What to Say At A Funeral When You Don't Know The Person

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s almost always a dark, sappy occasion when we are reminded about death. Funerals does that. It always brings a heavy feeling to the heart’s of those attending the event. That is why it is important to show our sincere condolence in the best way.

It will be hard to know what to talk about when you don’t know the people there. But, don’t let that unfamiliarity stop you from easing the heart of those grieving.

Here are a healing things on what to say at a funeral when you don't know the person :

  1. I’m So Sorry For Your Loss
  2. I Offer You My Deepest Condolence
  3. He/She Must’ve Impacted So Many People, I Am So Sorry.
  4. A Life Is Lost, What A Gloomy Day.
  5. Even The Air Shows Sadness.
  6. I Believe That People Will Remember Him/Her For A Long Time
  7. Life Ends So Quickly, We Must Remember To Rejoice The Life We Have Now.
  8. Do The Ways on How to Make Your Crush Happy When She is Sad
  9. Even If I Don’t Know Him/Her, I Know From The People Standing Here That He/She Must’ve Touched A Lot Of Lifes.
  10. Every Lost Life Is Truly A Tragedy On Earth
  11. Seeing The Face Of The Mourner’s, I Am Overcome With Sadness.
  12. I Have No Words, I’m Really Sad.
  13. I Am Praying For Him/Her From The Bottom of My Heart
  14. I Hope Him/Her Is Happy Up There
  15. Do The Things to Do to Prove You Love Your Boyfriend
  16. I Am Praying For You And Your Family
  17. May He/She Rest In Peace
  18. I Hope He/She Is Happy Up There With God With Him/Her
  19. I am Here If You Ever Need Me, Things Will be Alright
  20. It’s Okay, You Need To Allow Yourself To Grieve This Loss
  21. The Feeling of Loss Must Be Unimaginable, My Heart Is With You
  22. Use The What to Say to Your Boyfriend When He Is Going Through A Hard Time
  23. I’m Sure He/She Is Looking Out For You From Up Above
  24. I Know That Someone Who Is Gone Is Never Truly Gone, They Continue To Exist In Our Heart
  25. Say The  Things to Say to Reassure Your Boyfriend You Love Him
  26. Being Left Behind Is Always Hard, It’s Okay To Be Sad Right Now
  27. If You Need Anything From Me Or If You Want Any Help, Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For It.
  28. I’m Here For You, We’ll Get Through This Together
  29. Remember, You Never Really Lose The One You Love. They Will Stay In Your Heart To Calm You Down.
  30. Allow Your Soul To Catch Up With Reality, Take Things Slow.
  31. It’s Okay To Cry. In Fact, Cry Until There Are No Tears Left To Cry, That’s How The Sunshine Arrives.
  32. Life Is Hard, Isn’t It?
  33. Tell The Words to Say to Someone Going Through a Difficult Time

How To Act When In An Unfamiliar Funeral

You know what to say at a funeral when you don't know the person, but it doesn’t mean you know how to act.Don’t show your awkwardness in these types of occasion. What you should show instead is these tricks on how to behave:

  1. Try To Help The Family Grieving

Introduce yourself to the grieving family and make sure they know that you can help them anytime they want, they only have to ask.

  1. Show Gentleness In Your Voice

The tone of your voice should also be a part of yourself that you control. How you do that is talk slowly, gently so what you say is soothing.

  1. Don’t Be Rushed

Always slow down your breath and don’t act panicked or rushed. This will upset the group of mourners.

  1. Show Your Emotions Properly

You should always let out your emotion. But, knowing that you don’t really know the family, don’t be too dramatic with the sadness.

  1. Dressed Moderately

Stick with a black dress that is formal and polite. Don’t show too much skin because this is not a time for that.

  1. Be A Listener

A good way to soothe people is actually to be a good listener. All you need to do is just be quiet and lend your ears to someone in need.

If you speak and act properly, you can even heal the sadness in people heart. That is why it is important to know what to say at a funeral when you don’t know the person and how to act. Know these tips by heart and it is guaranteed that the funeral will be a breeze!

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