Ultimate Tips on How to Get Shane Dawson to Notice You

Last updated on February 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you have been active on YouTube, there are times when the video giant’s server was down, sending inconvenience to its billions of user. But YouTube server was not down that often, so when it happens, it will be very noticeable.

One happened back in October 2018 around 2am GMT when the server was down for several hours. And guess what cause it? A series of video uploaded by Shane Dawson, a famous YouTube personality from US.

We’re going to talk about how to get Shane Dawson to notice you, but we’re also aware that many of you might have no idea who in the world Shane Dawson is. Good question because we will start out by telling you who Shane Dawson is.

Who is Shane Dawson?

Although most people know him for being a YouTuber, turns out Shane Dawson has many more occupation. According to his Wikipedia page, Shane Dawson is a YouTuber, writer, actor, comedian, musician, film director, sketch comedian, and media personality. Really a lot, right?

He has 2 active YouTube account. The first is shane with 21,4 million subscribers and 4,8 billion views (crazy, isn’t it?); and the second one is ShaneDawsonTV with 8,4 million subscribers and 1,1 billion views. Also read How to Get Taylor Swift to Notice You on Instagram

He started to make name for himself with 2015’s Conspiracy Series with Shane Dawson which was divided into two parts with 2 hours video long in total. Shane Dawson began his documentary series in 2017 in which he shared his reconciliation with his abusive father. The documentary with Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, and TanaCon became the most-viewed videos of his channel.

What is He Famous for?

Now look back at the story we shared in the beginning of this article about the time when YouTube server was down in 2018. Although the company never release official statement about the cause, internet was convinced that Shane Dawson did it.

Not because he hacked YouTube or what, but one (not really one, though – it’s a series consisted of 7 videos) take over the video platform only within 3 hours of release by gaining a massive 7 million views. Also read How to Get Ellen DeGeneres to Notice You

The video was entitled “The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul”, the seventh installment of his documentary stories about the life and mind of Jake Paul. For you who don’t know who Jake Paul is, he is an actor as well as YouTube personality. You can Google him for more information.

So the stories itself is very controversial as it broke down every aspects of Paul’s life and family including business endeavors, enemies, relationship, and so on. Surprisingly the video was very much welcomed by YouTube users.

How to Get Shawn Dawson to Notice You?

So if you haven’t know who Shane Dawson is, now you have. He is a famous person and get noticed by him is definitely something. But how to get Shane Dawson to notice you? Like we said above, we’re here to help you.

  1. Subscribe to His YouTube Channel

Well, Shane Dawson is a star born by YouTube, like Justin Bieber in different way, though. So the first thing you should do to get him noticed you is by subscribing on his YouTube channel. Okay, it’s hard for him to notice you just by that because he has million subscribers, but it’s a good start.

  1. Leave Tons of Comment on His Video

After you’re done following him, don’t forget to turn on the notification so you won’t miss any single video of his. Of course, you have to leave as many comments as you can on every of his video. Also read How to Get EXO Notice You During Their Concert

Instead of spamming him with unnecessary comments, leave genuine ones that’ll make him triggered to reply or at least like your comment. Avoid leaving comments at one period of time in a row since it’s a spam. He’ll notice spammers but there’s no way he will reply the comment.

  1. Post a (or Many) Reaction Video(s) About His

Here’s another way to get Shane Dawson to notice you. Post a reaction video about his video. Believe or not, many YouTuber watch reaction videos about their own. They want to know how public react about it.

But there’s no guarantee he’ll notice you the first time you make your reaction video. So make tons of it. Who knows one day your video could be featured on his YouTube feed or he simply come across it and leave comments! Also read How to Get BTS to Notice You At A Concert

  1. Create a Breakdown Video Regarding His Contents

This is very much like the reaction video we talked about but with more specific. You’re not just giving reaction, you breakdown his video into the tiniest detail. It’s a big chance for you to get noticed by him because he might see the sincerity in your content and that you really like his videos.

  1. Post a Shout Out on the Social Media

There are to kind of people who will get noticed easily by a famous person: their hard core fans and their hard core haters. If you’re not a true fan of Shane Dawson, it will be hard for him to notice you.

So for you Shan Dawson fans, shout out for him through your social media and get him tagged! Try until Shane Dawson finally notice you. Also read How to Get The Dolan Twins to Notice You

  1. Reach Him Through DM

It’s okay to DM a famous person, as long as you post a good one. It can be a support for him, admiration for his work, etc. Once, again, never spam him. Nobody would ever appreciate spammers.

Those are our ultimate tips on how to get Shane Dawson to notice you. You may have your own way and get noticed or you can make it using one of the way above. Good luck you!

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