Why You Should Always Thank Your Barista in the Morning

Last updated on August 10, 2022 by Michelle Devani

But first, coffee.

It has been a motto for the everyday life of modern people who can’t let their morning pass without grabbing a cup of coffee. Coffee increase the production of dopamine hormones in your body that makes you energized throughout the day. That’s why it’s good to drink coffee before setting off to work.

Your coffee was brewed by a barista. Many people thanking them after they get served with coffee. But why you should always thank your barista every morning? In case you’re wondering, there are many reasons to do that.

The soul of a coffee shop is the baristas themselves. Without a good barista that brews the coffee well, there’s no way you will buy the coffee. They are undeniably the one who makes your morning better.

Anyway, there is always reasons why you do (or don’t) something. Here they are…

  1. They Make Time to Do Their Job

It’s hard to find a full time barista. They have other things to do besides brewing coffee. They are mostly college students who work part time, make time to become one between classes, exams, and assignments. While you get bored with your monotonous routine, they are the one who makes your everyday life bearable. Thank God they are willing to make time. Also read Why You Should Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

  1. They Wake Up Even Earlier Than You

At what time do you usually get your first coffee? 6 AM? 7? Or maybe before 6? If you think you wake up early everyday, your barista wakes up even earlier than you. They provide you your first coffee before they even have their own.

But they’re okay with that. They usually have their coffee in between work or after work if the coffee shop was packed with customers all morning.

  1. They are Actually a Good Listener

People can be so loud in a coffee shops, like, really loud. Well, people tend to speak in an unusually high volume when they drink in coffee and your baristas overheard all of it everyday. They know what people talk about, from light conversation like when will the last season of Game of Thrones aired to your life goals and the hard times you have to get through. Also read Things You Should Know Before Dating an INFJ

Don’t be surprised if someday they put out wise words when you looked down. They have heard everything you told your friends unintentionally.

  1. They Know How to Lift Your Mood

Not everyone get up to a good mood everyday. You must have gone through days where you feel down right in the morning. What can lift you up? Coffee and the barista, for sure. Watching them brewing your coffee and sometimes entertain you with their move. It makes your mood really lift up. They know how to make you smile even when you’re not feeling to.

  1. They Pour All Their Heart and Soul for You

Another reason why you should always thank your barista: they won’t divide their attention to other things, even if you are. They brew your coffee with all their heart and soul. They understand when you’re too busy to look at their sincerity and on the phone right in the morning. Also read signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

They fully understand you have a lot of business to take care. It’s okay for them if you didn’t see they showcase their skills, but they secretly hope you say thank you to them.

  1. They Make Everything You Order

Some people did have weird taste when it comes to coffee. Whatever you order, your barista never criticize it. They still make you what you want. Say you want peach maple with double shot of chocolate sauce. It’s unusual but they still serve you with smile. They never judge. Well, at least not to your face.

  1. They Take Your Complains Positively

Costumers are the king. They say whatever they want to say. Sometimes they don’t care if it’s hurt to the baristas. If you haven’t done it yet, you must have seen number of people who come into the coffee shop and tell the baristas how to do their job well. Also read Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Feel Unappreciated

What did they give in return? They still smiling at you and give you the best coffee ever. Someone like that deserves your gratitude.

  1. They are Always Friendly All the Time

At a rough day, you need more than a dose of coffee. Before you know it, you have visited the coffee shop third time of the day. Your baristas perfectly understand it, and they can be the most helpful one. They give you what you need to release your stress: another cup of coffee.

  1. They’re Okay Even If You Don’t Thank Them

Honestly, not everyone thank baristas. Some people think it’s their work and they get paid for it, so it’s okay if you don’t thank them. This is not about money. This is about appreciation and moral value. Also read Reasons to Date a Writer

Baristas still say “you’re welcome” even when you don’t say thank you. We should be ashamed of the sarcastic words.

  1. They Make Your Day Everyday

Baristas simply make your day. After a fight with your lover right in the morning, thanks to barista you can get your good mood back. And they do it everyday, doesn’t it make the barista way better than your girlfriend? It’s okay to be single, but it’s not okay if your barista doesn’t serve you coffee.

See, you’ve got many reasons why you should always thank your barista whenever you grab a coffee. They are always friendly all the time that you will feel bad if you don’t than them. Saying thank you doesn’t make you lose anything, it shows your good moral value.

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