Is Tinder Bad for Your Reputation? - How to Use It Right

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It is undeniable that Tinder has become the most popular dating app today. Testimonials from users that stated they have found their true love through the app encourage others to use Tinder as a way to find love. But playing with social media is risky in some ways. People tend to create image they want to be seen, not their real self. Your image may become much better than it actually is, or become worse because of the misconception. Then a question emerges: is Tinder bad for your reputation?

What’s good from Tinder is its anonymity. You don’t have to show who really are, what are your background, or your marital status. You can create a new character for yourself so that you appear cooler than you really are in real life. However, when this anonymity is broken, problems start to appear.

In many cases, there are married people who use Tinder out of curiosity, they later hooked up with someone through the app which resulted to divorce. Shortly, Tinder did ruin your reputation if you’re not doing it right. In case you’re single, the risk is still in you.


Here are how Tinder may be bad for your reputation

1. Revealing Personal Details

revealing personal details

Just like any other social media, Tinder is superficial. You are judged based on what you write on your personal page. Look is not the only thing that make people attracted to you. At first maybe, but after that they start to dig on you more personally. Be wise of what you write on your personal details. Don’t put pictures of your exes, family photos, or your friends. They might not want their face to be displayed. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

2. No Secret On the “About Me” Section

Tinder gives you chance to promote yourself in the best way possible through the “About Me” section. Instead of writing a lengthy novel-worth biography, keep it short and simple. You can use some humor in it or giving short explanation about your passion. You don’t have to spill everything, though.

3. Leaving a Bad First Impression

After the photos and bios, you have only one chance left to sell yourself: the first message. Texting “Hi” or “How are you” is too old for now and you might likely not getting answer. People get bored with this kind of message and they will never bother to reply. Be clever and more creative in sending first message. Avoid using vulgar words since you might be one of “that” guy/girl from Tinder. Also read Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

4. Too Honest or Too Many Lies in Private Chats

Honesty is everything, and it’s good to start something anyway. But you don’t have to share your deepest secret with them after the first chat. It’s dangerous to reveal your family detail, salary, address, and your savings. While too honest is not good, making up too many lies led to a disaster as well.

5. Connecting Your Account with Facebook

connecting your account with facebook

Once you connect your Tinder with Facebook, the anonymity is gone. Not only your Tinder match know how to track you down, your Facebook friends know every little of your Tinder activity—unless you give limitations. If you are not ready with people judgment yet, don’t take the risk. What’s the point of connecting those two accounts? All you get is you give away your personal details voluntarily to strangers. You should never connect it on the first place. Also read Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media

6. Adding the Link on Your Instagram Profile

Connection features on Tinder make the questions is Tinder bad for your reputation even worse. When you start join Tinder, you will be offered to connect it with Instagram account. If you are okay with this, you might as well exposing your private life to all Tinder user that come across your profile. Your identity will be leaked in no time.

7. Integrate Tinder with Spotify

Not only Facebook and Instagram, Spotify is now integrated with Tinder too. Tinder is trying to mend their reputation as a hookup app, so they create an image that Tinder cares about personal interest. Once again, connecting the two accounts is exposing another part of you to the world. Things get worse if your Spotify is connected to your Facebook and Instagram. Where the privacy’s going by the way? Also read

How to Keep Your Reputation Safe on Tinder

  • Use Tinder As a Standalone App

Start tinder as anonymous as possible. Do not connect Tinder with any of your social media account so that new people hardly found who you are. Start a new fresh with new people. Giving little personal details will be useless once they can go to your Facebook page straightaway.

  • Put a Good Image

Avoid using group picture in your Tinder profile: your workmates, best friends, family. World is a small place and you never know who relates with who. People can track you down through people who posed with you on your Tinder profile picture. Not only you, it could be bad for the person you displayed the picture. Also read Is Tinder a Good Idea to Find Lover?

  • Limitations of Personal Information

Write a little or no personal information on your Tinder page. Someone who is interested in you won’t mind with it since finding out about you a little at a time is more fascinating that giving away all details at once.

  • Naivety On the Meet Up

If you have set a meeting with him, your Tinder relationship has really stepped up to the next level. Meeting up, however, doesn’t guarantee everything, you must stay safe, not giving away too many details. You better be naïve and talk about general things like passions and visions instead of something sensitive.

Is Tinder bad for your reputation or not is depend on you. Be a smart internet user and always be careful. World is full of bad guy and you have to realize it. Even if you have a good intention, other may don’t. Stay safe and stay alert.

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