Worst Effect of Bullying in High School for Seniors and Juniors (Stop It Right Now!)

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School bullying has always been a severe issue for a long time, either in junior or senior high school. It’s a very serious threat for the young generation as it leaves both physical and mental wounds.

Now in the internet era, bullying has found a new form named cyberbullying. But cyberbullying doesn’t stop right there. A study proved that a cyberbullying victim indicated that they were also bullied in real life at least once or twice a month.

Enough saying, there are too many worst effect of bullying in high school for seniors and junior. Now we’re going to take a deeper look in this bullying issue and how it will affect both the victim and the bully.

Form of Bullying in School

When people first hear the word “bully” they will think directly of a bunch of buys who kicking and punching, fighting one another. But bullying is not all about physical. There are several form of school bullying that are commonly happen. Also read What to Do When You Have a Boyfriend in Middle School?

  • Physical Bullying

This is the most obvious, traditional form of bullying. Physical bullies usually gain control over their peers and it appears stronger, and more aggressive. The form of bullying include hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, and many more.

However, it’s easiest to identify physical bullying as it leaves obvious mark and wounds. However, it is sad to say that physical bully receives more attention than any other form of bullying.

  • Verbal Bullying

Just because verbal bullying doesn’t leave physical marks, doesn’t mean it less important than physical bullying. Harsh statements, name-calling to gain control, belittling, demeaning, and hurting the emotionally are among the form of verbal bullying.

It’s very difficult to identify as it usually targeting children with special needs. This kind of bullying happens whenever the adults are not around. Also read How to Deal with School Drama in Elementary School

  • Emotional Bullying

Emotional bullying is among the most difficult form of bullying to be identified. It usually ostracizing someone from the groups, spreading false rumours, manipulating situations, and breaking confidence.

This emotional bullying or relational aggression tend to happen more to girls than boys, gaining them the name mean girls. They usually form a distinct group, making themselves exclusive among other students.

  • Cyberbullying

This is the newest form of bullying, as there were no internet and smartphones in the past. Cyberbullying uses those two things as well as other technology to threaten, belittling, and targeting others. Also read Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date in High School

Making online threats, blackmailing through emails and texts, also posting hurtful image tagging their targets. Cyberbullying usually more severe as the bully said everything improper that they don’t have courage to say it in person.

Cyberbullying is helped by the internet itself, as they provide anonymity so nobody is going to accuse them for bullying. It can lead to a real life bullying.

  • Sexual Bullying

Sexual bullying can be done both verbally and physically. It involves harmful and humiliating actions targeting the victims sexually. It included rude comments regarding uninvited touching, sexual propositioning, and pornographic material.

It also triggered by the girls’ behaviour where they sent an improper photo of herself to their boyfriend, and it used by the latter to bully her.

  • Prejudicial Bullying

Prejudicial bullying usually targeting different religions races, and sexual orientation. It can encompass other bullying type such as cyberbullying, physical bullying, and verbal bullying. They particularly targeting kids who are appear different from them, be it physically or religiously and the single them out.

Worst Effect of Bullying in High School for Seniors and Juniors

Bullying should be taken seriously because of its severe effects both for the victim and the bully. Even if it seems short and looks like nothing, but the wounds and trauma they get from bullying when they were children affects their behaviour as a grown-ups.

So here are the effects of bullying, both for victim and bully, in short term and long term.

  • Short Term Effects for the Victim

Bullying victim typically show distinct behaviours after the bullying take place. It is include isolating themselves from the social peers, low self-esteem and confidence, bedwetting, decline in school performance, fear of going to school, and showing symptoms of depression.

UCLA had conduct a study to 2,300 students in different eleven middle school in Los Angeles, USA show that low graded students across the three years of school shows that they are associated with bullying. The most bullied students even show a poorer performance in school. Also read Reasons Why Your High School Best Friends Are For Life

  • Long Term Effects for the Victim

The most severe risk of bullying in a long time is poor mental health. But with a proper and immediate treatment, more damaging effects can be prevented. For long time bullying, the effects on the victim can even be worse.

It is included chronic depression, suicidal thought, trust issue in friendship and relationship, anxiety problem, and poor general health.

  • Short Term Effects for the Bully

Not only the victim, but the bully will also be affected by the bullying behaviour they did in the past. Teachers and parents at school should be aware of the bullies behaviour and the reason they do such things. Also read How to Know If A Girl Likes You in Middle School 6th Grade

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A bully also show a poor school performance as they tend to miss school a lot, risk of substance abuse, and having difficulty in maintaining a good social relationship. Both the bully and victim also has a high risk of psychiatric hospitalization caused by mental disorder.

  • Long Term Effects for the Bully

Abusive behaviour showed by bullies in their adolescence is likely continue to the adulthood. When they are married and having children on their own, they tend to develop abusive behaviour for them. Abusive manner becomes trivial things in life and for worst, they likely become uneducated and unemployed.

Any form of school bullying leaves a severe effects for both the bully and the victim. Medical intervention is highly required to prevent worse effects. Both teachers and parents should be aware of any particular signs in bullying.

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