Real Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date In High School

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Actually many pros and cons whether dating in high school will it bring good or bring bad impact? The answer lies in the foundation of the relationship itself, if it brings a bad impact, it is better to stop and wait for the best time. Below here are the 25 reasons why you shouldn't date in high school.


1. Enjoy The Freedom

Enjoy your teenage years with your friends, spend time with them and enjoy the days at school without sharing with others.

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2. A Teenage Year Is A Period Of Physical And Psychological Growth

Physical and psychological changes in a teenager years are still very unstable. Changes in emotions and hormones in it will continue to change so it's vulnerable for them to feel a broken heart.

3. Know Yourself Better

It's no need to feel worried. Singles in a teenage year will not make you bad. On the contrary, you will know who your true identity is.

4. Need Guidance From Parents

need guidance from parents

Teens still need guidance and direction from parents. This is to direct their best lives in the future.

5. Avoid Breaking Up Of Love

Imagine, if you have a boyfriend and then you break up when the school exam begin? Surely your heart will hurt and your mind will be divided. Singles in this time will actually keep you from the pain of breaking up.

6. Free Of Gossip

Break up with the most famous boy in school or you are dating the richest boy in school. Of course, the whole school will immediately know the news and the next day they will gossip about you. In fact, you have a hater here that is none other than your best friend.

7. It Does Not Bring Any Benefits

What's more reasons why you shouldn't date in high school? Dating at this time will not bring any benefits. There is the only useless pleasure.

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8. You Are Much Happier

Take the advantage of your time with a myriad of positive activities. Make yourself an excellent student in school. Be happy and enjoy the good times in school. 

9. Dating In A Teenager Is Just A Status

The reason teenagers have boyfriends at school is to have her status. Because if not, they will be bullied. Be careful your thinking is wrong girls.

10. Better To Wait For The Right Moment

Do not force yourself to date at this time, it's better to wait for the right time. When you grow up you will understand what kind of person that you want in a relationship.

11. Already Out Of Focus On Dating At High School

Dating in high school can make you better or worse. If you are already not focused again on a study like these following signs, immediately break with him and leave him. It's for your better future, girls. 

12. Busy With Chatting

You do not stop chatting with him that finally makes you forget the time. It's not only that, all your duties become disorder and regret is the end.

13. Often Do Fighting With A Boyfriend

often do fighting with a boyfriend

A good boyfriend will definitely understand and will always support every positive activity at high school. However, if he does not like and like to fight with you, better for you to leave him.

14. Number First Is Your Boyfriend

There is no harm in having a boyfriend at school. However, if you prefer to choose your boyfriend what about your future, girls? Does he care about your future? Think about this carefully.

15. Your Boyfriend Asks You To Skip School

Just because you want to spend time with him you are willing to skip school? This is not true, it is clear that he has a bad impact on you.

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16. Your Concentration Is Split Into Two

At the first time, you think to want to focus because the exam is close, but your heart wants to give attention to your boyfriend. Think carefully pass the exam or spend time with your boyfriend?

17. Blocked Your Ability Development

You are a student who has a lot of ability and achievement in school. However, it turns out your boyfriend did not like it, he even put you off.

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18. Love Or Lust

Dating in the teenage year should not be done because is only driven by lust. If you are dating him and you are more concerned with passions than your future, you must be aware of the consequences that will come to you later.

Tips To Avoid Any Love Relationship From In High School

You ever to choose your study more than a boy? But how is the boy has a crush on you? Below here are tips for you how to decline the invitation of dating at the high school.

1. Ask For A Little Time

Even if you intend to decline, but ask for 3 to 7 days to think. Directly decline him, will make hurt too, right?

2. Say Directly

Your deadline is up, say it directly in front of him if you decline it. Express it with subtle words without hurting his feelings.

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3. Parents Did Not Allow You To Date

Just say, at this time you are not allowed to date with you because it does not allow by your parent. If he is a good person he will not be angry. He will approach your parents first. 

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4. Focus On Studying

focus on studying

Tell him if you want to focus on your future because you want to make your parents happy later. If he is a good person he will always support you and encourage you.

5. Losing The Freedom

Maybe you think if you date him you will lose your freedom. It will not be able to spend much time with your closest friends and family. 

6. Have A Family Problem

Just say, if you have a family problem and you will not to take him in your problem. Just say it honestly and openly.

7. Can Not Commit Yet

Maybe you're just a girl, but because you're still young and tend to be unstable you're still afraid to commit. Fear if your relationship will be unclear and without direction.

8. Not Sure Yet

Dating with him, you're not sure of that. Fearing him is a bad boy is one reason. It's better to you wait for the perfect time.

Hopefully, the above reviews will help you to think what you should do if you will be dating him or not? The 25 reasons why you shouldn't date in high school just to help you avoid being hurt by love.

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