Ways To Get Scary Thoughts Out Of Your Head

Last updated on January 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Feeling fear or scary is a a natural reaction from you brains as respond to a certain thing. Everyone would be feeling scared after watching a horror movie for example, and all those spooky things are imprinted in your head and even makes you imagining things that are not even existed. Here are the ways to get scary thoughts out of your head and coping with your haunting fears.


1. Watch A Funny Movie

If the scary thoughts appear after you watch a horror movie, then follow up with funny ones. Your brain will naturally forget the scary things earlier, as the recent one is what it will be remembered. You will feel less scary afterwards.

2. Take A Warm Bath

You need to get yourself relax when you feel scared. One good way to get relax is by treat yourself to a warm bath. Warm water will soothe your uneasiness and get you sleepy in no time. There is a scientific proof that warm bath is good for your stiff muscles.

3. Call Your Friends To Come Over

Don't be alone when scary things are filling in your brain. Your imagination could going wild and make things even worse. Call your friends to come over and accompanying you. All of those scary thoughts will go away in no time.

4. Read A Comic Books

You do need to distract yourself to get rid of those scary thoughts. Grab a comic book and read it until the last page. You will find yourself entertained and ended up admiring the writer. How good he is as driving your mood is one Reasons to Date a Writer.

5. Call Your Lovers

There will be no better company than a lover. He will be ready to answer your call even though it's at dead midnight and he has fallen asleep. You will forget all your fear as he knows the Sweet Ways to Make a Girl Feel Special.

6. Do Your Hobbies

do your hobbies

Doing your favorite things will make your brain busy and occupied you have no time to be scared. If you like to read books, then do it. If you like to cook then open your fridge and start cooking. Doing what you like could lift up your mood in a way you never know.

 7. Do Some Exercise 

Exercising is a good way to cleanse your emotional state. As your body get exhausted, your brain demand for a good sleep. Not only your fear and scary thoughts would fade away, but also you become healthier.

8. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Turn the music on and let it filling in your brain. Music has some magical effects that soothe your brain in mind. Enjoying music has nothing to do with Why Should You Never Date a Musician

9. Go Out And Have Fun

Go out and entertain yourself to some fun activities. Not only it's a good Ways to Move On from your ex, but also good to move on from scary thoughts. Isn't both of them are the same? You don't need both scary thoughts and exes in your life.

10. Think About The Funny Things

Have you been through many things that day? Try to remember it one by one and you may find something funny. Unconsciously you will smile and forget about the scary things that you just had.

11. Tell Your Parents About It

No matter how old are you, seems like you are always little child to your parents. They will never laugh at you just because you said you have scary thoughts. The way they soothe you will make you find Ways to Tell Your Dad You Love Him.

12. Play With Your Pet

play with your pet

Among many ways to distract yourself from scary thoughts, one of the best is playing with your pet. You will get a lot of laugh from that, so cuddle with your cat if you have one.

13. Rethink About What Scares You

What causes scary thoughts to appear in your head could be something very childish like imaginary horror movie. Now that you think about it, doesn't it very childish to be scared of something you shouldn't be?

What If You Are Unable To Sleep Because Of Scary Thoughts?

  1. Count the sheep just like you did when you were little.
  2. Distract yourself towards other things like happy memories or funny incident you had earlier.
  3. Listen to music, not a mellow or slow music as it would make things worse. Instead, listen to a pop and upbeat music.
  4. When people is feeling some fear, their breaths get unstable. Take a deep and light breath to make yourself feeling sleepy.
  5. If you are scared of being alone in the dark, keep the lights on for the whole night.
  6. You can also left the door open to ensure safety and get rid of the fear.
  7. Read a book before bed, any kind of book accept the mystery one. Reading a book is a good way to get you fall asleep faster.
  8. Turn on the TV as your company, so you won't be feeling lonely or alone.
  9. Exchange messages with your best friends or lover, tell them you need company.
  10. Or you can also call them and ask them to stay with you until you feel asleep. There is no way they don't want to.

So those are the useful ways to get scary thoughts out of your head. Don't let scary thoughts staying for too long inside your head as it do no good to you. Especially when the thoughts coming after you watch a horror movie. If you are the type of remembering scary things because of horror movies, then avoid watching one of it. Nobody know yourself better than you are, so don't do things that scare you.

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