on her show. Send a funny video that you think might draw Ellen’s interest so that it can get featured on her show.

Even though Ellen receives hundred videos a day, don’t give up to keep sending it when yours haven’t get the chance to be featured. So if you want to get featured quickly send a really good video unlike the previous ones that Ellen has shown.

All you have to do is clicking the green button with “Send Ellen a Video or Photo” written on it in the upper-right corner of EllenTube homepage. But before that, make sure you already have account. Also read How to Get Harry Styles to Notice You on Twitter

4. Ask for Help or Donation

Ellen always wants to make others happy and smile. She will do anything to help people, so if you really need her help you can tell her by sending letter or video. Ellen will feature your video of letter, read it publicly so you can get more help.

This is one of the best way to write a letter to Ellen Show that might actually get read. Ellen is notorious for giving her fans and guests gift, money, donation, etc. according to what they need.

  1. Participate in Every Event She Hold

There are so much fun on Ellen Show, one of the reasons is because Ellen continuously hold event for the fans. She usually set up certain quizzes to mark certain events – mother’s day, siblings’ day, etc. – and invite all of her fans to join and send their own videos.

All you have to do is create the best video according to the current theme and make sure it is interesting enough to pass the production team selections and letter viewed by Ellen herself. Also read How to Get BTS to Notice You At A Concert

Your chance to reach Ellen is bigger when you participate in such events as your videos must be watched by her teams.

  1. Call Out for Ellen on Social Media

Ellen is everywhere in the social media, you know, and she is quite active too. If your letters are yet to be read by her, you can call her out through the social media. Ellen’s personal account on Instagram is @TheEllenShow and she also has @ellentube for her show. Like her photos and leave comments on it.

So those are everything we got on the best way to write a letter to Ellen Show that might actually get read. If you also have useful tips, share through the comment section below.

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